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Old 6th July 2008, 21:22
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Top Ten Aces of the Military Channel

Today's official and unofficial policies of political correctness and
affirmative action are not only promoted by governmental agencies
which also include the public schools and universities, they are being
promoted by web sites and television programs which are being
swallowed wholesale by today's uninformed youth and adults but which
are recognized as such by persons who are familiar with the subjects
presented which turn out to be distortions of the truth or are total

One such subject which I noted on the Military Channel (MC) deals with
the top fighter pilots of history. The MC has pretty much replaced in
my viewing the History Channel (HC) which has changed its entire
format to deal with subjects appealing to the couch potato. The
Dogfights series was cancelled so that viewers could be more
entertained by such programs as Ice Truckers. The MC is very biased
in its presentations but at least there programs of historical
military significance. The bias is very evident in such programs as
the Ten Top Tanks which never even mentions the Panther tank; no
credit is given to Field Marshal Blücher for the victory at Waterloo;
the Ten Top Snipers mentions only American, British and Russian
snipers (admittedly info on German snipers is difficult to obtain but
I have two books on this subject); the Top Ten Fighters gives no
credit to the Bf 109 which scored more kills than any fighter in

When I saw the program Showdown which compares fighter aircraft in
dogfights such as thus far the F-86 v MiG 15; P-38 v Zero; and
Wildcat v Zero, I was impressed. These documentaries took me to the
MC website where a link to the Top Ten Flying Aces was portrayed. To
my surprise, the #10 ace of all time was a Tuskegee airman who scored
the incredible total of five kills. Also to my surprise was the #9
top ace of all time who was a Soviet woman with around 11 kills. The
affirmitive action crowd obviously had to make room by deleting such
greats as Adolf Galland, Hans Joachim Marseille, Werner Mölders,
Johnnie Johnson, Robert Johnson, etc. John Thach, of the Thach weave
fame, had to be included but not the developer of the finger-four
fighter formation or Oswald Boelcke who developed fighter tactics
which are still in use today. No fighter force uses the Thach weave.
The MC never stated what the criteria were for the selection of the
top ten aces but evidently there is one standard for Africans, one
standard for females, one for Americans, and another for Germans.

Here is the MC list for the top aces of history:

#10 Lee Andrew Archer, Jr.: The only Tuskegee pilot with at least 5
#9 Lilya Litvak: female Soviet ace whose claim to fame is that she
is the first female to score a victory. Double ace.
#8 R. Stephen Ritchie: The only USAF ace in the Vietnam war.
#7 John S. Thach: developed the Thach weave to combat the Zero.
#6 Saburo Sakai: claimed 64 kills.
#5 James Jabara: With 15 kills, he was the second highest scorer of
the Korean War.
#4 Ilmari Juutilainen: 94 kills.
#3 Richard Bong: Highest scorer of the Pacific campaign with 40
#2 Erich Hartman: The Military Channel states that he was shot down
and captured by the Russians after 1400 missions (sic).
#1 Manfred von Richthofen.
Sylvester Stadler

Meine Ehre heisst Treue!

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