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Re: Egon Mayer:his 80th claim on 06/09/43


I don't agree with the site of "les faucheurs de marguerites"
The victims of Walter Ebert are:
First victim:B-17 "10 km S.Villeneuve" 12h.25 ,it's "Villeneuve-l'archeveque (40 km of Troyes),it' the B-17 42-30000 (92° B.Group) crashed "Estissac" (20km of Troyes),shared with Harald Ottendorfer (his claim:12h.15 "Estissac" S.W Troyes),Egon Mayer (his claim:12h.17 "6 KM W. Troyes),Hugo Dahmer (his claim:12h.20 "Villeneuve".

Second victim:B-17 "2955/04 OST" 12h.35 ,according to the map "GRADNETZ",this correspond to the sud of Paris.
It's the B-17 42-30203 (388°B.Group) crashed "Coudray" in the Loiret.

Mons-en-Pévèle is in Quadrat 21../05 OST


Exact,the first victim of Mayer is the 42-3293 (388°B.Group) claimed 3 km W.Mailly-le camp. 12h.10
The B-17 crashed to "La Chapelle-Champigny"(16km of SENS and 80 km of Mailly le camp).

I don't have any answers for his 3rd claim (SENS 12h.29) if it's really SENS?

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