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Old 22nd May 2012, 02:38
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Larry Hickey
Seeking info on force-landed Ju87Bs from 2./StG77 during the Western Campaign


Regarding research for color profiles for the EoE Project, I know from photos of three Ju87B-1 Stukas from 2./StG77 that force landed or crash landed relatively intact during the Western Campaign/French Campaign:

1) S2+HK, WNr. 0870358, Landed on its wheels; one of our color profile a/c.
2) S2+LK, WNr. 08703__, Landed on its wheels, prop removed on all photos that I've seen.
3) S2+MK, WNr.087___, two color photos exist of it landed on its belly after shearing off its main gear; a color profile a/c candidate but need W.Nr. info. One of the color photos sold on eBay appeared in "Luftwaffe im Focus," Issue #17/2010, P. 22-23. However, this didn't show the W.Nr. Seller of the original photos says this plane came down in Belgium, but this info is in question.

Can anyone help me fill in the missing WNr. info on two of these three a/c, as well as perhaps providing clues on dates and locations from captions, which might help determine the crews of these a/c? Some or all of these may have come down in the Sedan area on May 14th, although one researcher has suggested that item #1, S2+HK, force-landed in France on June 1, 1940. There are probably photos out there from eBay auction photo collections that provide the missing WNr. info for photos #2 and 3. All three of these have the W.Nr. painted in small yellow numbers as indicated, and displayed just above the level of the horizontal tail plane on both sides of the rudder.

If anyone has any other photos of this W.Nr. system painted on I./StG77 Stuka rudders during 1939-40, please let me know. I know of one other FL Stuka from the 1939 Polish Campaign, S2+EK, that displayed W.Nr. 0870371 on its rudder. These all appear to have been painted in yellow.

Are there other examples of this W.Nr. marking style on Stab, 1 or 3 Staffel a/c from I./StG77 during 1939-40?

Larry Hickey
Eagles Over Europe Project Coordinator

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