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Re: Information concerning fighter pilot Lt. Franz Nagele - fell 9th june 1944

Hi Rick

His claims were:-

28th Jul.42 Il-2 about 60km NNE Vorenezh at 1905 hrs 1st.
16th Aug.42 LaGG-3 about 60km NNW Vorenezh at 1805 hrs 2nd.
25th Aug.42 Pe-2 and 60km ENE Tim at 1734 hrs 3rd.
14th Sep.42 Airacobra about 55km ESE Vorenezh at 1207 hrs 2000 metres 4th.
15th Sep.42 LaGG-3 about 10km north of Vorenezh at 655 hrs 800 metres 5th.
15th Sep.42 LaGG-3 about 15km north of Vorenezh at 658 hrs 200 metres 6th.
17th Sep.42 LaGG-3 about 30km NNW Vorenezh at 554 hrs 150 metres 7th.
17th Sep.42 Il-2 about 50km north fo Vorenezh at 556 hrs 30 metres 8th.
18th Sep.42 Il-2 about 10km east of Vorenezh at 1657 hrs 10 metres 9th.
20th Sep.42 LaGG-3 about 30km NNW Vorenezh at 943 hrs 50 metres 10th.
20th Sep.42 Il-2 about 25km north of Vorenezh at 946 hrs 30 metres 11th.
27th Oct.42 Il-2 about 20km SE Vorenezh at 1530 hrs 100 metres 12th.
4th Jul.43 B-17 110km east of Augusta at 1120 hrs 1500 metres 13th.
4th Jul.43 B-17 at 1130 hrs 14th.
10th July.43 B-25 55km ESE Trapani at 1810 hrs 3000 metres 15th.
19th Feb.44 B-25 at 0950 hrs low altitude 16th.
23rd Apr.44 Mustang at 0919 hrs 1000 metres 17th.
25th May.44 B-24 at 1300 hrs 4500 metres(H.S.S) 18th.
29th May.44 B-24 at 1205 hrs 3500 metrea 19th.
4th Jun.44 Spitfire at 1122 hrs 4000 metres 20th.

On 9th June 1944 he was shot down and killed in combat with US B-17's, his Bf109 coming down in the region of Monte Aleano, Italy.

Kind Regards


P.S the first 15 were as Feldwebel, the last 5 as Oberfeldwebel, Vorenezh is Woronesh in German! All claims were with 6./JG 77, and are all recorded on the micro films.
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