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Old 10th March 2018, 01:08
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Re: USS Lexington found

Thanks Revi and Leo.

Your post was a few days late Bronc.
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Old 10th March 2018, 01:13
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Re: USS Lexington found

Originally Posted by Kutscha View Post
Thanks Revi and Leo.

Your post was a few days late Bronc.
LOL! Thanks. I was wondering?!?

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Old 10th March 2018, 02:36
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Re: USS Lexington found

Probably Noel Gayler's plane when it was in VF-3, before it and 18 others were transferred over to VF-2 to give that squadron a total of 21. In the VF-2 tactical organization drawn up before the battle, F-5 was assigned to Albert Vorse. Was it the same F-5? No one left who might know. Did Gayler fly F-5 at Coral Sea? Same answer. When time came to launch, one got into the plane parked where one was in the launch sequence, regardless of side number . . . no one stood there and complained "that's not my plane". You only have to look at Midway to see where but 4 of the 24 VF-3 pilots in the air at any point actually flew the plane to which they were assigned in the tactical organization of 29 May 42. One should not mistake an on paper assignment for actual employment. The folks in the Air Department pushing planes around a flight deck in the dark in preparation for a launch really did not give a hoot which plane was assigned to what pilot, even if they knew. All they cared about was something like " 9 VS go here, 18 VB go next here, 12 VF go next here and 9 VT go here " side numbers were not particularly their problem. Classic example . . . Jimmie Thach's assigned plane at Midway, from the 29 May tactical organization memo was F1 . . . which plane did he fly in the morning VT escort? Surprise, it was F23 . . . assigned to Bill Woollen, who ended flying F2 which was assigned to RAM Dibb, Thach's wingman, who actually flew Harry Gibb's F20, and so on.
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