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Re: I./JG 76 losses on op. Market Garden

Hi, guys

Very interesting overview John. Now we only have to link these to the correct reports... which might be a quite interesting job!

Looking through my data, we have to establish at least two things:

1. What unit designation did the aircraft flown by the pilots registered as being part of I./JG 76 get reported by?

2. What unit designation did the pilots get reported as belongong to.

It is of interest to note that at least a few of these losses where reported by IV./JG 300. For some reason, this designation was used for some aircraft on for example 12.9., 13.9., 18.9 and 19.9 - but then there is a 'hole' until the unit designation IV./JG 300 is used again from 5.11. So what is going on? What unit were the so called 'Halter' of the aircraft operated? Other references I have state that the IV./JG 300 were not formed until end of September... and yet there must have been some confusion with regards to the use of the new designation.

I am not an expert on the units in this area, you got an idea John?

Andreas B
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