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Re: New Publishing Company

Originally Posted by edwest2 View Post
Business-wise, a way must be found to bring more young people into the hobby.
And that's exactly my point. How many young people do you see nowadays with a real book? Virtually none. They're all glued to smartphones and tablets.
My local hobby store (the one which specialises in WW2 and modern aircraft) has many books on its shelves, and sells virtually none. As for customers, the owner says virtually none under 40. And from what I see whenever I am in the shop, most over 60.
Another hobby shop which sells second-hand models and books similarly has many books on its shelves, but in all the years I've been going there, I've never seen anyone buy one.
Even the general second-hand book shops carry hardly any military books any more.
I agree wholeheartedly with Bombphoon.
The baby-boomers - ie those who may have an interest in WW2 in particular and still regard a paper book as gold - will not be visiting bookshops for much longer.
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