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Ground kills. How they were credited to LW fighter pilots?


This question emerged after researching many cases, when Soviet planes were strafed and destoryed on the ground after being shot up in the airial combats by Me-109s and also after airfield attacks usually by 2-4 Me-109s. Were this kills included in the official airial victories records for LW pilot, who claimed them or there was separate list of kills claimed on the ground. Can claims marked as "bodennahe" in TW list be ground kills?
There is an example: 2 Boston claimed by Lt. Roisch and Fw. Schluter of 1/JG3 on 12 July 1942 clearly corresponds by time with two Boston's destoryed by strafing attack of 2 Me-109 on Novo-Melovatka airfield that day. Does it mean that ground kills were included in the list of airial victories?

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