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Old 24th November 2018, 14:39
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Karl-Heinz Leesmann's opponents

Karl-Heinz Leesmann

1st claim
5km E of Margate
Possibly 32 sqn Hurricanes or 54 sqn Spitfires (the unit suffered a casualty to 54 sqn roughly half an hour earlier. 54 sqn suffered no losses in return though)

2nd claim
Spitfire I
616 "South Yorkshire" sqn. R6701 of P/O W L B Walker baled out WIA and R6632 of F/O J S Bell forcelanded, unhurt (aircraft written off)

3rd claim
Southern edge of London @ 3500m
Was this V6540 of 501 sqn? Sgt. A Glowacki baled out over Gravesend at 1315 BT
(Bennemann and Goebel also claimed, so overclaiming)

6th claim
Sittingbourne @ 4000m
79 & 85 sqns. Losses attributable to this engagement, 79 sqn: Unknown serials of F/L G D L Haysom (unhurt) and P/O L T Bryant-Fenn (WIA) both crashlanded after combat plus L2062 of P/O B R Noble WIA. 85 sqn: V7343 of F/O A V Gowers baled out WIA, L2071/VY-O of Sgt. G B Booth WIA (DOW 7.2.41, parachute on fire when he baled out), P3150 of Philip P Woods-Scawen KIA (parachute failure), P2673/VY-E of Sgt. J H M Ellis MIA and P3151/VY-Y of P/O A G Lewis damaged.

7th claim
19 sqn? P9391 of P/O E Burgoyne safe, N3286 of P/O W J Lawson both safe aircraft only damaged and P9422 of S/L P C Pinkham KIA. Possibly N3098 of 41 sqn, Sgt. R A Carr-Lewty forcelanded safely

8th claim
Very likely a misidentified Hurricane of 249 sqn, at least 3 attributable losses: R4114 of P/O R D S Fleming KIA, V6574 of Sgt. R Smithson WIA and R4230 of Sgt. F W G Killingback baled out WIA

9th and 10th claims
15.9.40/1525 and 1540
2 x Spitfires
Are these two claims connected to the Hurricanes lost by 303 sqn over the Thames Estuary? P3939 of Sgt. T Andruszkow baled out safely over Dartford and P3577 of Sgt. M Brzezowski KIA off Gravesend

11th claim
Tilbury (near Gravesend) @ 5500m
V6685 of 249 sqn? F/O Denis Geach Parnall, KIA. Possibly also Spitfires X3417 of 41 sqn or X4170 of 19 sqn (timings slightly out in each case, but location matches)

12th and 13th claims
2 x Spitfires
8-10km off Dover @ 2000-2500m
41 sqn. Overclaiming, 2 losses: N3118 of Sgt. J McAdam baled out WIA and R6604 of Sgt. Edward Vivian "Mitzi" Darling damaged
(versus 7 claims all up, overclaiming)

17th and 18th claims
28.5.41/2055 and 2100
2 x Blenheim IVs
200km NNW of Texel
235 sqn. 2 losses: V5453/LA-O of Sgt. H T Naughtin, Sgt. R Oldroyd & Sgt. S Gordon and Z5968/LA-V of P/O J O Fenton, Sgt. R H Johnson & Sgt. O J Dee. Crews all KIA
Karl Rung claimed as well (slight overclaiming)

19th claim
Hudson IV
North Sea, 120km W of Texel (PQ 148/05 Ost)
Fritz Metzler claimed 2 hours earlier. Despite differences in timings, these two claims are said to pertain to AE614/VX-J of 206 sqn, P/O Andrew Fanshawe Sharp and crew all KIA

20th claim
Hudson IV
140km W of Texel
AE162/VX-O of 206 sqn. P/O Anthony Frederick George and crew all KIA. Some sources suggest that this may have been a 22 sqn Beaufort

21st and 22nd claims
30.6.41/1447 and 1451
2 x Blenheim IVs
150-160km off Texel
107 sqn. Two damaged, one of them was the aircraft of S/L "Zeke" Murray. Further details not known. (Slight overclaiming)

25th claim
VVS Western Front. Day's DB-3 losses include 96 DBAP, crew of Lt. Nikolay Fedorovich Dzyurenko KIA. 751 DBAP lost crews of Nikolay Venediktovich Fomin and Anatoly Efimovich Tsyganov 22 DBAP lost Navigator Vladimir Tikhonovich Franzen KIA

32nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Possibly the engagement in which 211 ShAP lost Lt. Nikolay Alekseevich Yakimenko KIA

25.7.43/Ca. 1745
B-17 Flying Fortress
Likely impossible to trace but day's losses attributable to fighters include B-17F-60-BO 42-29606/PU-M "Toots" of 360th BS, 303rd BG. Capt John A Van Wie and 3 others KIA, remaining 6 crewmen all POW; 532nd BS, 381st BG lost B-17F-80-BOs 42-29976/VE-Q "Sad Sack" of 1/Lt. Jack H Owen and crew all POW, 42-30013/VE-E "Lethal Lady" of 1/Lt. William R Moore and 5 others POW, remaining 4 crewmen all KIA. 544tn BS, 384th BG lost B-17F-20-DL 42-3069/SU-F "Passes Cancelled" of 1/Lt. Gordon J Hankinson and crew all POW. 544th BS, 384th BG lost B-17F-30-VE 42-5883/SU-D "Weary Willie" of 1/Lt. Thomas J Estes and crew all returned.
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