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Old 22nd May 2017, 01:12
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Re: Which airfield?

Hi, guys.
It is in fact Fritzlar airfield and definitely not a Fritzlar Nord dummy variant.
When you have a look at the Grauer Turm - the highest point of the tower is slightly off centre to the left hand side. The cathedral - Fritzlarer Dom has two towers on the left and a small one on the right. The photographs we know are not mirrored because the Verbandskennzeichen (German plural) can be read normally.

When you draw a straight line through both towers of the Fritzlarer Dom - you'll get a line which has a 175º direction. When looking back - you'll have to turn around, which is a 355º direction - a northerly direction - which is the direction you would be looking in when you were at Fritzlar main airfield as Rod states...

The problem with the aircraft in question is that they have been moved around over time and these aircraft have been tampered with a lot - pieces of these aircraft disappeared (Motorenverkleidung of D5+KT, e.g.) and the direction in which these aircraft were parked - changed too... Various photographs can be found in the internet to back up this statement. But... in all of these pictures the background (read: the position of both Grauer Turm and Fritzlarer Dom) does not change... And you'll see the highest point of the Grauer Turm a bit to the left as well - compared to the rest of the building...

I agree with Rod that the aircraft were parked on the northern side of Fritzlar airfield...

With kind regards,
Piet Bouma
The Netherlands
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Old 22nd May 2017, 06:44
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Re: Which airfield?

Hi Piet.

thanks for the comments.

While the photo at the start of the thread is definitely at the main Fritzlar airfield, I am not convinced that all of the photos in circulation are neccessarily at the main airfield.

As mentioned, III./NJG1 had night fighters at Fritzlar-Nord (the landing ground, not the dummy airfield) throughout March 1945, and ULTRA also shows that Luftwaffe Reich ordered the installation of FuG.218 into 20 Bf110s in mid-February, with the work to be carried out by the "Workshop Fritzlar North".. Having said that, the night fighters could have transferred to the main airfield just prior to the evacuation in late March 1945, but many of the photos don't provide enough background detail to positively identify locations.

And, of course, there is the discrepancy between the Air Technical Intelligence report for Fritzlar airfield compared to the photo evidence, i.e. no Ju88s mentioned in the former, but plenty in the photographic evidence.


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