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Re: Aircraft that did not quite produce a full top ace

We are all discussing items on a Historic Combat Aircraft website. In all probability, men have been lost in action in almost all of the posts we share information on. It is appropriate that we acknowledge this in passing - to ourselves, if to no one else.

However, it is perhaps less appropriate to jump down someone's throat for the use of a phrase - the word "cool" specifically - without considering the intent of the usage or the level of English-writing experience. I - as the intended recipient of that phrase - am happy to read it's use as a statement of gratitude for my efforts in bothering to compile the list.

Yes, in reading and compiling that list, I am well aware and here-acknowledge the loss in action of roughly 50% of the Allied aircrews on the list - and also of a much higher percentage of loss of the Arado crews, including a number of likely claimants.

Isn't that the reason we discuss these threads? To compile lists and facts for our enjoyment and to remember those that were lost..... "lest we forget".

With humility,

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