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Re: Staka 6.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 123?

Hi Remi -

That's a VERY helpful list! For the purpose of identifying the Staffelkapitän only, here are a few comments about the possibilities from your list:

Czach oblt 6 F123 KG66 19 5 44
[No one by that name in the 1 August 1944 DAL; possibly Oblt. Hans CZECH, 02.45 Hptm., appt Staka 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 100 (to 03.45)?].

Dewilde hptm 6 F123 KG66 19 5 44
[This definitely is Hptm. (Ln.) Heinz de WILDE (DOB: 16.01.14), transferred from RLM (Chef N.V.W.) to 15./KG 6 on 09.04.43].

Suhr oblt 6 F123 KG66 19 5 44
[This is Oblt. (Ln.) Claus-Dieter SUHR, RDA 1.2.43].

Could the Staka have been an Ln. officer? If so, then de WILDE is a strong possibility. If not, then Oblt. Czach (CZECH?) is the most like candidate.

Could you check your list and see if Czach is perhaps misspelled? I can find no one by the name of Czach in any Luftwaffe officer directories, aircrew or otherwise, so I strongly suspect that this may be a misspelling.


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