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35 ShAP-KBF losses on 21 June 1944


I would like to know the losses of 35 ShAP on 21 June 1944 and especially the name and fare of the gunner of the Il-2 of St. Leytenant Petr Iosifovich Maksyuta, who was killed when his Il-2 was shot down by Uffz Erich Knöbel of 5./JG 54 at 0930 hrs (Finnish/German time, 1030 hrs Soviet time) according to my sources.

I have been able to find another man of 35 ShAP killed that day, serzhant Konstantin Mikhaylovich Loskutov, but a source says he was lost to Flak.

In the same battle, a Fw 190 was claimed by Leitenant Vladimir Alexeevich Tikhomirov of 12 IAP-KBF and Knöbel was shot and killed. Tikhomirov survived the war and in an interview recalled the fight, saying that one Il-2 was hit but could force-land on Seskar Island. The pilot was Mladshii Leitenant Nelidov of 35 ShAP-KBF.

So I have two questions regarding 35 ShAP that day:
_ how much aircraft were shot down in the battle at 0930/1030 ? One or two ?
_ can someone confirm when and where Maksyuta and Loskutov were killed, especially were they killed together ?

Thanks in advance
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