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Old 22nd December 2007, 18:00
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Recon For Rommel by Stefan Ommert

Recon For Rommel by Stefan Ommert

published by The Military Machine, Krefeld, Germany, 195 pages, ca $80, text and captions in German and English

This is a photographic history of 2.(H)/14 in North Africa from February 1941 until the evacuation from Tunisia. It is a most unusual book.

First, it is not a researcher’s book in the usual sense as there are no werk nummers or losses, except for some personnel names, both pilots and others’. However, there are other things that make this an extraordinary volume. First, it has over 150 color photos, very well produced. In fact, all the photos are very sharp and clear (well it was a photo unit, would we not expect anything else?). All these are from one of the unit’s officer’s collection.

There are not that many photos of aircraft. The unit started with the Hs 126, then Bf 110s from ZG 26, and got in a few 109s from JG 27, along with a Storch or two. The aircraft photos, some in color, do illustrate some most unusual camouflage schemes: what appears to be an Italian “sand” sprayed over the basic greens or grays of aircraft. The replacement Hs 126 aircraft came in sand 79.

The vast majority of the photos are of personnel, camps, airbases, locations and vehicles. There’s even a gorgeous color photo of Rommel while visiting the unit. He is wearing that “tropical” medium green uniform with all his decorations. The personnel photos show an amazing range of uniforms and details. Like any combat unit, once you go into battle/campaign, all the dress rules are ignored.

Modelers will love all the clear details of uniforms, vehicles, tents, etc., especially good for diorama builders.

In short, this is a beautifully produced picture book, with great photos: a slice of a Luftwaffe unit’s 14 month life in war. I have forgotten how enjoyable such a simple approach to a book like this can be. Is it worth the price? Probably not for the dead serious researcher, but that’s up to you, It is unique and most enjoyable just to look.
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Old 22nd December 2007, 20:47
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Re: Recon For Rommel by Stefan Ommert

No werk nummers? YIPPEEE!
"No man, no problem." Josef Stalin possibly said...:-)
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