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Re: He111P-4 Stkz KG4 1940

Hi Steve
I cannot gain access to my main He 111 W/Nrs & Stkz due to computer problems. However, I do have the following

He 111 - NA+HZ
He 111P - NA+IK to NA+IZ
He 111P - 2922 - NA+IU
He 111P - 2927 - NA+IZ
He 111 - VI+CF

This would seem to fit that the Stkz Prod.block from 2922/27 was NA+IU/IZ
This would indicate a possible Block of 2901/27 as NA+IA/IZ
Also NA+HZ is most likely to have been the preceding Stkz block, which would indicate P-2 series
Given the info supplied with what I have then the blocks seem to fit as
2901/27 - NA+IA/IZ
2928/52 - ??+?A/?Z
2953/67> - VI+CA/CO>
The P-2 series ran from 2871 to 2905.
From the info I have the P-4 only ran from 2906 to 3129. So it is possible that the Stkz block was from NA+IF/IZ. But without doc/foto connections this is my interpretation. Only from NA+IU/IZ is confirmed.
Possible VI+CA/CO> - 2953/67>
But I would like to point out that not all Prod blocks ran from A-Z and most were split to avoid Allied Intelligence in the re-construction of German Production series.

Can anybody else give confirmation plus add additional info to the missing Stkz block

Hope this helps

Tom Willis
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