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Old 29th December 2004, 05:15
Rob Romero Rob Romero is offline
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Questions and Comments for Ruy

1) How Do You Post Pics on the New Site?
2) Could You Increase the Font Size on your site –posts are hard to read?
3) Could You increase contrast between background and font to help make it more legible? (ie. change Colors? -bold font?).

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Old 29th December 2004, 09:16
veltro veltro is offline
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Hope that Ruy don't mind if I reply to part of your post:

Posting photographs is much easier in this forum than in the previous one. Provided you have a place on the net where to "park" the image (your own web space, or one of the several sites available for this scope), all you need to do is to insert the relative URL (i.e. the pointer to the location, like

- which is the address of the Fw 190 image on top of page), evidence all of it with the mouse and then click on the "Img" button on the top row above the message window. The correct commands are automatically added to the address.

You can always check that the operation behaves correctly by using the "preview" button below the window, which allows to see the posting before actually sending it.

About characters' size, it would be much easier if you use a keyboard command available on most browsers: each press of the keys CRTL (and) +, enlarges automatically the size of the screen fonts. CRTL (and) - do the opposite. Try.

Hope to have been of some help.
All the best,

Ferdinando D'Amico
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Old 29th December 2004, 11:34
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Thank you Veltro, couldn't have explained it any better myself.

I'm thinking of providing some space for uploading files, but since this can be easily abused it must be made very secure before I'd commit.

Also its a matter of space. Only after the board settles in a routine will I be able to judge the space it generally requires, the same goes for bandwidth.

One of the options would be temporary special registration/invitation. This might sound like overkill, but I am not paying this service so someone can upload his holliday snaps

The last few days I have been mainly occupied with collecting info to better understand the workings of this phpBB tool, or finding places where this info can be obtained.

There are so many options, from general portal applications, that run the whole site, to specialist photo albums. Right now I was looking at possibly combining such a portal with phpBB (which I believe is possible with PostNuke).
Ruy Horta
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