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Records for an RAF Station without flying units


I wonder if you can point me in the right directions in searching for available archives.

If an RAF Station such as RAF Christchurch remained an RAF Station with an RAF Station Commander but was used by the FAA and later by the 405th FBG in 1944, would there still be an F540 / ORB (or similar) and under what reference would it most likely be?

Air 29 covers miscellaneous units but if there were no RAF units on site (except for occasional target towing or Army Co-op visitors) would the RAF Station still have recorded events in a Station ORB.

I have the ORB for the station up to Nov 1941 and other records when it was a Satellite to RAF Hurn but cannot find anything after spring 1942 when the TFU moved to RAF Defford and RAF Christchurch was no longer used by the RAF as a permanent home for any of its flying units.

Hopefully this might help others as I'm sure that this station was not the only RAF Station left vacant by the RAF during WW2
Larry Hayward
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