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Old 19th February 2014, 00:14
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Re: 242 RCAF in BOF

Bull shit
They were Canadian because they were born in Canada and rise in Canada,living most of there life in Canada....
I do know who's national pride get he hurt here lollll
Maybe you should study the BCATP more carefully ...
Lt Col Bashow don t make any mistack at all...

Under Article XV of the Agreement, graduates from Dominion air forces were to be assigned to squadrons either formed by their own air forces, or with a specific national designation,
under the operational control of a local air force, in most cases the RAF. These became known as "Article XV squadrons." In addition, Articles XVI and XVII stipulated that the UK government
would be responsible for the pay and entitlements of aircrews trained under the BCATP. Nevertheless, these personnel and any squadrons formed for service with the RAF, under Article XV, would belong to the three Dominion air forces.
This was largely an initiative of the Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie King, during the negotiations with Riverdale.

During the war, 44 Canadian, 17 Australian and six New Zealand Article XV squadrons were formed. In practice – and technically in contravention of Article XV – most personnel from Dominion air forces,
while they were under RAF operational control, were assigned to British units.[3] This was generally due to practical staffing considerations. Similarly, many of the Article XV squadrons contained few airmen
from their nominal air force when they were first formed. However, by the end of the war this had generally been rectified. Canada made a greater insistence on its airmen going specifically to RCAF operational units overseas,
. ensuring that the identity of its national squadrons was preserved.

•Under the original agreement to establish the BCATP, Britain was to pay $218 million, Canada $313 million, Australia $97 million, and New Zealand $21 million. Costs, however, escalated far beyond the 1939 estimates.
In the end, Canada paid $1.6 billion of the total cost of $2.2 billion. In terms of today's money, that meant that each taxpayer living in Canada ended up contributing more than $3,000 just to pay for the BCATP.
When the BCATP came to a close on 31 March 1945, the four participating governments had spent $2.2 billion on the training plan, $1.6 billion of which was Canada's share.
After the war, the Canadian government calculated that the United Kingdom owed Canada over $425 million for running British schools transferred to Canada and for purchasing aircraft and other equipment when Britain could not provide
the necessary numbers. By March 1946, the Canadian government canceled Britain's debt, absorbing the cost itself.

I know this most be lie too
The BCATP is lie
the governemant of Canada lie to
everything who no promote your 9.95 $ 1952 book is a lie...

No Wait a minute I must be British too I was there in 1996 lollll
Old 19th February 2014, 04:33
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Re: 242 RCAF in BOF

A total of 12 Canadian pilots in the Royal Air Force flew with No. 242 Squadron RAF at various times through the Battle (of Britain).

Considering that the pilot compliment of an RAF squadron was ~20 pilots.......
Old 19th February 2014, 04:42
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Re: 242 RCAF in BOF

The Eagle squadrons, 71, 121 and 133 should be renamed USAAF.
Old 19th February 2014, 13:52
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Re: 242 RCAF in BOF


At the risk of repeating myself, I feel I have to reiterate once again the scenario in 1940.

Now please, read this carefully, and understand.

By the beginning of the Battle of Britain, many flyers, from very many different nationalities, were in the UK, for whatever reason. Some, like the Canadians, New Zealanders and Aussies and other Commonwealth countries, were there in support of the British Empire and the fight against Germany. Others, like the Poles, Czechs, French, Belgians, were there because their country had been overrun by Germany and they were fortunate enough to have escaped to Britain in order to continue the fight. Some, like the Americans, simply wanted to fly and fight, and fought alongside their English-speaking fellow pilots.

Now, all these flyers, including the Canadians in 242 before them, were incorporated into the RAF, and placed in RAF squadrons. Not New Zealand squadrons, nor French, nor Belgian, nor Polish, nor Czech, nor any other nationality. They were ALL in British RAF Squadrons. That is NOT difficult to understand.

The financial considerations and 'Agreements' have no role to play in the ACTUAL designation of RAF Fighter Command squadrons in 1940.

Now, take time to look at all the RAF Fighter Command records for the Battle of Britain. You will only see one with the RCAF designation. Yep, what I have previously stated: No1 Squadron, RCAF.

So, to reiterate, to claim that 242 Squadron RAF was 242 Squadron RCAF is totally, 100%, incorrect.

I am now of the mind to believe you are trolling this thread continually to foist your own WRONG opinion on others. Do you really think that a lot of us are so gullible as to believe what you are propounding? Do you really think that NONE of us has done ANY research into the Battle of Britain? That no one has carried out any research into RAF Battle of Britain records at the Public Record Office, now the National Archive, at Kew?

I have to say that in continuing to take the stance that you do, you are denigrating the work of a great many members who frequent this forum, and provide valued information for the benefit of other members.
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Old 19th February 2014, 14:40
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Re: 242 RCAF in BOF

In the interest of saving members' time, I am closing this thread.
I think the facts have been established.
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