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Recommendation for NARA II researcher to copy some files?

Apologies if this is not the correct place for this posting.

I need to find a researcher who can copy a few files of 1944 prisoner interrogation reports at NARA II. I used one a few years ago and he did a superb job with my first order but then (although I paid him immediately on receipt of the images) responded with endless procrastination for the second order, to the point where I abandoned the attempt. I eventually found an alternative source of the stuff I was after, but in the case that has now arisen, I don't think a Plan B exists.

The material I'm interested in is in RG 498 boxes 1324, 1325 and 1326 - records of the prisoner interrogation team at Devizes Camp, through which tens of thousands of German personnel captured in Normandy and Brittany passed during summer 1944.

Please PM me if you have a suggestion. I might be able to reciprocate by copying stuff at the UK National Archives (I live close to it) as a quid pro quo if that is a viable alternative to actual $ payment.

Many thanks,

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