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Allied and Soviet Air Forces Please use this forum to discuss the Air Forces of the Western Allies and the Soviet Union.

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Old 20th November 2010, 07:24
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Need help with SAAF Hurricanes

Hello everybody, aviation experts.

It's gonna be my first post. I'm a dedicated Artist in providing aircraft paintschemes for the WWII Flightsim IL-2 Sturmovik. I'm also known under the name Segfej. My main workspace were the Me 262, Do 335, Ta 152 H ... Just visit, the site where I host my work. After making my first Hurricanes under Luftwaffe services I got stucked at the SAAF Hurries. The Hurricane was the plane I used to fly a lot when I started playing IL-2. Our Flightsim community lacks SAAF in general. A special SAAF dedicated skinpack is the next project I will publish. It'll contain SAAF paintschemes for flyable aircraft in modificated IL-2.
Hurricanes, Tomahawks, Kittyhawks, Mohawks, Mosquitos, Ju 52, Fairey Battles, Mustangs, Gladiators. As well as some Spitfires.

I started a brief discussion on forum about the topic, knowing there are South Africans on board. The friendly members pointed me to some links of SAAF related sites. Biltongbru said at this Forum must be experts on that topic. Still my gathered information was grabbed from allover (internet, books) and is questionable. I don't have access to SAAF related publications.
If someones willing to help me out, that'll be great.

As for the SAAF Hurricanes, when did SAAF adopted the desert scheme?
The first batch of delivered Hurries seemed to have RAF dayfighter brown/green/sky? I'm not sure about the East-African Hurries, early pics of '289'/A and related seemed to be non-desert.

I can send you a list with my collected Aircraft serials and related codes.
Thanks for your patience
Happy weekend
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Old 23rd November 2010, 01:39
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Re: Need help with SAAF Hurricanes

For colour schemes used on Hurricanes, used by many nations, you may wish to buy the book:

Hawker Hurricane From 1935 to 1945 by Dominique Breffort, which is book number 14 in the Planes & Pilots series. Published by Histoire & Collections Publishers, 5 ave de la Republique, F75541 Paris Cedex 11 France.

ISBN 978-2-915239-87-4

The book is in English and has pages of Hurricane artwork

See pages 29 and 48
Larry Hayward
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