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Re: Korea-Death of Sqdrn Ldeader Graham Hulse

FEAF General Order 171 (April 4, 1953) indicated that Hulse and Sommerich shared credit for a MiG-15 over Ch'olsan (철산/鐵山) at 1348H. That would be the time when Hulse was also shot down.

The action fought by the Soviet 32nd IAD was in the morning, much closer to the Yalu, almost right over their own airfield. They lost a MiG-15bis (Lt. N.A. Khristoforov ejected) from the 913rd IAP to a 336th FIS Sabre flown by 1st Lt. William F. Lloyd at 1055H near Sakchu (삭주군/朔州). (FEAF General Order 171).

Given the difference in time, and the fact both Soviet "Volunteers" who claimed kills (Senior Lt. G. N. Berelizde and Maj. Isakov) landed without damage ti their MiG's - it would be safe to conclude that they did not shoot down Hulse.

During the afternoon action, the Chinese "Volunteers" sent streams of MiG's from five divisions (along with a North Korean regiment) into "MiG Alley" to intercept U.S. fighter-bombers. They lost three MiG-15bis downed and two damaged, which matches the number of claims by the 4th FIW and 18th FBW.

The leader of the Chinese 36th Fighter Regiment, 12th Division was shot down and ejected near the Ch'ongch'on River (청천강 / 清川江). This is some distance to the east of Ch'olsan and not a likely candidate. This may be the one claimed by Col. Royal Baker 335th FIS near Tangmuk-tong at 1341H.

A possible candidate is the leader of the Chinese 43rd Fighter Regiment, 15th Division (Song, Ge-xiu 宋阁修). Song was shot down and killed but was also credited with shooting down a Sabre based on the report on his wingman.
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