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Re: German docs in TSAMO

Originally Posted by Paul Thompson View Post
Hello Nikita,

I am glad that you agree!

I think a 'cleaned up' thread with just the information about these documents might be more useful, but I will defer to the judgment of the moderators on this issue.

Thank you for providing information about the documents due to be digitised in the future. Do you know this because you have contacted the staff involved in this project, or because you have previously accessed the documents yourself at TsAMO? I ask just in case you know any details regarding the usefulness of these documents, besides the general topic that they cover.



There was a so-called "open" inventory 500 with trophy documents, translated into Russian. The batch included around thousand documents and they were available to the researchers at least for past ten years. It constituted a mixture of documents including operational, political, economic and other stuff captured within different periods of war. Rather little of them related to Luftwaffe to different extent.
Several titles that I mentioned above were included in this inventory, of them I ordered and worked with two documents of LF 4, that contained several directions on German-Romanian cooperation and responsibilities division in Stalingrad sector for October-November 1942.

If they fulfil the idea of digitising all trophy documents in "inventory 500" I assume those documents will sooner or later appear in the net in originals. However, there are a handful of trophy docs in other inventories as well (they were used in practical purposes thoughout the war) and I'am not sure they are subjected to the process of digitising.
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