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Old 11th February 2017, 02:16
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Luftwaffe Cockpit Instruments

Hello all

I have a bit of a dilemma and hope I could ask for some guidance from the much more experienced members here.
It revolves around Luftwaffe cockpit instruments and the selling of such for an older gentleman friend of mine, not electronic selling or eBay savvy.
I have access to around 15 of them and considering selling them on eBay for example, however their age and storage dictates that they do emit a radioactive signature as "clicks per minute" in different ranges.

For example an FL 32525-6 that he has emits multiple clicks per minute possibly due to Radium cross contamination or luminous paint applied to the paper of counter lines. This reading is from a very close distance and decreases as the distance away from counter to item increases.

Through research I see many instruments selling on different internet / electronic sites and none of them indicate any radioactivity. I do find it strange that something of that age, coated with luminous paint, brown indicators, probably Radium decay, sell with no indication of radiation or shipping problems.
Are they all clean and indicate no radiation?

Every country has it's own regulations on the importing, shipping and handling of such devices so listing them worldwide makes it difficult to know the import criteria for them.

Of course, I would like to sell them and make him a little bit of money as well as help him thin out his collection but find myself in a moral dilemma.
What if I sell and ship the item and customs or border security of the buyers country confiscates the item and impounds it? I don't want to incur a loss of the instruments and possibly be liable for reimbursement to the buyer, nor have to deal with the legal and moral ramifications of the transaction.
I do want to be upfront and fair with any buyer.

I have read so much on sites from Government nuclear regulators, shipping companies, and forums concerning the handling, packaging and shipping of Radioactive material. They are fundamentally safe providing you follow stringent guidelines for the safe handling and transportation. Mark them as Class 7 radioactive, complete the appropriate shipping forms,ship by courier Air or Ground Dangerous Goods (not regular postal service), and have tracking and signature options.

I was told covering them in aluminum foil would cut down the reading but it didn't. Placing lead foil over them will only raise red flags at customs.

The question I have is - Am I overreacting? and / or - Just list them and let buyer be ware? (not in my moral makeup).

If anyone could suggest some alternatives, comments or information I would greatly appreciate it. I have included a photo of the FL 32525-6 for reference.

My deepest appreciation for anyone who has either bought, sold or collects these for some insight.

Kind Regards

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