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Old 5th November 2006, 17:05
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Black Thursday: Crismon and Scarborough crew

My name is Norbert Vollmann. I'm living in the vicinity of Schweinfurt in Germany and I'm doing temporarily investigations about the exactly crashlocations of the lost 60 B-17 on Black Thursday.
In relation to a few crews it is difficult to find the real crashsite. Who can help with informations about the exactly place or the area where the ship went down or in relation to the first villages, towns or hospitals where the airmen were brought to after their capture through the German authorities in relation to the following crews:

Oliver W. Crismon (351 BG, 511 BS, B-17 Serialnumber 42-6096)

John J. Scarborough (96 BG, 339 BS, B-17 Serialnumber 42-30806).

Scarborough crew is reported to have crashed in France and Germany, too???.

I know about the MACRs, but they aren’t really helpful regarding the crashsite.

Any Information would be most welcome!

Please send me a private mail as possible.

Thanks for all support and all your efforts.

Norbert Vollmann
Best regards

Norbert Vollmann
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Old 5th November 2006, 19:09
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Re: Black Thursday: Crismon and Scarborough crew


42-6096 "Onda Ball"
351 BG 511 BS
FTR 14/10/1943
Crashed Schweinfurt, Germany.
Lt. Oliver W. Crimson
1 KIA, 9 POW.
Right Waiste Gunner S/Sgt. Granville R. Brown is reported as KIA .
A/c hit by rocket near target, caught fire before Exploding in mid air.
MACR 1036

42-30806 "V-Packet"
96 BG 339 BS
FTR 14/10/1943
Crashed Rheims, France.
2Lt. John J. Scarborough
10- POW
Damaged by fighters 10 minutes before IP and was abandoned by crew about 15 miles South of Target.
MACR 832

Hope this is of use.

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