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Old 22nd September 2018, 15:43
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Klaus Mietusch's Opponents

Klaus Mietusch

1st claim
Hurricane I or Defiant
213 and 264 sqns. 213 lost "L" of S/L H D McGregor came down in sea and rescued, "G" of F/O Robinson baled out, came down on the beaches and returned by ship; "P" of P/O W M Sizer, crashlanded on fire and returned by ship, P3424/D of F/O W N Gray KIA, "A" of Sgt. T Boyd also KIA. 264 lost L6975 of F/L Nick Cooke and CPL Albert Lippert both KIA, L6968 of P/O G L Hickman and LAC A Fidler both KIA, L6961 of P/O D Whitley and LAC Turner, both safe (collided with L6980 and forcelanded on the beach) plus L6980 of P/O M H Young and LAC Johnson (both baled out safely after colliding with L6968)

2nd claim
19 sqn. 2 attributable losses: R6958 of F/O Francis N Brinsden, safe and R6912 of P/O Raymond Aeberhardt (aged 19), returned to base damaged, crashed and burned

3rd claim
Hurricane I
10km S of Malta @ 2500m
261 sqn. This one was probably V7474 of P/O Charles Edward Langdon (NZ), KIA

4th and 5th claims
22.3.41/1624 and 1626
2 x Hurricanes
40km N of Malta @ 2500m
261 sqn. Losses include P2653 of F/O James Henry Terence "Terry" Foxton KIA , V7358 of P/O Dennis Frederick Knight, V7799 of F/O John Sydney Southwell, V7493 of P/O Thomas Benjamin Garland and V7672 of Sgt. Richard Alfred Spyer all KIA

6th claim
Avia BH-33E ("Fury")
NE of Podgorica
2nd FS. Porucnik Milenko Milivojevic KIA

7th claim
Hurricane II
20km N of Malta @ 2500m
261 sqn. 2 losses: Z3036 of P/O Peter Kennett and Z2904 of Sgt. Peter Harry Waghorn, both pilots KIA.

8th claim
4km NE of Kalafrana Bay @ 1500m
Z2838 of 274 sqn. F/L Eric Mitchelson "Imshi" Mason WIA

9th claim
Hurricane II
2km SW of Ta Venezia
Z2837 of 185 sqn. F/L Innes Bentall Westmacott, baled out WIA in elbow

10th claim
Hurricane II
SE of Sidi Omar
1 sqn, SAAF. Lt. J B White KIA, Lt. G K Smith (POW) and Lt. Mitchell (POW) all failed to return
(versus 3 claims)

12 and 23 sqns, SAAF. 12 sqn lost 1636 (damaged beyond repair) of Maj O W B van Ginkel DFC and crew all safe except for one man WIA and 1662 of Lt J E M Goodwin and crew all KIA whilst 23 sqn lost 1623 of Capt G L Bateman and crew all safe except one man injured. Lt. L F Leisegang's Maryland was damaged, crew safe
(versus 5 claims)

11th claim
Spitfire VB
SE of Le Paradis
452 sqn RAAF. Includes W3512 of P/O W D "Ed" Willis KIA and W3600 of Sgt. Charles F R Manning KIA plus P8703 of Sgt. Archibald Roger Stuart POW. Sgt. Augustine Kenneth Try was also POW in W3508
(versus 4-6 claims)

12th and 13th claims
21.9.41/1623 and 1630
2 x Spitfires
Berck sur Mer – Somme Estuary
485 RNZAFand 602 sqns. 4 losses: 485 lost AB856/E "Wellington II" of P/O J F Knight, MIA. 602 lost AB780, Sgt. P V Bell evaded via Spain, W3725 of Sgt. Andre Robert Hedger KIA plus W3460 "Cape Town VI" of P/O G B MacLachlan rescued by HSL (actually a member of 603 sqn). Slight overclaiming
(versus 7 claims)

14th claim
Berck sur Mer
Possibly P/O Harald Fraser-English killed off Etaples in P-40 Tomahawk of 400 sqn, RCAF (known to be Fighters)

15th claim
Spitfire VB
SE of St. Omer/E of Arques
AB810 of 71 "Eagle" sqn. P/O Ben Freeman Mays KIA

16th claim
Spitfire VB
12km WNW of Dunkirk
Likely either W3506 of 303 sqn, P/O Wojda or BM119 of 129 "Baroda" sqn, Sgt. Dalton. Both pilots rescued from the sea. BL926 of 303 sqn also damaged and written off when engine cut on landing at Manston

Unconfirmed claim
Spitfire V
3km W of Somme Estuary
Was this AD210 of 118 sqn? S/Chef G Daniolo KIA

17th claim
Spitfire VB
174 and 303 "Kosciuszko" sqns. 174 lost Hurricane IIE BE674 of S/L R C Wilkinson baled out and evaded (attributed to Flak by the British) and IIB serial unknown of P/O G L Cooper POW. 303 lost BL237 of Sgt. M Cytulski, baled out POW

18th claim
Spitfire VB
3km NW of Poperinghe
122 sqn, 3 other losses: BM321/T, F/L B M G de Hemptine. BM269/N, Sgt. Rolland Albert Joffre Ribout RCAF and BM404/A, F/S Stacey Douglas Jones. All KIA

19th and 20th claims
19.8.42/1034 and 1035
19 and 121 "Eagle" sqns. Further details pending

21st and 22nd claims
2 x Spitfire VBs
Calais – Cap Gris Nez
122 and 154 sqn. 122 lost BM135 of P/O C P Shaw and AR402 of Sgt. K G N Silsand both KIA. 154 lost BM415 of Sgt. J Hall WIA, rescued from the channel plus BM248 of F/O A S Turnbull WIA was Cat. B damaged

23rd claim
Boston III
3km E of Ostend
226 sqn. 2 losses: AL685/MQ-Z. Sgt. Marcel Auguste Henri Demont and crew all KIA and AL743/MQ-F, Sgt. M A Collins evaded, 1 KIA, 1 POW

Unconfirmed claim
B-24D-1-CO Liberator ("Stirling HSS")
41-23678 "Big Eagle" of 330th BS, 93rd BG. Capt. Alexander Simpson and two others POW, 1 man evaded and 6 KIA

Unconfirmed claim
B-17F-1-BO Flying Fortress
NE of Lille
"Man o War" of 301st BG. 1/Lt James M Stewart lost no.2 engine, then both outboard engines overheated and lost power. Escorted to Manston by F/L A J Andrews of 91 "Nigeria" sqn. Caldwell suggests this was 1st claim.

Unconfirmed claim
B-17F-27-BO Flying Fortress
41-24601 of 365th BS, 305th BG. 1/Lt. Conrad J Hilbinger and crew all KIA. Attributed to Flak. Note: 2 other casualties on this mission, they were the result of a collision (are they therefore what 2 of the claims refer to?)

27th claim
Spitfire VB
S of Margate @ 5-6000m
91 "Nigeria" sqn. Overclaiming, only one casualty: BL333 of P/O B Fey, baled out safely and rescued
(also claimed by Priller)

28th claim
Spitfire IX
Ardres @ 50m
332 sqn, RNAF. Overclaiming, only one casualty: BS252 of Lt. Peter Govertsen Mollestad KIA
(also claimed by Zink)

29th claim
Spitfire VC
10-15km N of Gravelines @ 3500m
350 sqn. Overclaiming, only one lost: AR592 of Sgt. L V Flohimont KIA
(Also claimed by Wutz Galland and Helmut Hoppe)

33rd claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
3-4km S of Lavansaari (PQ 70221) @ 800m
71 IAP-KBF. Legitimate victory: one I-153 and I-16 definitely lost. One of the pilots was Afanasiy Mikhailovich Sof′in KIA

34th claim
Yak-7B ("LaGG-3")
PQ 00264 @ 5000m
86 GIAP. 2 losses, 1 pilot baled out (believed to be Mietusch's victim as his logbook says his victim jumped) and one KIA. Details pending

37th claim
5km NE of Volkhovstroi (PQ 20133) @ 5000m
29 GIAP. Kapitan Aleksander Gorbachevsky baled out safely

46th claim
B-17F-75-BO Flying Fortress
SE of Schleiden-Eifel (SW of Mechernich) @ 6000m
42-29839 "Cherokee Girl" of 510th BS, 351st BG. Lt. Helmuth F Hansen and 8 others POW, 1 KIA on 21st mission. Already damaged by Flak

47th claim
B-17F-5-BO Flying Fortress
S of Lake Laaker/Mendig (PQ PP-5) @ 6000m
Was this another claim for 41-24453 "Mizpah - The Bearded Beauty" of 322nd BS, 91st BG? 2/Lt. Everett L Kenner and 4 others KIA, remaining 5 crewmen all POW
(claimed by a few others)

48th claim
B-17F Flying Fortress
NW of Breda @ 6500m
Known to have been claimed against 303rd BG. Two losses: B-17F-50-BO 42-5392 "Stric Nine" of 427th BS, crew of 2/Lt. Lauren H Quillen (6 KIA) and 42-3192 "City of Albuquerque" of 358th BS, crew of Lt. James Nix (4 KIA)

49th claim
Spitfire XII
near Poperinghe (PQ NF-5) @ 6500-6000m
MB800 of 41 sqn. F/S S H May RAAF evaded capture
Also possibly BL422 of 411 sqn RCAF. F/L V A Haw AFM POW, which is generally attributed to Wiegand

Unconfirmed Claim
Spitfire IX
10-15km SW of Poix
MH390 of 222 "Natal" sqn. F/S T B Hannan evaded

claimed as damaged
Spitfire IX
NE of Beauvais
NOTE: Hermann Staiger claimed as well
MH783 of 222 "Natal" sqn. F/L Ray B Hesslyn DFC DFM RNZAF WIA and POW (shot down by a Bf109 and an Fw190 so these were likely legitimate, shared claims)

50th claim
B-17F-27-BO Flying Fortress
41-24629 of 358th BS, 303rd BG. Crew of Lt. John W Hendry Jr 2 KIA and 8 POW (crashed Cambrai, attributed to Steindl by Joe Baugher website, which attributes Charley Horse to Mietusch)
42-29571/VK-L "Charley Horse" of 358th BS, 303rd BG. Crew of 2/Lt. William R Hartigan 1 KIA, 6 POW and 4 evaded capture

52nd claim
P-38H-5-LO Lightning
Venlo-Krefeld area (PQ LN) @ 9500m
42-67038/KI-B of 77th FS, 20th FG. Had suffered the failure of one engine before Mietusch intercepted it. 1/Lt. Robert L Thomas Jr POW, but died of Meningitis in POW camp

53rd claim
P-38H-1-LO Lightning
Freilingen-Vorneburg (Dueren)/Neuwied (PQ PP-72) @ 7000m (crashed near Luxem/Much)
42-66723/LC- of 77th FS, 20th FG. 2/Lt. Jack L Gard POW

55th claim
Spitfire IX
SSW of St. Omer @ 6000m
MH927 of 308 "Torun" sqn. F/L J P Piotrowoski, seen to bale out, but KIA. Possibly attributable to Flak

56th claim
P-47D-5-RE Thunderbolt
St. Pol @ 6500m
42-8694/OC-R "Little Texan" of 359th FS, 356th FG. Lt. Robert B Conroy baled out POW

58th claim
B-17 Flying Fortress HSS
E of Pirmasens (PQ UQ-3) @ 7500m
Was this 42-30623/JW- of 326th BS, 92nd BG? 2/Lt. Charles G Nashold and one other KIA, 7 crewmen POW and 1 evaded capture

59th claim
Typhoon Ib
5km N of Amiens (PQ QF-89 - RE-12) @ 4000m
MN188 of 3 sqn. P/O C A Tidy, evaded capture and returned 20th September. One other damaged

62nd claim
P-51B-5 Mustang ("Typhoon")
NW of Romilly sur Seine @ 6500m
43-6498/E9-K of 374th FS, 361st FG. Lt. Walter J Kozicki evaded capture

63rd claim
P-47D-15-RE Thunderbolt
NE of Le Havre
This one likely 42-76187/9Q- of 404st FS, 371st FG. Wesley B Izzard evaded near Bolbec

64th claim
P-47D Thunderbolt
E of Le Havre
(Joachim Zeller claimed one as well)

65th claim
P-38J Lightning
NW of Paris (PQ AE-1 to UE-7) @ 7000m
55th FG. Overclaiming, only 3 losses: 338th FS lost 42-68130/CL- "Paper Doll" of Lt. Arthur John Baranick KIA other losses were 42-28666/CY-S of Capt. K S Sorace POW and 4267964 of 2/Lt. H Sturdivan MIA. 20th FG also lost 1
(versus at least 4 claims)

66th claim
B-17G-15-DL Flying Fortress
E of Paris/Chateau-Thierry (PQ UG-AG) @ 7500m
Likely 42-37843/IY-H "Dry Run" of 615th BS, 401st BG. 2/Lt. Russell E Schroeder KIA, rest of crew all evaded capture. Came down near Chateau-Thierry

68th and 69th claim
23.6.44/1358 and 1400
2 x P-38J Lightnings
E of Chartres
38th FS, 55th FG. Slight overclaiming, only two losses: 42-67578/CG- of Lt. Robert B Hoffman POW and 42-104284/CG- of Lt. Grant H Cory KIA (latter was attributed to Flak)
(Zeller claimed one as well)

70th claim
P-38J-15-LO Lightning
W of Evreux/Lisieux (PQ UB) @ 4-5000m
402nd FS, 370th FG. Overclaiming, only one loss: 43-28373/E6- of 2/Lt. Henry J Stevens evaded capture
(Zeller claimed one as well)

71st claim
Spitfire IX
SW of Caen
Either ML420/D of 403 sqn RCAF, F/L L P Commerford WIA or MK350 of 602 "city of Glasgow" sqn, F/L A W Manson RCAF KIA. (British claimed that he was killed by flak)

72nd claim
P-47D-21-RE Thunderbolt
NW of Paris/Mantes (PQ UD-7/8 or UD-78) @ 3500m
358th FG. Most likely 42-25528/CP- of 367th FS, Ropert P Alward (definitely lost in aerial combat) and 42-25757 was also lost

73rd claim and 74th claims
26.8.44/1450-1455 and 1500-1505
2 x P-47D-21-RE Thunderbolts
Rouen sector
313th FS, 50th FG. Two losses: 42-25983/W3- of Lt. Lloyd Page Jr (near Oissel) and 42-25759/W3- of 2/Lt. Clair B Edel both KIA

75th claim
P-51B-10-NA Mustang
N of Moenchen-Gladbach/Geldern (PQ 05 Ost S/LN-1/LN-7/KN) @ 3500m
No.4 plane in cover flight of 361st FG. Their losses included: P-51B10-NA 42-106944/E9-A "Mary Jane" of 376th FS. Lt. Woodrow W Glover KIA (some sources believe this was Glover)
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