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Old 8th March 2010, 13:39
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D-Day JG 2 and NAGr 13 losses


I have a problem with JG 2 Losses on D-Day.
Osprey JG 2 book by John Weal claimed that only two Fw 190 were lost by JG 2 on D-Day, both of them as non-combat losses.
Jg 26 volume 2 by Donald Caldwell claims 9 Fw 190 lost by JG 2 what seems to by true - 7 shot down by Allied fighters (see below) and two crashed/downed by Flak as claimed Weal

As I know 'Flugzeugunfälle und Verluste bei den (fliegende) Verbänden" claimed loss of only 5 JG 2s Fw 190:
-one from 3./JG 2 (Nancy-Creil FP), apparently plane claimed by Weal as crashed en route flight from nancy to Creil
-two from 11./JG 2 (Buc b. and Rouen S). Second of them seems to be a/c claimed by weal as a/c shot down by own Flak south of Rouen
-two from 12./JG 2

Here is my analysis of JG 2 D-Day air combats.

"2nd TAF vol 1" by Christopcher Shores,
"Fighter Pilots and Units of the 8th USAAF" by Kent.D. Miller
"JG 26 vol 2" by Donald Caldwell
"Over the Beaches" by John Foreman
Luftwaffe claim list by Tonny Woods

Around 7.00
Lt. Thomas E. Fraser from 4. FG is missing. Millers book claimed this a/c as shot down by fighters, but there is no Luftwaffe claims at this time. Fraser belly landed near Campari (western France!) and was captured. His P-51 was flying at Rechlin Luftwaffe research center as a T9+HK plane.

Around 12.00-12.30
Three Typhoons downed by "by 109" (Fw 190 in fact). F/L R. W. Wvans (MN4320), F/O A. R. Taylor (R8973) and F/O M. H. Gee (MN478) all KIA.
Four German claims for Typhoons: Hptm. Herberta Huppertza III/JG 2 CO (x2), Gefr. Manfred Fieseler 10./JG 2 and Ofw. Lüdwig Hartmann Stab I/JG 2.
At this same same time Major Kurt Bühligen JG 2 CO, and Uffz. Romauld Nistler Stab I/JG 2 claimed "P-47" but no losses of this type due air combat for 6th June.
At 12. 30 Lt. W. W. McElhare 62. FS/56. FG claimed Fw 190
F-6s (recon P-51) pilots of 15.TRS, claimed 3-0-1 Fw 190s over Dreux and Laval. Claimers: Lt. J. E. Conklin, Lt. C. B. East i Lt. F. M. Schonard.


Around 16.30
83. FS/78. FG bounced over Mayenne group of 8-12 Fw 190 and claimed two Fw 190 for Col. F. C. Gray and Lt. P. A. Caulfield (0.5 kill each) and Lt. P. A. Caulfield (full kill)

Major Erich Hohagen Stab I/JG 2 claimed a Typhoon fighter around Beaumont-le-Roger; in this same place and time Mustang I of 430 Sqn (AG465 F/O J. S. Cox KIA) was shot down by Fw 190.

Hptm. Huppertz shot down Typhoon (MN 454, F/O A. E. Roberts KIA) of 164. Sqn.
One of Fw 190s was claimed in return by S/L R. H. Beake.
Around 20.00-21.00
Hptm. Huppertz lead formation of five Fw 190 from III/JG 2 and three more from I/JG 2 At 20.35 Huppertz claimed a P-51. At this same time a pair of P-51B from 334. FS/4. FG was bounced and shot down by fighters (43-6898 piloted by Maj. Sobiański,and 43-6957 piloted by Lt. Steppe, both KIA.) No other JG 2 claim at this time. At 20.54 this same German formation bounced flight from 335.FS/4. FG and shot down three P-51B ( Capt. B. McGrattan 42-106576), F/O Walter Smith (43-7172) and Lt. Harold Ross (42-106786); all KIA. Also Lt. C. E. Garbey piloted a 334. FS P-51B 43-6575 was KIA (by fighters acording to Miller book)
JG 2 claims;
06.06.44 Hptm. Herbert Huppertz Stab III./JG 2 P-51 �� 3 km. N.W. Évreux: 500 m. 20.35 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.66
06.06.44 Fhr. Fritz Beer Stab I./JG 2 P-51 �� UB Raum Bernay: 500 m. 20.56 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.95
06.06.44 Ltn. Eickhoff Stab I./JG 2 P-51 �� Raum Bernay: 600 m. 20.54 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.94
06.06.44 Hptm. Herbert Huppertz Stab III./JG 2 P-47 �� UC 10 km. W.N.W. Evreux: 600 m. 20.59 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.67
06.06.44 Fhr. Hans-Joachim Voormann 12./JG 2 P-51 �� 10 km. N.W. Evreux: 1.200-1.500 m. 21.03 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.92
06.06.44 Uffz. Karl Biehlolawek 12./JG 2 P-51 �� 15 km. N.W. Evreux: 800-1.000 m. 21.04 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.93
06.06.44 Fw. Fritz Schüler 12./JG 2 Typhoon �� UC-7.3: 800 m. 12 km. N.W. Évreux 21.04 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.94
06.06.44 Oblt. Siekmann 9./JG 2 Typhoon �� UC-7: 1.000 m. [bei Evreux] 21.05 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.105
06.06.44 Fw. Otto Müller 12./JG 2 Typhoon �� UC-7.2: 800-1.000 m. 10 km. N.W. Evreux 21.05 Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr.95.
06.06.44 Ltn. E. Fischer I./JG 2 P-51 �� Bernay 20.56 Reference: JG 2 MSS Lists

Allied claims:
21.00: Capt. Boleslawa Gladych, 56. FG USAAF" 1 Bf 109 shot down. His combat report at
21.15: W/O W. E. Rigby, 129. Sqn RAF: 1 Fw 190 shot down

Of 18 fighters claimed by JG 2 pilots , 11 seems to be confirmed from RAF and USAAF sources.
Allied pilots claimed 9 Fw 190, 7 of them presumably against JG 2 planes, two others were claimed by 352. FG against JG 26 planes ( one shot down in fact).

Gladych Bf 109 claim is presumably 3./NAGr 13 reconnaissance plane. As I know this Staffel lost two planes on 6 th June, but no other details. Anyone can help ?
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