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Re: German docs in TSAMO

Originally Posted by Larry deZeng View Post
Hi Paul -

I have just completed a second run through all 3 of these record groups - OKW, OKH and H.Gr. Mitte - and found Luftwaffe material of value and interest in just 5 folders:

Record Group 12454
Akte 334, Akte 375, Akte 385, Akte 405 and Akte 409.

The 5 Akten are specifically marked "Luftwaffe". This should save resarchers some time.
Hello Larry,

Thank you very much for your sterling work, as always!

Your assumption that many researchers will not have a need for an English translation is correct. In fact, that group counts me among its members Nevertheless, I think it would be good to do the translations and post them here, as an aide-mmoire
. For my own part, there is some material there which is not of direct relevance to my current research, but I might want to come back to it in the future. As it is now clear that there are very few translations to do, I shall do them and post them here myself.


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