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Re: Who flew von Greim and Reitsch out of Berlin?

Originally Posted by Nick Beale View Post
"I do not think the Secretary of State or the FBI were in error"

Yup, you can always trust a politician. And didn't J. Edgar Hoover spend years denying the existence of the Mafia?


I am a bit surprised to see you use the tactic of diversion. From

"By the early 1930s, cities like St. Paul, Minnesota, had become virtual training grounds for young crooks, while Hot Springs, Arkansas, had turned into a safe haven and even a vacation spot for the criminal underworld. Al Capone was locked away for good in 1931 (thanks in part to the Bureau), but his Chicago Outfit carried on fine without him and would actually experience a resurgence in the coming decades. The “Five Families” of the New York Mafia were also emerging during this period, with “Lucky” Luciano setting up the “Commission” to unite the mob and “Murder, Inc.” to carry out its hits. Prohibition was ultimately repealed in 1933, but by then, the Great Depression was in full force, and with honest jobs harder to come by than ever, the dishonest ones sometimes seemed more attractive than standing in soup lines."

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