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Old 7th April 2017, 06:10
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Ju 87 D-3 Battle of Stalingrad

Hello gentlemen. I must admit Luftwaffe history is not my forte. I know the basics of various battles and aircraft variants ect but I need pointed in the right direction for some detailed intelligence!

I am highly considering using some down time to produce a scripted campaign for the latest IL2 computer game, a WW2 combat simulator. The first step is historical research. I know that I want to make a campaign where you fly as a Ju 87 D-3 pilot in the Battle of Stalingrad.

The resolution of historical accuracy should be down to the squadron and day to day action reflecting what really happened with said unit. (within the games limitations of course, shouldn't have any big issues)

I know that StG 1 and 2 flew A LOT of missions in the Battle of Stalingrad, some days many sorties in one day. I know lack of action won't be an issue! However I want the level of immersion to include things like perhaps relocating to a newer/forward airfield if that's what they did in real life for example. I really feel some anti-shipping missions over the Volga is a must. So this factor might dictate the dates I choose for my campaign. The map for IL2 "Battle of Stalingrad" is quite large, 358 х 230 km to be exact so that shouldn't be an issue. The campaign might reflect the real world events of 5 days, or 15 days. This kind of depends on various factors such as workload, gameplay flow and amount of sorties/missions per day.

If you can help me in anyway with links or book suggestions I'd very much appreciate it. ~Information on sorties, resistance such as flak or fighters, wind and weather data, any of these sort of details can be implemented in the game!
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Old 7th April 2017, 17:26
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Re: Ju 87 D-3 Battle of Stalingrad

I have some Flugbücher to members of Kampfgeschwader and Stukageschwader that flew many missions during this time....I can check their airfield locations and when they many missions/hours they flew per day etc.

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