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Re: Highest scoring B-29


That could very well be the "missing" Tokyo mission for Thumper (and Haynes) that shows in the first row of mission nose art bombs . In the newspaper interviews Haynes was giving at the time of the bond tour, Haynes mentions a mission ( or maybe missions) which were done by a single plane (Thumper) to work out fuel loads, bomb loads, etc. for missions to Japan. The time frame seems about right.

Searching for Haynes in the book there are 14 hits. An interesting one is that on Feb 2, 1945 (or Feb 1 on another page) Haynes transferred to the 73rd Bomb Wing. Thus if he flew more missions after Feb 2, we need to look elsewhere for them. He (later?) became Deputy Commander of the 499th Bomb Group. Thus his 27 Jan 45 mission to Tokyo in Thumper was his last mission with the group. Now the question becomes what happened to "his" crew in the 497th that returned with him to the US.. They obviously completed their tour but with who, maybe Haynes "co-pilot" got promoted to AC?

I will see if these "clip" options on the newspapers site works so that anyone can view them (or if they are only for paid members).

UPDATE, I started to try and track the men in the photo and some of them that I could find were in the 499th not the 497th. We know Thumper stayed in the 497th. Now the question is did Haynes crew stay or did some of them move with him. Or.... is this a crew or part of a crew that flew with Haynes in the 499th. The plot thickens.... ;-)

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