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Old 25th March 2005, 14:53
Franek Grabowski Franek Grabowski is offline
Alter Hase
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Location: Warsaw, Poland
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Franek Grabowski
To Ruy Horta

It was not my intention to learn you how to manage boards, just only I foresaw that you will close the threads. I did not expect it will happen so soon, however.
Once again quite interesting threads stopped after provocative and off topic posts of Christer Bergstroem. Do we have to play cat and mice in hope he will not notice the threads we are gently discussing various topics?
I also expect a honest answer on my questions - how should I react in case of definetely provocative and untrue postings of Mr Bergstroem. Otherewise, having no clear criteria nor rules, I cannot see any room for improvement on this board.
Old 25th March 2005, 17:34
Christer Bergström Christer Bergström is offline
Senior Member
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Christer Bergström is on a distinguished road
Re: To Ruy Horta

I have noticed how Mr. Franek Grabowski crops up with sinister provocations directed against me in almost all threads where I participate. Now this is my personal view. I may be wrong; maybe I have just misunderstood a serious researcher. Anyway, all exchanges of views between me and Mr. Grabowski tend to end in personal attacks - on the initiative of Mr. Grabowski, in my view. Mr. Grabowski seems to have something personal against me.

Anyway, and nevertheless and even if I am wrong, in order to avoid any repetition of what I would diplomatically like to call "misunderstandings" in the future, I have decided to refrain from discussing with Mr. Grabowski.

I regard Mr. Grabowski as what is called with an Internet term a troll (who nevertheless sometimes, depending on who he talks to, also can be serious), and the golden rule regarding trolls on the Internet is to ignore them. Hence my refusal to answer his last posts. But since I was accused even for my attempt to avoid getting drawn into a heated controversy with Mr. Grabowski, I think it is time for me to say my last word on or to Mr. Franek Grabowski. I think that his behaviour is a pity, since he has contributed with many valuable insights (not least regarding Polish airmen), but for the good of this board, I have decided that it is best if he and I don't talk here. I'm sure everyone else here agrees. I also am sick and tired of getting lumped together with Franek in sweeping comments (lacking any concrete reference) by Ruy.

I find it sad that one has to waste his time with posts such as this. It is, after all, the result of lacking moderator activity. I would like to see harsh moderation where all abusive posts or abusive parts of posts are deleted, and warnings issued to the abusors - of course with concrete reference to exactly what was abusive. Then the discussions can flourish, and no one has to avoid topics which some people due to their various bias regard as controversial - as long as the topic is related to WW II aviation.
All the best,

Christer Bergström
Old 25th March 2005, 17:55
Kari Lumppio Kari Lumppio is offline
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Kari Lumppio is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: To Ruy Horta

I do have three kids: oldest is six years, next one four (soon five) and youngest is three years old.

One of them likes to irritate others in delicate, but easily recongnizable ways. After getting punch on nose or something like that he likes to play victim. Sometimes they reverse the roles. Every one of them would like me to fight on their side.

Let me say: it is TIRING.

Heading for few holydays. Short vacation might do good for many of us.

Old 25th March 2005, 18:05
Christer Bergström Christer Bergström is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 411
Christer Bergström is on a distinguished road
Re: To Ruy Horta

it is TIRING
Yes indeed! That's why I'm pulling out. Please don't play the game of lumping everyone together with sweeping remarks. The Internet is famous as an arena where some people go berserk. There are lots of trolls there, and there actually are those who are victims of trolling. Anyone who accuses anyone of behaving like a troll, should back that up with concrete examples. One thing which distinguishes a non-troll from a troll is that the non-troll seeks to avoid heated gibberish, seeks to pull out, seeks to avoid the troll; while the troll is intensively eager to continue the gibberish, nagging and nagging "why don't you answer? why don't you answer?", always seeking to provoke a reaction.

Then there are the wise guys who enjoy patting themselves on the chest, lumping both abusors and their victims together, and proclaiming how good they themselves are - while they merely are only lucky to have been saved from the troll's attention.

I am so sick and tired of getting lumped together with trolls.

Now where does this discussion lead us? Couldn't it stop here and now? One final comment from Franek Grabowski (which he of course is entitled to) would be enough, and then I hope Ruy will lock this thread. We don't need comments from other people on this sad situation, which has nothing to do with WW II aviation. Okay?
All the best,

Christer Bergström
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