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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Originally Posted by kaki3152 View Post
I'd say Helmut Lipfert
Agreed. He's right there.

Nice entry on him:

Everyone forgets about Lipfert. I have his book. It's well worth reading.

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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

I'd say Barkhorn, Rall or Kittel. Lipfert or Hafner too far behind in "official" kills to catch up even if they might have been more accurate claimers because IMHO the first mentioned trio seems to have been at least fairly accurate claimers.

And yes, Lipfert's memoirs is also one of my favorites.

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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Originally Posted by Broncazonk View Post
Agreed. He's right there.

Nice entry on him:

Everyone forgets about Lipfert. I have his book. It's well worth reading.

Given that the latest entry on Hans-Ulrich Rudel says that he claimed 51 Aerial Victories, Wikipoodia is probably best left alone

Here's a closer look at Lipfert's claims, with thanks to HGabor and a few others:

Helmut Lipfert

1 30.1.43/1247 La-5 1km N of Malaya-Balabinka (PQ 08693) @ 1200m 437 IAP

4 & 5 7.3.43/0820 and 0823 U-2s (claimed as "R-5s") Popochevskaya (PQ 86481) and Ivanovskaya (PQ 86731) @ low altitude 46 GNBAP (The Famous Night Witches), 218 NBAD. Only 2 losses: Serzhants Belyakova and Serebryakova's crews both safe. Transfer flight from Novodzhereliyevskaya to Pashkovskaya, managed to land and were sent to PARM (Barnickel claimed another, making this slight overclaiming between them)

6 14.3.43/0656 IL-2 Sturmovik Novorossisk (PQ 75731) @ 400m Probably claimed against 47 ShAP, gunner Serzhant Nikolai Viktorovich Borisenko was a casualty this area, this date

7 and 8 30.3.43/0625 LaGG-3s Slavyanskaya – Anastasyevskaya sector. Believe one or both of these were from 249 IAP

9 20.4.43/0630 "MiG-1" Abinskaya (PQ 85114) @ low altitude 7 IAP? Pilot possibly survived. Was this actually pilot Barabanov of 15 IAP, forcelanded near the front line with a holed radiator after combat with Bf109s?

16 23.7.43/0554 P-39L-1 Airacobra Kievskoye (PQ 76894) @ 500m 16 GIAP. Ml.Lt. Czikmariew KIA 6km NW of Marianskaja village (Soviet sources dated the loss as having occurred the following day)

17 23.7.43/1733 IL-2 Sturmovik Krimskaya (PQ 75264) @ 50m Possibly 618 ShAP. Crews of Ml.Lt. Nikolay Romanovich Shapovalov and Serzhant Stepan Nikolaevich Bazhenov plus Alexey Alexeyevich Beregovskii and Nikolay Rodionovich Vynychenko all KIA (Several claims by the Gruppe in the morning and several in the late afternoon, like this one)

45 5.11.43/1020 Yak-1 Kerch (PQ 66734) @ 1000m Was this from 9 IAP ChF? They had one Yak from the escort of 8 GShAP hit and forcelanded in Soviet territory (appears to have also been claimed by Foennekold)

66-68 2.12.43/0639, 0648 and 0655 LaGG-3s (the first was mistaken for a Yak-1) Kay Takyl-Feodosia sector 25 IAP-ChF. All appear to be legitimate victories: Ml.Lt. Viktor Ivanovich Verishchenko, Ml.Lt. Ivan Grigor'evich Gordievskiy and Ml.Lt. Dmitriy Andreevich Kusenko all KIA

80 29.12.43/1005 Li-2 ("Boston" or "Douglas") SW of Mayak @ close to ground level Misidentification: this was actually an Li-2 of 1 esc. 9.AP GVF. Kpt. Kurepin and one other badly WIA, 1 man KIA

96 9.4.44/1558 Pe-2 German airfield at Grammatikovo (PQ 46634) @ 5300m 366 ORAP, 4 VA. Legitimate victory. Ml.Lt V.I.Nesvetayev taken POW after bellylanding, Ml.Lt I.I.Sopelchenko and St.Serzh Sila both KIA. 4 VA's only Pe-2 loss this date

108 4.5.44/0644 Yak-7 Soki (PQ 36761 or 36763) @ close to water's surface Very likely Lt. Shamil Munasipovich Abrashitov of 402 IAP, (17 kills) KIA (There was a claim by Waldmann at around the same time that is also a contender for his loss)

110 and 111 5.5.44/1038 and 1050 Yak-7s Balaklava/Lapsi Bay One of these may have been Leytenant Ivanov of 402 IAP, 265 IAD. KIA this date, attributed to Lipfert or Hartmann

114 6.5.44/0740 U-2 Belobek (PQ 35441) @ close to water's surface 402 IAP. Lt. Anatoliy Filonov and Semen Denisov both KIA (looking for another pilot of their unit who had been downed earlier)

120 31.5.44/0804 Pe-2 Busila (PQ 78661) @ 600m Possibly 511 ORAP, 5 VA. Crew of pilot Dyadov HSU

125 5.6.44/1135 Yak-7 Carpiti (PQ 78673) @ 1000m 178 IAP. Legitimate victory. Pilot POW and known to have died in captivity (awaiting further details…)

129 27.6.44/1034 IL-2 Sturmovik Jassy (PQ 07372) @ 50m 5 VA or 17 VA. Overclaiming, no
IL-2s lost this date

145 31.8.44/1020 P-51 Mustang (plus one unconfirmed) Loewes (PQ 47257) @ 400m 52nd FG. Four definite losses: serial of one of the Mustangs was P-51 D-5-NA, 44-13295. Personnel losses were 2/Lt. Paul D Frazier of 4th FS (POW), 42-103395 of 1/Lt. Frank Edward Tomlinson of 2nd FS (POW), 2/Lt. Robert L Davis (of 2nd FS, KIA) and QP-X of Lt. Roy (?) Carlson also of 2nd FS (KIA). All of these were definitely lost to JG 52 Bf109s. A fifth Mustang crashlanded at Madna airfield, Italy upon return

146 17.10.44/1038 Yak-1B ("Yak-11") Hosszu-Palyj (PQ 18655) @ 3000m 73 GIAP, 6 GIAD, 5 VA. Lt. Malyavin KIA

147 21.10.44/1052 La-5F Oecfoed (PQ 07166) @ 700m 192 IAP, 279 IAD, 5 VA. Ml.Lt. Sukovyants safe
148 23.10.44/1531 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Solnok (PQ 08752) @ 1000m 131 GShAP, 7 GShAD, 5 VA. Crew of Kralkin and Babailov both KIA. Serials of Lipfert's victims were 10620 (factory No.1, Kuybishev) and 302820 (factory No.30, Moscow)

149 23.10.44/1531 IL-2 Sturmovik mH 131 GShAP, 7 GShAD, 5 VA. Pilot Lapinski POW, gunner Filippov MIA. Serials of Lipfert's victims were 10620 (factory No.1, Kuybishev) and 302820 (factory No.30, Moscow)

150 24.10.44/0922 Yak-9T ("Yak-7") Feherto (PQ 18272) @ low altitude 150 GIAP, 13 GIAD, 5 VA. Gv.Ml.Lt. Sisko POW

151 27.10.44/1217 IL-2 KR? ("IL-2 Sturmovik mH") Bued Sz.Mihaily (PQ 18129) @ 1200m Was this from 207 ORAP?

152 27.10.44/1221 Yak-7 Bued Sz.Mihaily (PQ 18156) @ 800m Believed to be from 122 IAP. Certainly no permanent losses this date. Overclaiming

153 13.11.44/1245 Yak-1 ("Yak-3") SE of Jaszbereny (PQ 98639) @ 4000m No. 42178 or 42188 of 149 GIAP. Ml.Lt. Stepanov safe, hit at this time and place. Made a one-wheel landing and sent off for repairs

154 16.11.44/1239 Yak-1B ("Yak-11") Tura (PQ 98446) @ 1500m 122 IAP, 331 IAD, 5 VA. Kapt. Artemev KIA

155 17.11.44/1105 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Jaszbereny (PQ 98634) @ 600m 90 GShAP, 4 GShAD, 5 VA. Pilot Kurilov KIA, gunner Ananev fate not mentioned

156 17.11.44/1110 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Jaszbereny (PQ 98498) @ 400m 90 GShAP, 4 GShAD, 5 VA. Crew of Ivlev and Petrunin both WIA

157 17.11.44/1320 Yak-1B ("Yak-7") Hort (PQ 98426) @ 600m 151 GIAP, 13 GIAD, 5 VA. Gv.Ml.Lt. Noskov MIA

158 23.11.44/1040 Yak-1B ("Yak-9") Atkar (PQ 98435) @ 800m 513 IAP, 331 IAD, 5 VA. Pilot Kuyanov. (The unit also lost pilot Goichenko, underclaiming? Serials were 29156 and 45168

159 5.12.44/1030 Yak-9T Hatran (PQ 98411) @ 1500m 122 IAP, 331 IAD, 5 VA. Ml.Lt. Erko MIA

160 9.12.44/1505 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Csajag (PQ 88784) @ 1200m 989 ShAP, 136 ShAD, 17 VA. Pilot Ml.Lt. Veretelnikov MIA, Ml.Serzh Bezroukov fate not mentioned

161 11.12.44/1453 Pe-2 Balatonkenese (PQ 88779) @ 4500m 39 ORAP, 17 VA. Crew of Elohov, Uhvatov and Tisenko all KIA

162 22.12.44/0937 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Stuhlweissenburg 189 ShAD, 17 VA. Too many losses to be able to match up (likely a legitimate victory though)

163 23.12.44/1048 Yak-9D Enying Probably 659 IAP, 288 IAD, 17 VA. St.Lt. Salamatov crashlanded after dogfight with Bf109s

164 24.12.44/1425 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Seregelyes Possibly 189 ShAD, 17 VA

165 and 166 25.12.44/1208 and 1215 Yak-9T and Yak-1B (both claimed as"Yak-9s") 611 IAP, 288 IAD, 17 VA. Legitimate victorird. Some losses not yet matched to claims but known to include Capt. Konstantin Leontievich Chernogor KIA in Yak-1B 26170 near Zamoly. Lt. Nikolai Nikolaevich Kutsenko bailed out from his burning Yak-1B, S/N: 41184 also near Zamoly. Ml.lts Dmitrii Gavrilovich Kirichenko, Ivan Ivanovich Aleshkin, Aleksei Timofeevich Fadeev, Boris Aleksandrovich Yablyukhin were also downed

167 2.1.45/1115 La-5 E of Bodmer area 116 IAP, 295 IAD, 17 VA. Ml.Lt. Roi safe

168 2.1.45/1145 Yak-9T 4km E of Vereb 611 IAP, 288 IAD, 17 VA. Ml.Lt. Dimov KIA

169 and 170 4.1.45/0826 and 0828 IL-2 Sturmoviks Tarjan Legitimate victories: 210 ShAP, 136 ShAD, 17 VA lost 8 IL-2s this date, including No.10967, 10987, 304836, 18853106. 17 VA lost a grand total of 17 IL-2s this date

171 4.1.45/1041 Yak-9D Bieske 897 IAP, 288 IAD, 17 VA. Ml.Lt. Konovalov WIA

172 4.1.45/1112 La-5FN Tardos 539211399/"99" of 530 IAP, 194 IAD, 17 VA. Ml.Lt. Suhorukhov KIA
173 8.1.45/1413 A-20B-DL Havoc ("Boston") Stuhlweissenburg 41-2937 of 449 BAP, 244 BAD, 17 VA. Crew of Vetlov, Ionov, Tolmatski and Burtsev all KIA

174 8.1.45/1418 A-20G-40-DO Havoc ("Boston") Stuhlweissenburg 43-21588 of 449 BAP, 244 BAD, 17 VA. Crew of Kruglov, Kudryavtsev, Sikov and Shestakov all KIA

175 14.1.45/1211 Yak-9D ("Yak-3") Muzsla 31 GIAP, 6 GIAD, 5 VA. Gv.Ml.Lt. Bezuglii KIA

176 14.1.45/1436 Yak-9D ("Yak-3") Muzsla Unknown, no match to timing. Previous research stated that one of Lipfert's victories this date may have been 1615342 of 31 GIAP, 6 GIAD, 5 VA. Gv.Ml.Lt. Alexei Yefimovich Stadnichenko KIA

177 16.1.45/1217 La-5 Budaoers This one likely only damaged. 2 La-5s lost this date, both in late afternoon so this does not match. Overclaim.

178 22.1.45/1324 La-5 Stuhlweissenburg 116 or 164 IAP, 295 IAD, 17 VA. Legitimate victory but hard to match up. 116 IAP lost St.Lt. Georgii Konstantinovich Zolotarskii and Ivan Danilovich Plankevich both MIA this date

179 27.1.45/1445 IL-2 Sturmovik 7km NW of Adorny or Adorzy 951 ShAP, 306 ShAD, 17 VA. Pilot Lt. Filonovich KIA, gunner Abrosimov MIA

180 22.2.45/1400 La-7 ("La-5") Bart 179 GIAP, 14 GIAD, 5 VA. Gv.Ml.Lt. Pinko WIA

181 22.2.45/1625 Yak-3 Bina Believed to be an overclaim, no matchable loss

182 25.2.45/1053 Bf109 (claimed as a "Yak-9") Altsohl/Zvolen This was most likely W.Nr. 166248/"Yellow 9" of Grupul 9. Adj. Stag Av. Traian Darjan KIA. If genuinely a Yak: likely 513 IAP, 331 IAD, 5 VA, several losses this date

183 8.3.45/1410 IL-2 Sturmovik Sapolce 136 ShAD or 189 ShAD. Several losses this date, attributed to Flak but this could possibly be one of them

184 11.3.45/1035 Yak-9M ("Yak-3") Suborgarol/Siofok 611 IAP, 288 IAP, 17 VA. Lt. Kutsenko KIA

185 11.3.45/1405 Yak-3 Siofok Overclaiming? No such permanent loss, - probably damaged, or crashlanded on airfield

186 13.3.45/1013 Yak-9M ("Yak-7") Pakozol 866 IAP, 288 IAD, 17 VA. Lt. Kamenetskii safe

187 14.3.45/1207 La-5FN Stuhlweissenburg 39211637/"37" of 164 IAP, 295 IAD, 17 VA. Ml.Lt Iozhitskii POW

188 14.3.45/1211 IL-2 Sturmovik Pakozol 672 ShAP, 306 ShAD, 17 VA. Lt. Mamontov KIA and Serzhant Kovalev both KIA

189 17.3.45/1615 IL-2 Sturmovik Lake Velencze 615 ShAP, 189 ShAD, 17 VA. Crew of Kapt. Nikitin and Gv.Serzhant Apalkov both OK. Was this IL-2 No.1873298 with engine No.257858, downed this date?

190 and 191 20.3.45/1533 and 1541 IL-2 Sturmoviks Stuhlweissenburg and Varpalota 210 ShAP, 136 ShAD, 17 VA. Losses were 11082/"White 8" of Ml.Lt. Petr Alekseevich Taranovich and St.Serzh Victor Konstantinovich Ogarkov both WIA (crashed NW of Guttamasi) and 1871797/"White 23" of Aleksei Dmitrievich Belyashin and Serzh. Phillip Fomich Verbitski both KIA (crashed at Oesku). These are the two victories that he achieved while drunk

192 21.3.45/1158 La-5FN Eastern end of Lake Balaton 848 IAP, 194 IAD, 17 VA. St.Lt. Vasilev KIA

193 21.3.45/1530 Yak-9M (“Yak-5”) Felstgalla No. 4515340 of 179 IAP, 331 IAD, 5 VA. Lt. Viktor Yakovlevich Ragulin MIA

146: Hosszúpályi
147: Öcsöd (-E,-SE)
150: Újfehértó
151, 152: Büdszentmihály (New name since 1952: Tiszavasvári)
153, 155, 156: Jászberény
158: Atkár
159: Hatvan
160: Csajág
162, 173, 174: Börgönd (Székesfehérvár-S, German city name: Stuhlweißenburg)
164: Seregélyes
167: Bodmér
169: Tarján
171: Bicske
177: Budaörs
179: Adony
183: Soponya
185: Siófok
186: Pákozd
187: Székesfehérvár (German city name: Stuhlweißenburg)
188: Pákozd
189: Lake Velencei (Velencei-tó)
190-191: Székesfehérvár, Várpalota, Gúttamási, Öskü
193: Felsőgalla

His final 10 claims are also legitimate victories but they were shared with me privately and I will only pass them on with the express permission of the researcher
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Here's what I have on Barkhorn

Barkhorn’s known victims and overclaims

16th victory: 27.5.42/1528, Pe-2, NE of Petrovskaya @ 100m. 223 BAD, 2 VA. Losses believed to be in excess of 16 crews. Includes Divison CO Podpolkovnik I K Kosenko and Polkovnik Yuri N Gorbko HSU plus Lt. Ivan Sirko all KIA. 24 BBAP (Gorbko's unit) alone lost 6 Pe-2s

20th victory: 11.6.42/0945, LaGG-3, Kupyansk sector. Possibly from 170 IAP, 217 IAD, 4 VA. Ml.Lt. Vasily Pimenovich Bajdov KIA

36th victory: 1.7.42/1011, DB-7 Boston, 794 BAP, 221 BAD. 6 total losses including crew of Lt. Aleksey Stepanovich Cherkashenko (AE CO) lost in air combat this date. Ex-RAF serial AL267 was among the losses

65th victory: 7.10.42/0805, LaGG-3, 246 IAP. Lt. Vasily Makarovich Starodubtsev KIA (combat report stated that the pilot was seen to bale out)
66th victory: 7.10.42/1325, LaGG-3, NE of Tuapse (PQ 95674) @ 2800m. These two claims likely against Ml. Lt. Aleksey Iosifovich Dogaev of 246 IAP, baled out safely (slight overclaiming). Note: All Barkhorn's victims reported to have baled out safely. (Also claimed by Werner Quast)

67th and 68th victories: 7.10.42/1325, LaGG-3, Gunaiberg (PQ 95674) @ 2800m. Engagement was with 5 LaGG-3s of 246 IAP and 2 Yak-1s of 518 IAP, 236 IAD, 5 VA. These two claims were likely against the 518 IAP Yaks, which lost Lt. Sergey Mikhaylovich Kolesnikov (official report dates his loss 6.10.42) and St. Serzhant F.B. Varfolomeev

75th victory: 29.10.42/1442. Yak-7B (claimed as a "Yak-1") 2km N of Altebinal (PQ 95732) @ 1200m. Possibly Podpolkovnik Dmitriy Leontyevich Kalarash (in a LaGG-3) of 402 IAP, 236 IAD. Said to be KIA in a Taran or WIA and returned home, DOW. Also possibility of Kapt. Segey Sergeevich Shchirov of 518 IAP

79th victory: 3.11.42/1445. LaGG-3 10km N of Tuapse (PQ 95741) @ 2000m. One source says Yak-1s and LaGG-3s of 6 GIAP, 25 IAP and 62 IAP of VVS ChF involved. Believe this was from 269 IAP, two losses including pilot Simonovich baled out (Barkhorn's claim seen to bale out)

81st victory: 15.11.42/0900. LaGG-3 5km SE of Lasarewskoje (PQ 94162) @ 1000m. 246 IAP. Serzhant K K Pozdnyakov KIA and Serzhant A Mitrofanov baled out WIA (the other loss was due to Otto Foennekold)

103rd and 104th victories: 9.1.43/1245 and 1250. Yak-1s. Kuberke railway station/Simovniki sector. 236 IAP. Said to be Lev Shestakov and Mladshiy Leytenant Vasiliyev both bellylanded and managed to escape before Barkhorn strafed the wrecks
105th victory: 10.1.43/0617 Yak-1 Remontnaja (Ramostnaja?) (PQ 28852) @ 2500m. Barkhorn is said to down Shestakov a second time in as many days…

112th and 113th victories. 12.2.43/0603 and 0610 I-16s Kabardinka sector. Legitimate victories: 236 IAD, 5 VA. Two losses

119th victory. 26.2.43/1045. LaGG-3 7km SW of Kabardinka (PQ 75463) @ 3000m. 269 IAP. Legitimate victories, two losses: 2742 of pilot Sokolov and serial unknown of pilot Malyshev (Quast downed the other)

122nd victory. 29.4.43/1320. Yak-1 (claimed as a “LaGG-3”) 8km NE of Mingrelskaja (PQ 86792) @ 4000m. 812 IAP, 265 IAD, 3 IAK, 4 VA. Losses include Leytenant G V Kramarenko, Leytenant A G Kostenko and Starshina I D Kukushkin. Ml.Lt. Konstantin Konstantinovich Adamchuk also severely WIA this date (several other pilots claimed victories in the engagement)

126th victory. 30.4.43/0745. Lend-lease Spitfire. 5km N of Cholmskaja (PQ 34 Ost 85161) @ 500m. 57 GIAP. Serzhant Marchenko reported MIA, later returned safely

165th and 166th victories: 5.9.43/1055 and 1105. La-5s (claimed as “LaGG-3s”) Poltava-Konontajew sector. One of these was 41 GIAP, 2VA. Kpt. Nikolay Fedorovich Klepikov (HSU) KIA

200th victory: 30.11.43/0950. LaGG-3 (Claimed as a "Yak-1") Western end of Kolonka @ 2500m. 249 IAP. Mayor F N Kulyakin, Lt P M Batyrev and MlLt S I Karlamov all damaged in this engagement (Duettmann also claimed)

203rd victory: 2.12.43/1039. P-39 Airacobra (Claimed as a “Yak-1”) S of Eltigen @ 500m. 101 GIAP. Ml. Lt. Yakov Dementeev KIA

204th victory: 2.12.43/1048. IL-2 Sturmovik E of Eltigen @ close to water's surface (Russian sources say into the sea, W of Taman). No. 1870571 of 210 ShAP, 232 ShAD. Ml. Lt. Valentin Elush KIA

216th and 217th victories 28.12.43/0847 and 0853 LaGG-3 ("Yak-1") and IL-2 Sturmovik Kerch – Dzhankoi LaGG-3s of 88 IAP (1 loss) escorting IL-2s of 55 OKAE (no losses). St.Lt. Georgiy Ivanovich Naumov WIA (6 personal + 3 shared kills), died 31.12.43 of gangrene after amputation of both hands

218th and 219th victories 28.12.43/1020 and 1023 2 x LaGG-3s (claimed as "Yak-1s") Kap Chroni sector 790 IAP. Ml.Lt. Nikolai Georgievich Moskalev (3 personal + 2 shared kills) baled out but KIA, came down into icy water 1km E of Osoviny - One of these is an overclaim

220th victory 28.12.43/1207 Yak-1 Kertsch harbour basin @ 4500m 42 GIAP. Kapitan Nikolai Pechony (17 personal + 3 shared kills) belly landed WIA in face and arm

221st victory 28.12.43/1210 Yak-1 ("P-39 Airacobra") N of Baksy (Laksig) @ 4500m 66 IAP. Ml.Lt. Aleksandr Andrievskii safe

222nd victory 28.12.43/1221 Yak-1 Kertsch harbour basin @ 3500m 42 GIAP. St.Lt. Akhmet-khan Talovich Kankoshev (14 kills), HSU, KIA

248th victory 12.2.44/1258 Yak-1 ENE of Bulganak (PQ 66641) @ 3000m Possibly 48 GIAP. Ml.Lt. Yury Sergeevich Rubtsov MIA

249th victory 12.2.44/1320 Yak-1 25km SE of Rusa (PQ 66473) @ 2500m Was this No.22147 of 812 IAP? Ml.Lt. Sergey Semenovich Zuyev KIA

250th victory 12.2.44/1550 Yak-9 Mayak-Bakny area (PQ 66614) @ 2000m 42 GIAP and 249 IAP, 229 IAD, 4 VA and (most likely opponent) 979 IAP, 230 ShAD. Overclaiming, no losses

267th Victory 8.5.44/0917 IL-2 Sturmovik mH Balaklava area or 10km S of Sevastopol (PQ 35473) @ 600m 47 ShAP. Losses were: Lt. N N Kuzmenko & M Serzhant G Mochalov, ditched near Belobek; Mladshiy Leytenant A N Mikhailenko & Serzhant N P Zhuvagin downed 5km from Lyubimovki plus ml. Lieutenant E.G.Udaltsov bellylanded back at base with shot-out hydraulics (two claims by Krah)

268th and 269th victories 30.5.44/1655 and 1705 2 x P-39 Airacobras 10km S of Tudora (PQ 78643) Were these also from 129 GIAP, 205 IAD, 7 IAK? 153 IAP in action this day as well. Engaged against Fw190s without suffering any losses. 438 IAP lost Alexey Panfilovich Skripnikov KIA

270th and 271st victories 31.5.44/0538 and 0545 P-39 Airacobras Husi/Lasi sector On the basis of timing, one of these may have been Kpt. Pawel K. Eryomin of 16 GIAP (said to have been downed near Zacharka in combat with Fw190, 0630ST)

280th victory 16.11.44/1340 Yak-3 Jaszbereny area (PQ 98478) @ 2000m 3429214/"34" of 150 GIAP, 13 GIAD, 5 VA. Agdantsev safe

281st victory 16.11.44/1345 La-5 20km SW of Gyoergyoes (Gyongyos?) PQ 98452 39214932/"32" of 192 IAP, 279 IAD, 5 VA. Ml.Lt. Ol'nev WIA

282nd victory 17.11.44/1023 La-5 40km ENE of Budapest (PQ 98615) @ 1500m Possibly overclaiming, no permanent La-5 loss this date

283rd victory 17.11.44/1500 Yak-1B ("Yak-3") 30km SW of Gyoergyoes (Gyongyos?) PQ 98622 @ 3500m 37191 of 149 GIAP, 13 GIAD, 5 VA. Ml.Lt. Vladimir Petrovich Isupov bailed out and returned on 19.11.44

293rd and 294th victories 3.1.45 IL-2 Sturmoviks Likely legitimate victories: 17 VA lost 13 IL-2s this date

295th and 296th victories 3.1.45 Yak-9s 17 VA lost 8 Yak-9s and 1 Yak-1B (No. 22167) this date

297th, 298th and 299th victories 4.1.45 3 x La-5s 17 VA lost 1 La-5F and 3 La-5FN this date

300th victory 4.1.45 Yak-9 17 VA lost 1 Yak-1B, 2 Yak-9D and 1 Yak-9T this date

301st victory 5.1.45 La-5 Possibly an aircraft of 31 IAP or 116 IAP
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Here's Guenther Rall

1st claim: 18.5.40/1840 Curtiss Hawk 75A S of Metz No. 27 of GC II/5. Sgt-Chef Otto Hanzlicek baled out safely (Lothar Ehrlich also claimed this one: slight overclaim)

2nd claim: 24.6.41/0725 DB-3 or SB (all 11 claims made in this engagement were identified as DB-3s) E of Constanza @ 6000m DB-3Fs of 2 MTAP, VVS ChF (3 losses) and SBs of 40 SBAP,, VVS ChF (7 losses)

4th claim 26.6.41/0510 SB (misidentified as a "DB-3") NE of Constanza @ 4000m 40 BAP, VVS ChF. Overclaiming, only nine losses (versus 18 claims in total)

11th claim: 13.8.41/1052 I-16 "Rata" NW of Kanev @ 1500m 88 IAP. Includes Mladshiy Leytenants Ivan Novikov and Yakov Kozlov, both KIA (Guenther Luetzow of JG 3 also claimed 2 x Ratas)

26th claim: 23.10.41/1332 Yak-1 (claimed as an “I-61”) S of Aleksandrowka 5 AE, 32 IAP, VVS-ChF. One loss (Koeppen and Steffen also claimed)

32nd claim: 22.11.41/1350 MiG-3 (claimed as an “I-61”) SE of Agrafenowka @ 1200m Possibly 55 IAP, Serzhant Leonid Mitrofanovich Stashevskij KIA (Wachowiak also claimed)

33rd claim 23.11.41/1335 IL-2 Sturmovik SE of Rostov @ 100m 4 ShAP. No further details known

35th and 36th claims 28.11.41/1027 and 1505 MiG-3 plus I-16 Rostov sector. Were these from 8 IAP? They lost Mudarakshe Sabirovich Saberzyanov KIA plus Aleksandr Petrovich Shcheglov shot down, returned later (several other pilots claimed…)

37th claim 2.8.42/0935 I-153 S of Ssalsk (PQ 17791) @ 1000m Could this actually have been Serzhant Synbulat Buranbaevich Synbulatov of 657 ShAP KIA?

49th claim 14.8.42/0952 DB-7 Boston N of Karagach 219 BAD. 859 BAP lost several Bostons this date, crews of Sergey Mikhailovich Lukaszewicz, Starshina Gavriil Nikolayevich Bryukhanov, Okinf Afanasovich Kuznetsov, Aleksandr Fedorovich Lushin

51st and 52nd claims 16.8.42/1004 and 1007 LaGG-3s N of Kuba (PQ 34134) 805 IAP, 4 VA. Seeking further details…
53rd claim 17.8.42/0723 I-153 W of Altud (PQ 34433) @ 200m 84 IAP, Leytenant Nikolay Litovchenko KIA

66th claim 4.9.42/1349 MiG-1 S of Mozdok One of these was likely Serzhant Sergey Mikhailovich Bassov of 805 IAP KIA, the other Nikolai Radionovich Bakhirev of 926 IAP KIA 6km S of Mozdok (ties in with two claims by Karl Gratz)

67th and 68th claims 6.9.42/0955 and 1035 LaGG-3s S of Mozdok Confirmed in Soviet loss reports (were escorting 219 BAD). Believe it was 926 IAP, they lost Alexey Grigoryevich Buldakov definitely in combat with fighters

69th claim 7.9.42/0842 LaGG-3 S of Mozdok (PQ 44452) 790 IAP, 219 BAD. Believed to be Batalyonnyy Komissar Fedosiy Dubkovskiy KIA, but there were seven other losses

70th claim 7.9.42/0846 Pe-2 S of Mozdok (PQ 44454) 366 BAP, 219 BAD. Three losses, includes crew of Starshina Nikolay Ivanovich Pyanikh all KIA

73rd claim 9.9.42/1648 LaGG-3 SE of Mozdok (PQ 44461) @ 1700m 4 VA. One of these was Starshina Sergei Semenovich Bespalov of 131 IAP KIA near Malgobek this date. 790 IAP, 219 BAD lost Yakov Maksimovich Skubickij and Dmitry Maximovich Fedorenko both KIA by fighters in LaGG-3s (several other claiming pilots…)

74th and 75th claims 10.9.42/1635 and 1642 LaGG-3s Mozdok sector 4 VA. Day's losses include 862 IAP lost Serzhant Yuri Anatolievich Serebryakov KIA. 962 IAP lost Serzhant Yuri Anatolievich Serebryakov and St.Serzhant Timofei Vasilievich Tretyakov (definitely to fighters) both over Mozdok Also lost over Mozdok was 790 IAP's Ml.Lt. Evgenii Efimovich Harol′skij KIA by fighters. 926 IAP lost Valentin Allakhiyarovich Emirov KIA in alleged taran (many claims this date, very hard to track…)

79th and 80th claims 22.9.42/0834 and 0836 IL-2 Sturmoviks Samakul-Daiskoje sector 47 ShAP, 217 IAD, 4 VA. St. Lt. Matyushin shot down and Serzhant V E Ryabchenko's IL-2 written off after landing

82nd claim 28.9.42/1602 LaGG-3 S of Werchnij-Kurp (PQ 44552) @ 1500m 4 VA. Day's LaGG-3 losses include Lt. Ivan Fedorovich Sushko of 131 IAP KIA. 790 IAP (part of 219 BAD) lost Ml.Lt. Petr Andreevich Shchurov KIA

83rd claim 28.9.42/1607 LaGG-3 S of Nishnij Kurp (PQ 44539) @ 1000m Likely Lt. Nikolai Andreevich Chebotarev of 979 IAP. Definitely MIA in a LaGG-3 this date, this area

96th and 97th claims 19.10.42/1301 and 1303 I-16 "Ratas" Elchotowo sector 88 IAP. Slight overclaiming, only one loss: Serzhant Viktor Illich Shakhov KIA

98th – 100th claims 22.10.42/1432-1436 2 x LaGG-3s and La-5 Werchnij-Kurp - Nishnij-Kurp - W of Werchne Atschakuli 131 IAP. Their losses this date include Serzhant Nikolai Afanasyevich Khudyakov KIA

117th and 118th claims 21.4.43/0604 and 0701 La-5s ("LaGGs") Kabardinka – Gelendzhik 229 IAD. Losses include 13 IAP's Starshina Nikolay Grinko baled out but KIA (parachute was burnt and failed) and 437 IAP's pilot Ivan Norin baled out safely (3 other claims by different pilots)

119th claim 23.4.43/0732 LaGG Into the sea, 10km W of Gelendzhik (PQ 75492) @ 2000m Massive overclaiming this day, 30 claims for 10 Fighters lost by 4 VA. Includes all damaged machines and two P-39s lost in a collision. 40 IAP La-5s were in action and suffered no losses.

120th claim 28.4.43/1215 Lend-lease Spitfire V NW of Krimskaya (PQ 75231) @ 500m 57 GIAP. Gv.St.Lt. Viktor Radkevich (5 personal and 4 shared kills) KIA

121st claim 28.4.43/1225 LaGG E of Krimskaya (PQ 85113) @ 3500m 291 IAP. This one said to be St.Lt. Shirobokov, baled out safely

122nd claim 29.4.43/0759 Lend-lease Spitfire V 10km N of Novo Cherkassk (PQ 85151) @ 400m 57 GIAP. Gv Lt. Semenov

126th claim 3.5.43/0758 P-39 Airacobra Abinskaya area (PQ 85144) @ 4000m 298 IAP, 229 IAD, 4 VA lost Kapt. Vasiliy Mikhaylovich Drygin baled out to Bf109s escorting Stukas this date (several other claiming pilots…)

133rd claim 5.5.43/1009 Yak-7 (claimed as a "LaGG") SE of Krimskaya (PQ 85141) @ 1500m 15 IAP, 278 IAD. Ml. Lt. Pavel Vlasovich Podmogil'ny

134th claim 5.5.43/1209 P-39D-2 Airacobra E of Krimskaya (PQ 85113) @ 2000m 41-38428 of 16 GIAP, St.Lt. or Kapt. Vadim Ivanovich "Boroda" Fadeyev KIA - bellylanded safely but found DOW

143rd claim 21.5.43/0734 La-5 (claimed as a "LaGG") Into sea 5km S of Kabardinka/Gelendzhik (PQ 75464) @ 800m 25 IAP. St.Lt. Vladimir Leontievich Khaldeev KIA

150th claim 8.7.43/1835 Yak-1? (claimed as a “LaGG”) 20km N of Prokhorovka (PQ 61132) @ 800m. Soviet report mentions the loss of three Yak-1s to fighters around this time (very likely legitimate victory therefore, Hartmann claimed the other two)

152nd and 153rd claims 9.7.43/1533 and 1543 N of Prokhorovka 27 IAP. Four losses: Mayor Aleksandr Volkov (Eskadrilya commander), Mladhsiy Leytenant Ivan Shpak, Mladshiy Leytenant Nikolay Shapkin and Leytenant Khopan Zabrodskiy all KIA (Melzer claimed the other two)

159 and 160thth claims 17.7.43/1908 and 1916 2 x Yak-7Bs (claimed as "LaGGs") Bolkhov-Orel sector Normandie Niemen Eskadrilya. Losses include unit CO, Maj. Jean Tulasne and Lt. Firmin Vermiel (name also given as Vermeil) both KIA plus Lt. Didier Beguin returned (other claim by Rudolf Trepte who claimed an IL-2 though none of those being escorted were actually lost so he must have misidentified…)

230th and 231st claims 22.10.43/1408-1420 P-39 Airacobras Mironovka sector One of these was M.Lt. Pavel Kleymenov of 16 GIAP

233rd claim 24.10.43/1520 P-39 Airacobra Kalinowka area (PQ 58562) @ 5000m M.Lt. Aleksandr Samsonov of 16 GIAP

249th claim 28.11.43/0827 Yak-1 (claimed as a "LaGG") S of Zaparozhe (Lagoroshje?) @ 2000m 15 IAP, no further details known to me at present

253rd claim 26.2.44/1437 P-39 Airacobra Aleksandrovka area (PQ 29522) @ 2500m 438 IAP. Rall and Bachnick are believed to have claimed against Mladshiy Leytenant Vodolazhskiy, who baled out safely.

274th claim 29.4.44/1115 P-38J-10-LO Lightning N of Hannover (PQ 05 Ost S/FU) @ 8000m Known to be against 364th FG. Their 384th FS had 3 losses: 42-67417/5Y-D of Lt. Shorndin D McCloud (fate unknown), 42-67438/5Y-I of Lt. Kenneth M Shaffer POW and 42-67447/5Y- of Lt. Eugene L Smith POW

275th claim 12.5.44/1220 P-47D Thunderbolt Frankfurt-Main area Said to be from the 56th FG but their loss locations match much better with JG 5's claims. Overclaiming?
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

I don't have much on Otto Kittel, but here goes.....

24.6.41/24.6.41/0519 and 0542
2 x SB-2s
31 SBAP. 6 losses and 2 forcelanded. The crew of Nikolay Ermolayert Samokhin were among those that forcelanded after damage from fighters

41 SAD (includes 10 SBAP, 201 SBAP and 202 SBAP)

202 OAES? They lost Lt. Sergey Fedorovich Turasov KIA this date

I-153 (Fricke and Broennle also claimed)
153 IAP. Legitimate victories: there were indeed 3 losses

MiG ("I-18")
5 IAP lost Kapt. N M Nikitin baled out and returned the next day

Was this the crew from 1 APDR, Viktor Grigorievich Sekach and crew all KIA?

14.5.42/1517 and 1518
2 x SB-2s
Were these from 44 BAP? Three losses to fighters this date, crews of: Lt. Nikolay Timofeyevich Donskykh forcelanded in friendly territory, Kapitan Gegham Yenokhovich Petrosyan and Lt. Mikhail Fyodorovich Merkushev failed to return

IL-2 Sturmovik
Was this 565 ShAP, Starshina Georgii Aleksandrovich Khevsuriani?

7.9.42/1146 and 1150
2 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
2 AE, 15 GShAP. Losses were AE CO Fedor Andreevich Smyshlyaev, St.Lt. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kovalchuk, St.Lt. Nikolay Nikolayevich Kurov, Serzhant Ivan Pavlovych Volzhentsev POW (died in captivity 30.7.44) St. Serzhant Gennady Yakovlevich Shalnov, St.Serzhant Mikhail Fyodorovich Dunaev and Serzhant Nikolay Yakovlevich Krivushkin

IL-2 Sturmovik (von Matuschka and Fischer also claimed)
Legitimate victory: 3 IL-2s lost this day. Two shot down outright and the third forcelanded on fire just inside Soviet lines

12.1.43/1034, 1056 and 1425
IL-2 Sturmoviks
57 ShAP, 8 BAD-KBF listed Lt. Aleksandr Semenovich Potapov HSU KIA this date

I-153 “Tchaika”
71 IAP-KBF. Leytenant Ivan Josefich Makeyev KIA

IL-2 Sturmovik
57 ShAP. 4 losses (there were 5 claims)

IL-2 Sturmovik
448 ShAP. At least one loss: Nikolay Gavrilovich Perelaj returned but gunner G V Yegerev KIA
(there were about a half-dozen claims)

22.6.43/0219 and 0221
2 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
One source suggests these were from 9 ShAD? Were they actually from 943 ShAP, 277 ShAD? They lost Kapitan Sergey Pavlovich Simanov and Ilya Mironovich Kishinevskii both MIA-KIA plus Georgy Gavrilovich Martynov and Vasiliy Andreevich Chirov both POW, survived the war. One source says 939 ShAP, 4 losses
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Hafner was mentioned, so here goes

8th and 9th claims
2 x Su-2s ("R-3s")
135 BAP. Kapitan Lebedeva (female pilot) KIA and Starshiy Leytenant Yekaterina Zelyenko (female pilot) KIA (posthumous HSU in 1990)

13th claim
96 DBAP seems to have suffered at least one lost this date, navigator Emir Usinovic Abibulaev WIA and hospitalised, gunner Sergei Grigoryevich Bogatov KIA

15th claim
Possibly 735 NBAP's Lt. Herman Aleksandrovich Korotkov and St. Serzh. Georgy Mikhailovich Serenkov

17th claim
148 IAP, 4 RAG, VVS Southwestern front lost 2 MiGs this date. One pilot KIA and the other baled out safely (versus 5 applicable claims)

25th claim
Day's likely Pe-2 losses to JG 51 include 128 BAP, crew of Leonid Pavlovich Selivanov failed to return, Vyazma-Yartsevo sector (versus 3 claims in total)

26th and 27th claims
22.3.42/1730 and 1733
2 x “I-61s”
Possibly Hurricanes of 195 IAP, they lost St.Lt. Grigorii Pavlovich Shcherban KIA

28th claim
Day's Biplane losses include 695 NBAP's Lt. Pavel Petrovich Soloviev KIA near Smolensk in a U-2
(2 x claims by 7/JG 3 may also apply to this loss)

33rd claim
There were two other claims. One of these was likely from 128 BAP. At least one loss to fighters, crew of Aleksandr Borisovich Rogozin. Another from 40 APDR, crew of Lt. Stepan Mikhailovich Moshkin

36th, 37th and 38th claims
5.7.42/0932, 0945 and 1120
IL-2 Sturmoviks
224 ShAD, 1 VA. One of the day's losses was Archil Vasilyevich Ameridze another was Viktor Nikolaevich Samusodov. 683 ShAP lost Fedor Fedorovich Screbkov KIA. 208 ShAP lost Serzhant Vladimir Pavlovich Starovojtov KIA. Definitely lost to fighters was Serzhant Dmitri Vasilyevich Chebanov of 214 ShAD

47th and 48th claims
11.7.42/0505 and 0508
2 x MiG-1s
236 IAP lost Serzhant Nikolay Ivanovich Aleksandrov KIA in air combat this date. 513 IAP lost Nikolai Tikhonovich Bondaryev, Lt. Nikolai Nikolaevich Tunikin and Lt. Vasily Vasilyevich Syomin all KIA as well. 18 GIAP lost Lt. Mikhail Aleksandrovich Chetyrkin near Verkhni Syaglo, Smolensk sector

49th claim
15km NW of Bolchow @ 1800m
Was this from 778 BAP? Navigator Konstantin Pavlovich Borovitsky was KIA in aircombat this date near Yelets

Claims 57-60
2 x Yak-1
1 x MiG-3
1 x IL-2 Sturmovik
Day's Yak losses include Lt. Georgy Vasilyevich Yuzhakov and Ml.Lt. Nikolay Matveevich Stefashin both of 20 IAP, both KIA
122 IAP (MiGs) lost Ml.Lt. Vasily Ivanovich Afonin KIA
Day's IL-2 losses include Serzhant Leonid Anisimovich Shekolov of 62 ShAP KIA and 724 ShAP lost Nikolay Nikolaevich Yurkin KIA

61st claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
25km S of Kozelsk (PQ 54281) @ low altitude
Likely 312 ShAP, one lost to fighters this date: Ml.Lt. Aleksandr Illich Sokolov KIA

63rd claim
20km E of Bone @ 100m
81 sqn.Two losses: Sgt. Lowrey crashlanded WIA (returned to unit with help from Arabs) and F/O J R Diack KIA

64th claim
Blenheim V ("Beaufort"/"Beaufighter")
15km NW of Bizerta @ low altitude
18 sqn. Losses include BA815/O of F/O G H Berry, Sgt. V G Rowen and Sgt. R E W Page all KIA; BA794/C of F/O C W Kaye, F/O E G Clegg and Sgt. J Walder all KIA and BA828/H Of F/S W L Williams, W/O J McCombie and F/S J Brown all POW. Additionally, BA780/B of S/L W J H Tucker, P/O W Docherty and F/S J Bartley plus BA819/M of P/O G W Sims, Sgt. S Litchfield and Sgt. C Cosens both bellylanded at allied airfields.

65th and 66th claims
27.11.42/0917 and 1648
2 x Spitfire Vs
152 and 72 sqns. 152 sqn lost Sgt. Kenneth Victor Lindquist RCAF KIA plus Sgt. W P Paris damaged, 72 sqn lost P/O J Lowe. 93 sqn possibly also involved. One source says Lowe lost later in the day (making him a good candidate for claim 66)

67th claim
B-17F-1-BO Flying Fortress ("Stirling")
35km W of Bizerta @ 4000m
41-24374 of 32nd BS, 97th BG or 353rd BS, 301st BG. 1/Lt. Robert E Maher and crew all KIA to enemy fighters

68th claim
P-38 Lightning
15km SW of Tunis @ 600m
41-7644 of 48th FS, 14th FG. Lt. Arthur V Cole failed to return

69th and 70th claim
1.12.42/1041 and 1046
2 x Spitfires
Mateur sector
93 sqn. Overclaiming, only two losses: F/O W R Guilfoyle MIA and F/O B E McPherson returned later in the day (there were 5 claims all up)

71st claim
5km S of Tebourba @ 1800m
Were these from 152 sqn? F/O Harold Lindsay Cathcart Woolley KIA and P/O G E Glenwright safe (listed as having taken off at 1230 so massive time discrepancy)

72nd claim
P-38 Lightning
15km SW of Tunis @ 800m
This one a known overclaim. 94th FS, 1st FG airborne at this time but did not even record any combat

73rd claim
P-38 Lightning
10km S of Tebourba @ 6500m
1st FG. No known losses in combat this date (overclaiming?)

74th claim
5km W of Tebourba @ 2200m
93, 72 sqn and 152 sqns. 93 sqn serials were ER330 and ER594, both shot down shortly after take off from Medjez-el-Bab, pilots were Sgt. Thomas Leon Mincher KIA and P/O A Y M Haley POW. 72 sqn lost Sgts. F M Browne MIA and A Mottram KIA, plus P/O John William MacDonald (RAAF) KIA and 152 sqn lost P/O Glenwin (returned)

75th claim
3km NW of Tebourba @ 1200m
185 sqn? Two losses: BR295 of Sgt. D G Guy MIA and serial unknown of Sgt. J D Billing baled out and rescued (listed as having taken off at 1600, so large time discrepancy)

76th claim
P-38 Lightning
8km NE of Medjez el Bab @ 2200m
1st FG. (Petr Kacha's site says this was Norman Widen, see next day's entry)

77th claim
P-38 Lightning
8km NW of Tunis @ 9000m
94th FS, 1st FG. Either Lt. George W Sutcliffe returned safely, Lt. Victor Galbraith Giles KIA or Lt. Clark O Jennings also returned safely

78th claim
P-38 Lightning
Tunis-el Aouina airfield @ 9000m
94th FS, 1st FG. Lt. Norman L "Cy" Widen, POW

79th claim
P-38 Lightning
94th FS, 1st FG. 2/Lt. Richard Bruce Jones KIA

80th claim
P-38 Lightning
03 Ost 95631, Tunisia @ low altitude
49th FS, 14th FG. Overclaiming, only one loss: 5781/"Tangerine" of Lt. Levie F Mullinax Jr POW (returned after Italian surrender)
…Versus 5 claims

81st claim
P-38 Lightning
10km SW of Pont du Fahs @ 200m
27th FS, 1st FG. Overclaiming, only two losses: Capt. Joseph H Glenn (CO, returned WIA) and Lt. Henry K Smith. There were several claims but these two are generally attributed to Hafner and Schultz

107th and 110th claims
28.10.43/1250 and 1455
Boston III
Loyev sector
57 BAP, 221 BAD, 16 VA. At least two losses: Crews of Mladshiy Leytenants Morozov and Utkin all KIA (there were 4 claims)

131st and 132nd claims
22.2.44/1504 and 1506
2 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
79 GShAP, 2 GShAD. 3 definite losses. Crews were: Alexei Ilyich Kolomeets & Kondrashov, Ivan Iosifovich Snegirev & Kuteikin plus Mikhail Ivanovich Arkhipov & Ryabov. Believe pilot Karputin returned the next day (versus 4 claims)

140th to 144th claims
3 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
2 x Yak-9s
Partischi-Bobruisk-Rogatschew sector
16 VA. Very likely overclaiming, very little substantiation of German claims in Soviet loss records

148th-150th claims
3 x Yak-9s
Bobruisk sector
16 VA. As a whole, it only lost 19 aircraft this day, the majority attributed to ground-fire

180th claim
La-7 ("LaGG-5")
40km WSW of Mitau (PQ 37374) @ 1500m
63 GIAP, 3 GIAP, 1 GIAK, 3 VA. Mladshiye Leytenanty Ponomarenko and Melekhov both KIA (first La-7s lost in combat) (the other was shot down by Bernhard Vechtel)

181st claim
La-7 ("LaGG-5")
40km WSW of Mitau (PQ 37378)
63 GIAP, 3 GIAD, 1 GIAK, 3 VA. Leytenant Mironov (details of fate pending)

186th claim
45km NE of Telsche (PQ 27654) @ 3000m
1 GBAK, 3 VA. 5 losses: crews of St.Lt. Pochtar, Ml.Lt. Alenin, Ml.Lt. Kondrashev and Ml.Lt. Kumanev all shot down. Kapt. Mamontovsky crashlanded safely (versus 5 claims, so definitely legitimate victories)

187th claim
A-20 Boston III
40km SW of Tukkum (PQ 27422) @ 1000m
1 GMTAP VVS-KBF. Losses include St.Lt. Mark Ivanovich Zhilenkov KIA, Lt. Aleksandr Fedorovich Baranov, Lt. Thepermiaks (?), Gv.Ml.Lt. Mikhail Petrovich Permyakov and Ml.Lt. Sergei Petrovich Pudov all KIA (versus at least 5 claims)

203rd claim
25km SE of Blumenfeld (PQ 25455) @ 3000m
Was this M.Lt. Vasilli Koval's (shot down) or Lt Nikolai Petrovich Vorobyev's (forcelanded) machine? One of them from 135 GBAP. Gw.Ml.Lt. Grigory V. Ugurân definitely from 135 GBAP definitely lost this date (Rudolf Trenkel may have been responsible for one of the losses too)
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Hermann Graf

7th claim
near Balakliya

8th claim
50km W of Kharkov
This one is said to have been one of 8 BAP's losses, gunner was Starshina Vasiliy Kurayev, only one other survivor

13th and 14th claims
14.10.41/1610 and 1613
2 x “I-26s”
10-15km N of Walki
Day's fighter losses include 164 IAP, Ml.Lt. Aleksandr Nikolaevich Feoktistov KIA. 186 IAP lost Georgy Afanasyevich Chernyshev KIA (many claims throughout the day)

15th and 16th claims
24.10.41/1250 and 1252
2 x “I-61s”
Very likely 5/32 IAP/VVS-ChF. Fifteen losses in the last week of October

17th claim
Probably St.Lt. Mikhail Avdeyev of 5/32 IAP/VVS ChF, returned to base, damaged

18th claim
10km S of Juschno (Yushno)
Very likely 5/32 IAP/VVS-ChF. Fifteen losses in the last week of October
(remaining claims for October 41 follow the same pattern….)

27th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
S of Rostov
4 ShAP, details pending

28th claim
I-16 "Rata"
10km NNE of Rostov
Day's fighter losses near Rostov include 271 IAP, Lt. Mikhail Ivanovich Trushin KIA
(similar to 40th victory at 1307)

29th claim
ENE of Rostov
Could this have been the crew from 51 DBAP lost to fighters this date near Zagorsk? Crew of St.Lt. Sergey Bykov and crew all KIA. 81 DBAP lost crew of Ml.Lt. Sydor Semenovich Molochkov

32nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
E of Lysogorskaya
4 ShAP details pending

38th and 39th claims
27.12.41/1201 and 1205
2 x I-16 “Ratas”
Taganrog – Azov
88 IAP, overclaiming - no losses

43rd and 44th claims
7.1.42/1450 and 1455
2 x I-16 “Ratas”
VVS Southwestern Front. Day's fighter losses include Sergei Vasilyevich Demenkov WIA. 438 IAP lost Ml.Lt. Nikita Andriyanovich Taranov KIA

47th claim
135 BBAP or 13 GBAP. Details pending

50th claim
E of Kotowka
135 BBAP or 13 GBAP. Details pending

51st claim
Yak-1 ("I-180")
E of Staraya Saltow
Possibly the enagagement in which 296 IAP lost Lt. Mikhail Stepanovich Sedov KIA

52nd claim
Yak-1 (I-26)
15km E of Volzhansk
Possibly St.Lt. Ivan Fedorov of 487 IAP KIA

58th claim
15km W of Burluk
Was this Lt. Petr Fedorovich Yakimov of 273 IAP? WIA and DOW in hospital on 1.4.42

61st, 62nd and 63rd claims
3 x Yak-1s
flight between Grammatikovo and Zuerichtal, Kerch Peninsula
247 IAP, details pending

65th claim
I-16 "Rata"
36 IAP. Mayor Kartuzov WIA (shrapnel in leg)

79th – 85th claims
Day's losses in aerial combat include St.Serzhanti Vladimir Nikolaevich Belkov and Vladimir Grigorievich Svetovostokov of 269 IAP both KIA and Sergey Petrovich Bubyrev of 12 IAP KIA
36 IAP lost I-16 of Leytenant Martynov bellylanded and Kapitan Petr Grigorievich Safronenko and Lt. Kravchennko both baled out, 133 IAP lost Ml.Lt. Vasily Semyonovich Badanin KIA

88th and 89th claims
11.5.42/1745 and 1746
2 x I-16 "Rata" or MiG-1
Kerch Peninsula
VVS Crimean Front. 45 IAP lost St.Lt. Vasily Pavlovich Chernii (AE CO) KIA this date. One of these claims may pertain to him

91st – 96th claims
I-16 “Ratas”
Rogani sector
Graf's victims may include Lt. Arseniy Stepanov of 929 IAP, KIA this area

99th and 100th claims
Kharkov/Rogani area
13 GBAP. One known loss (slight overclaiming), details pending

105th claim
Kharkov/Rogani area
282 IAP lost St.Serzhant Leonid Sergeyevich Frolov KIA this date

106th claim
Kharkov area
99 BAP/4 RAG?
Note that 8 GBAP lost crew of Lt. Ivan Arkadievich Shilov this date

112th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Caucasus (PQ 00667) @ 400m
7 GShAP, 4 VA

116th and 117th claims
14.8.42/1014 and 1020
2 x I-16 "Ratas"
Kuban area

118th – 120th claims
Yak-1, Hurricane and LaGG-3
5 VA's fighter losses this date include Lt. Alexey Savin of 482 IAP KIA in a LaGG-3. 45 IAP lost Ivan Lukich Svinarenko and Serzhant Nikolai Georgiyevich Zjuzins baled out POW (later freed)

123rd – 125th claims
3 x I-153 "Tchaikas"
Kuban sector
238 ShAD, 5 VA. Details pending

126th claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
Krasnogorsk/Kuban area (PQ 85253) @ 600m
238 ShAD, 5 VA. Details pending

127th claim
Krasnogorsk/Kuban area (PQ 85494) @ low altitude
763 LBAP. Details pending

129th claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49154) @ 600m
Believe this was the engagement in which Lt. Aleksandr Stepanovich Bochkov of 287 IAP was KIA (several claims around this time)

131st claim
Yak? ("I-180")
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49194) @ 2200m
8 VA. Day's Yak losses include Starshina Grigory Yakovlevich Bondarev of 12 IAP KIA

134th claim
Yak-1 ("I-180")
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49421) @ 1200m
(There were at least 3 claims made during the engagement)
512 IAP. Slight overclaiming, only two aircraft lost with their pilots. Includes Politruk Grigoriy Kuznetsov KIA

136th and 137th claims
25.8.42/1151 and 1727 (is one of these timings in error?)
2 x LaGG-3s
5km E of Stalingrad
572 IAP, 864 IAP or 9 GIAP. 9 GIAP definitely lost Lt. Mikhail Mikhailovich Sarkin KIA this date

138th claim
Stalingrad area (PQ 59173) @ 1800m
8 VA. Day's fighter losses include St.Serzhant Ivan Ivanovich Snetkov of 867 IAP KIA

2.9.42/0912 and 1711
P-40 Kittyhawks
Stalingrad sector
731 IAP. Two P-40s lost this date, pilot details pending. There were 6 claims in total for P-40s over the Stalingrad

142nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49441) @ low altitude
8 VA. 2 IL-2s lost this date. One was from 211 ShAP, Serzhant Arkady Vasilyevich Sokolov KIA over the target (may have been attributed to Flak)

143rd claim
Pe-8 or DB-7
Stalingrad sector (PQ 59143) @ 7000m
Could this at all have been an aircraft of 840 APDD? Navigator Alexei Mikhailovich Fomin KIA this date

146th – 149th claims
Several fighters
4 Yak-1s and 3 Yak-7Bs lost this date. Anatoly Nikolayevich Alexandrov of 867 IAP was certainly KIA

150th claim
Stalingrad (PQ 49241) @ 2000m
8 VA, 16 VA (220 and 283 IADs) or 102 IAD/PVO. 8 VA lost one Yak-1 and one LaGG-3 this date whilst 16 VA lost 17 Yak-1s.
Known to me are: 273 IAP lost Serzhants Mikhail Semyonovich Budnikov, Nikolai Lavrentevich Bessonov and Aleksandr Stepanovich Chetvertukhin all KIA. 43 IAP lost Nikita Timofeevich Syusyukalov also KIA. 581 IAP lost St. Serzhant Alexander Ilyich Fedorinin KIA

151st claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
Stalingrad sector (PQ 40881) @ low altitude
629 IAP. Details pending

152nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49163) @ 400m
8 VA (6 IL-2s lost this date, includes Aleksandr Mikhailovich Smetanin of 694 ShAP and Serzhant Aleksandr Maximovich Shashin of 503 ShAP both KIA) or 16 VA (10 IL-2s lost this date)

8.9.42/1128 and 1135
2 x La-5s
Stalingrad sector
27 IAP, 287 IAD. Legitimate victories: two losses: Starshiy Leytenant Yevgeniy Bykob and Starshiy Serzhant Anatoliy Yegoshin both MIA

159th and 160th claims
9.9.42/1321, and 1324
3 x La-5s
Stalingrad sector
3 GIAP, 15 IAP or 27 IAP, 287 IAD, 8 VA. Very likely a misidentification or overclaiming, no La-5s lost this date

163rd claim
Know to have come from 270 BAD. Their 284 BAP lost two Pe-2s this day. Crew details pending

164th claim
P-40 Kittyhawk
731 IAP, actually made it home (I need to chase this one up…)

167th and 168th claims
14.9.42/0800 and 0804
2 x I-16 "Rata"
Stalingrad sector
629 IAP, includes Starshiy Politruk Teplitskiy MIA

169th claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49411) @ 1000m
8 VA or 16 VA (220 and 283 IAD) or 102 IAD/PVO. Losses include Ml.Lt. Ivan Stepanenko of 4 IAP, baled out

170th claim
I-16 "Rata"
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49423) @ 400m
629 IAP, St.Lt. Lysenko bellylanded safely

174th claim
P-40 Kittyhawk
Stalingrad sector (PQ 40882) @ 3500m
731 IAP, Starshina Vasiliy Prokhorov KIA

178th and 179th claims
18.9.42/1157 and 1159
2 x LaGG-3s
Stalingrad sector
If correctly identified: 572 IAP, 864 IAP or 9 GIAP. However, much more likely misidentified Yaks. 8 VA (no known Yak losses this date) or 16 VA (18 Yak-1s and 2 Yak-7Bs lost this date)

180th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49134)
228 ShAD or 291 ShAD. Losses include a whole formation of 6 IL-2s from 245 ShAP. Losses in total: 8 VA (2 IL-2s lost this date) and 16 VA (12 IL-2s lost this date including that of Mayor Konstantin Vasilyevich Yarovoi and St.Serzhant Vasily Ivanovich Tuzukov, 688 ShAP). 954 ShAP (16 VA) lost Ml.Lt. Tikhon Ivanovich Khudyakov KIA. Note: 688 ShAP losses are generally attributed to I/JG 53 and III/JG 3

181st claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 40784) @ 4200m
If correctly identified: 572 IAP, 864 IAP or 9 GIAP. However, more likely a misidentified Yak. 8 VA (2 Yak-1s and 1 Yak-7B lost) or 16 VA (6 Yak-1s and 5 Yak-7Bs lost) or 102 IAD/PVO.

3 x Yak-1s
8 VA (2 Yak-7Bs lost) or 16 VA 3 Yak-1s and 1 Yak-7B lost) or 102 IAD/PVO, day's Yak-1 losses include Leytenant Sultan Akmet-Khan of 4 IAP, baled out. Same unit lost Leytenant Vladimir Prokofyevich Anashkin KIA

184th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49412) @ low altitude
8 VA (2 IL-2s lost) or 16 VA (no known losses). One of the two losses from 8 VA was Serzhant Vasily Nikolaevich Travin of 944 ShAP KIA

186th claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49272) @ 1200m
629 IAP, Ml.Lt. Peshekhonov KIA

189th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49131 or 49201) @ 100m
8 VA (only 1 IL-2 lost this date) or 16 VA (no known IL-2 losses this date). Overclaiming? 503 ShAP lost Serzhant Vasili Mikhailovich Fedin KIA

198th and 199th claims
25.9.42/1441 and 1446
2 x La-5s
Stalingrad sector
287 IAD. 8 VA Only one known loss of a La-5 this date. Overclaiming?

200th claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
Pitomnik airfield (PQ 49294) @ 800m
(Hermann Wolf claimed as well)
3 AE, 629 IAP (102 IAD-PVO). Pilots Pavlov, Sergeev and Ovchinnikov in I-153s plus Mal’chenko and V. Smirov in I-16s. Overclaiming, no losses

201st and 202nd claims
26.9.42/1642 and 1658
LaGG-3 and Yak-1
Stalingrad sector
Do these pertain to the only Yak-7B lost by 16 VA this date? (No known losses by 8 VA)

205th and 206th claims
6.9.43/1050 and 1108
2 x B-17 Flying Fortresses
Stuttgart – Southern edge of the Black Forest
92nd BG, 7 losses including B-17F-80-BO 42-30000 of 327th BS (definitely over Germany) and B-17F-80-BO 42-30010 of 407th BS (will eventually update my database, then re-post)

209th claim
B-24H Liberator HSS
W of Berlin
42-54457 of 453rd BG. 1/Lt. Elmer Crockett and crew made it back to the channel then ditched. 5 survivors, 1 man KIA, 4 men MIA (already damaged by Flak)

211th and 212th claims
2 x P-51B-5 Mustang
N of Hannover – Schwarmstedt area
4th FG, most likely attributable loss is 43-6759/WD-P of 335th FS, Lt. William E Newell baled out and POW
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

If anyone can help correct, update or share extra info, I hope everyone agrees that it would be good to hear from them. My lists contain many gaps and there is even some info that I have been asked not to share at this point, but I hope you all find this interesting to check out. All help and assistance very welcome
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Re: In hindsight, who was the top day scorer?

Hello Nick
thanks a lot for the info!
Especially that on Hafner. On him I had only limited info and a recollection having read somewhere very long ago that he was a reliable claimer. And that he was a likeable and modest man.

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