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Re: US aircraft wrack to id.


We have found this photo with B-17 Ball Turret interior:

here is shown our "pedal", look:

Here is shown black gumi/rubber with connection- we have it, too:

by the way we have a lot of pices from this Ball Turret interior !!!
So first we have: B17 , now we would like to agree name of aircraft and crew members.
Please help if You can .

Best regards,


PS- answer probably is here:
Some US Air Force reports about missions over Politz:
  1. Charles McGrew: USAAF Chronology - April, 1944 (ang.). ---> See date: 11.04.1944 -> 52 pcs - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress -> US Air Force
  2. Charles McGrew: USAAF Chronology - August, 1944 (ang.). ---> See date: 25.06.1944 -> 169 pcs Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress -> US Air Force
  3. Charles McGrew: USAAF Chronology - October, 1944 (ang.). ---> See date: 07.10.1944 -> 142 pcs Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress -> US Air Force
"...Oct. 7, 1944:We Bombed Politz Today. All Three Ships In The Lead Element Were Shot Down Over The Target. Colonel Luper, Our Group Commander Was Lost. I Think Two Men Got Out Of His Plane. We Were Hit Over Fifty Times, Holes Everywhere. Every Direction I Looked Flak Was Bursting. I Must Have Prayed Out Loud. I Could Smell The Flak Through My Oxygen Mask. I Was Sweating Even At 40 Degrees Below Zero. The Ship Flying On Our Left Wing Got A Direct Hit In The Nose. It Almost Crashed Into Us Out Of Control. One Man's Body Was Hanging Half Way Out Of What Was Left Of The Nose, Most Of His Clothes Blasted Off. In The Ball I Was Practically Looking The Bursts In The Face As They Tracked Us Along And Kept Exploding Right Under Me... ..."



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