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Fw Rudolf Phillipp 6./JG27 vs 'Bud' Anderson 27 May 1944

Gentlemen and Ladies - I was wondering if anyone else has come to the same conclusion that Fw. Rudolf Phillip (6./JG27) was the likely opponent of C.E. 'Bud' Anderson 357FG in the well-known 27 May 1944 fight near Strasbourg? From studying the available data and based on Anderson's description in interviews and his combat report, it appears to me that the three losses suffered by 6th Staffel, JG27 on this day; Fw Rudi Phillip, Lt. Fritz-Joachim von Buddenbrock and Uffz. Waldemar Kronenberger (who all fell either on the outskirts or not far SW of Strasbourg) seem to match the claims made by Anderson (2 x 109) and Eddie Simpson (1 x 109). Rudolf Phillip was a solid pilot with 9 victories, recently promoted from Uffz. I would imagine with his experience (his victories included 4 heavy bombers, P-47's and P-51s) he was likely leading a Schwarm at the time he was killed. Such a pilot could have easily given Anderson a run for his money. As II/JG27 was based at Unterschlauersbach at the time, they were well placed to be engaged over the Vosges/Strasbourg area where this famous fight was undertaken. My research also finds at least three claims by 6th Staffel and 4th Staffel pilots over the Vosges that morning, supporting the notion that II Gruppe were in the same area engaging the US bombers on their way in.

I would love to know if I'm on the right track in looking to solve this or if someone has already debunked this hypothesis and found the German pilot involved (I have a lot more research data including the VDK entries for all the lost 6th Staffel pilots, claim data etc should anyone be interested but I did not wish to make the post too long). Best Wishes!

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