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What bothered Kitchens was the lack of specific sourcing for the documents. I made a point of including it in this book and here above. I noticed it had never bothered people using Garland Press editions. So, in response to his point, not only did I include it in this book, I put in on the treatments of the earlier books. Neither the publisher nor I thought we were being remiss.

My goal was never to do synthesis. I was not paid for #$%ing synthesis! Nor was it my objective. People want to hear from those who were involved at the time as well as those who have the benefit of 60 years work. It was to select and present a group of documents in their historical context, raise warning flags where approrpriate, and provide an annotated bibliography and description of the authors.

You get all of this for less than a xerox copy of the original documents, plus pretty pictures and maps.
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