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Old 22nd December 2004, 22:28
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3 suggestions

Great leap forward for the mankind...

Three suggestions:
1, open a separate chapter for book reviews and bookstores in various countries (a reoccuring issue).
2, limit automatic signature to max. 10 characters, as I truly hate the slogans, wise cracks, etc. many people place in this feature.
3, The Soviets *were* Allies; therefore, the chapter title is superfluous. Maybe it shoudl be changed to Western and Eastern Allies...

Good job, Ruy.


P.S. How can we use special text editing features, like italics, bold, underlined, etc.?
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Old 22nd December 2004, 22:44
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If you post you can see a row of symbols above the text field, the B stands for Bold, the i stands for cursive etc.

You can either click on the symbol and start typing and end by clicking on the same symbol to finish the selection, or type your target word/sentence, select it and then click on the symbol.

Have been looking at the signatures.

I agree, but I do not want to limit those who have a good site from including some referal in their signature. But I will indeed limit the use as not to invite gaudy screenfilling monstrocities.

Ah, the old Soviet vs Allied debate.

First let me say that its been that way since the beginning and I would like to keep it that way as a tradition.

Secondly the Soviets started out as an Axis partner versus Poland and as such retain a certain duality, which keeps them in a class of their own.

It has nothing to do with anti-communism or anti-Russian sentiments.

BTW, the forum even has some Soviet coloring!

EDIT: I've added a Stores forum to the Feature Category. All registered users can post there.
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