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Re: Highest scoring B-29

For both bomb groups we are looking at compiled lists, not original documents, so it is possible some missions were missed. We strongly suspect the 497th list missed one mission Haynes flew in Thumper. It shows in the nose art of the plane and it appears in the BG's post war history book. So adding that in gives the 15 mission count. I think that is correct.

The two aborts noted in the 499th list might be more problematic. Normally an aborted mission did not count, but there "may" have been special circumstances where an aborted mission could be counted. (Although if that happened they probably would not mark the mission as an "abort".)

Aborts were a problem with B-29s. In mid-January 1945 for example, abort rates were 23% per mission (many caused by engine failures). By July 1945, they were down to around 7%. Engine life had been extended from typically 200 hours to 750 hours.

Joe Baugher has a summary of the B-29 offensive from the Marianas here:
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