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Old 3rd August 2013, 21:00
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Larry Hickey
Seeking name of Gr Adj for I./ZG52 at beginning of war, and continuing as JGr152 to 01.40, when the unit re-equipped with the Bf110


For profiling purposes, we need the name of this officer. It is not Lt. Hartmann Grasser, who was photographed after receiving the EK 2 on 17 Sept 1939 in front of the Adj a/c. He was a member of 3./ZG52, and presumably later with JGr152 (unit temporarily renamed 24.09.39), and was apparently only posing in front of a Stab a/c. See Prien, JFV 2, P542.

I note that Oblt Dietrich von Bothmer is listed with the Stab of JGr152 (on that date still should have been I./ZG52), when he scored a victory on 20.09.39. He is also listed as the Sta Kap of 1./ZG52 - 1./JGr152 in the same source. We know there was an a/c with an Adj chevron assigned to the unit in Sept, 1939, but was von Bothmer serving as both 1 Sta Kap and Gr Adj? Does anybody know?

Also, does anyone know of any photos of 1 Staffel a/c during any time from Sept-Dec, 1939 for this unit? We particularly need to see how the prop spinners for both 1 and 3 Staffel were painted. I need ANY photos from this unit at any time during the last four months of 1939, while it was flying the Bf109D-1. We already have the photos in JFV Vol 2, but this entire unit, except for the Gruppenstab, is still very poorly documented photographically. Who can help?

Thanx for any assistance.

Larry Hickey
EoE Project Coordinator
Larry Hickey
Eagles Over Europe Project Coordinator
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