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Question US aircraft wrack to id.

Dear Members ,

Last time my collegue have found some details of shouted down American (?) aircraft from area of Politz (Police).
Here is some details of wrack:

on the one detail is text: X-RAY (light green aluminium detail):

also this with a lot of serial numbers:

Plexi-glass (different thicness):

Please try to help us id wrack of (probably) US aircraft. Of coures we informed our collegues from friendly organization about this wrack. If we get more details we going to inform US members of Aircraft Organization - can we ask about right links / e-mails to them ?

Best regards,


"..three important microwave systems: a 10 cm airborne interception radar, a 10 ..... AN/APS-6 Aircraft Radar," in Westinghouse in World War 2: Radio and X-ray ... ..."

Is it above mentioned detail with text: X-RAY from Night Fighter ? See this part:

See this:

" .... Lt. Richard Geary flew the 21 January mission to the Politz Oil Refinery at Stettin, Poland with Lt. Floyd Mann as navigator.
They had been on standby for this particular mission waiting for the weather to clear. The operations room had an enormous map that covered 25 feet or better of one wall. The missions for the day, the next day or when weather permitted, were represented by colored yarn. A different color for each mission was stretched from Watton to the target area. The yarn for the Politz mission went all the way from one end of the map to the other. Geary recalls aircrew members asking, 'Who the hell is going to fly that mission?'
It was a cold winter morning when an orderly awakened Geary at 0400. The weather had cleared and the mission proceeded as scheduled. Geary went to the flight line and then to the parachute room to meet his navigator Floyd Mann.
Watton was covered with a thin layer of snow as they took off at 0920 in NS569. Prior arrangements were made to rendezvous at 0925 with four P-51s from 20th FG at 18,000 feet over Cromer. They would provide escort to Stettin and return. ..... " (more at link above- source)

P51 Mustang:

Mustang P51 was also equiped at Browing ammo like this one - but please confirm type of aircraft on base attached pictures.

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