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Old 29th January 2012, 03:44
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Cliffs of Dover Flight Sim MOVIE COMPETITION

The Board of Directors of the Flight Sim Movies website hereby announces a.....

Cliffs of Dover Movie Competition]

Procedures and rules as indicated below:

Virtual Awards:
The 1st Place Winner will receive the coveted Flight Sim Movies Gold Eagle Award:

Runners up will receive the virtual Silver Eagle Award:

Additional virtual awards, as deemed warranted by the Judging Panel, may be made for specific categories of movie-making, such as for any individual uniquely artistic and/or technical achievement.

Tangible PRIZES:
A total of at least $250 USD will be presented by the FSM Board, as sponsored by Joe90's Wee Bit Studios and other individual FSM Board Directors. The amount will be disbursed at the discretion of the Judging Panel to the top three Winning movies:
First Place: $75 minimum
Second Place: $50 minimum
Third Place: $25 minimum]

1C Company, as co-sponsor of the Competition, will provide additional Prizes for each of the top three Winning movies:
First Place: "Prize To Be Announced"
Second Place: Five Downloadable games from the 1C Steam Catalogue (Valued at up to $175 USD)
Third Place: Two Downloadable games from the 1C Steam Catalogue (Valued at up to $70 USD)

Additional tangible FSM monetary and/or 1C Company Game awards, as deemed warranted by the Judging Panel, may be made for specific categories of movie-making, such as for any individual uniquely artistic and/or technical achievement or Story.

Additional prizes may become available during the course of the competition, and will be announced in the future, and any additional sponsors willing to offer a tangible prize should contact the Competition Administrator at the 1C Forums (DoolittleRaider).

The Winning Movie will be showcased with the Best of the Best at the Flight Sim Movies website, as well as being automatically considered there for the possible award of a virtual Golden Oleg or Silver Oleg.

Other outstanding entries will be considered by the FSM Board for showcasing at FSM

Entering the Competition…and deadlines:

Effective immediately you can enter the competition merely by posting your high resolution movie entry at the 1C Company "COD Movie Competition Entries and Discussion" thread, with an embedded link to your Movie at either Youtube or Vimeo or BlipTv.

The submitted Movie must not have been publicly released at youtube or any other hosting site prior to 1 January 2012.

Entries will be accepted through 30 April 2012.

The Competition Judging Panel will then select the winning movies, which will be announced not later than 7 May 2012.

General Rules

a. Each competitor is allowed to enter only one movie.

b. This is a “Movie” competition. Gameplay or In-Game Videos are not eligible for entry, and any submitted Movies with visible icons, HUD displays, on-line text/chatter, event messages, visible fraps logo, or any ‘watermarks’, etc, will be disqualified and automatically removed from the “Competition Entries” sticky thread. The difference between IL2 COD Movies and Videos is delineated in detail in the Sticky thread “What is a ‘Movie’? What's an ‘In-Game Video’ or ‘Game Play Video’" at the 1C “Movie-making and Videos” sub-forum.

c. Movies must be “complete”, not segmented, when uploaded/submitted. If a movie exceeds the upload duration limitation at youtube (usually 15 minutes for most youtube accounts), the movie file should be uploaded to either the Vimeo or Blip-TV sites.

d. Primary source material and visuals must be from the IL2 Cliffs of Dover flightsim. Other supplementary sources may be used as well, such as footage from other Games/Sims; CGI; animations; green-Screening; SoundFX; SpecialFX; real-world photos or documentary film footage; and voice dialogue or narration, etc. However, a minimum of 50% of the Movie duration must be comprised of Cliffs of Dover visuals/footage; any and all post-processing techniques, filters, software, etc are allowable.

e. Minimum movie duration of 3 minutes, including credits...however,based on the results of past competitions, it is recommended that competitors strive for a movie duration of at least 5 minutes. There is no maximum limit for duration.


Judging criteria will include cinematography, editing, post-processing techniques (to include Special Effects), Soundtrack (to include Sound FX, narration or dialogue, music), originality, and "Story"" or ""message" (very heavily weighted).

Competition Administrator:

Judging Panel:
FSM Directors: 310thFalcon, BBloke, Biltongbru, Joe-90, Monty Dan, DoolittleRaider
1C Company: BlackSix
Unaffiliated: Barfly

Note that Competition Administrator (DoolittleRaider) and Panel Judges will not be allowed to enter the competition.

Resumes of FSM Judges:
Executive Producer of "Purple Heart Alley"
Sound FX expert for “Faith, Hope, and Charity” and many other movies

Creator of:
Battle of Britain-The Kanal Kampf
Battle of Britain-The Day Before Adlertag
Battle of Britain Day-The Blitz
Battle of Britain 2.0

Creator of the IL2MovieDataBase
Creator of:
Flight of the Gigant
Oasis Run

Biltongbru (Tinus leRoux)
Biltongbru’s youtube Channel
Creator of many highly acclaimed Flight Sim movies since 2008

1С Company, Website Community Manager and COD Mission Designer

Joe90 Joe90 Website
Creator of the Flight Sim Movies Website
Owner of Wee Bit Studios
Resident director of PookyMedia Films
Creator of:
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
Brothers in Arms
Operation Big Ben
Beaufighters of 455 Squadron
Milne Bay
Bag the Hun
Shoulder to Shoulder
Norden Bombsight Training
Contributing Director and Master Editor of “Faith, Hope, and Charity”

Monty Dan Monty-Dan's Website
Creator of:
Apocalypse Syndrome Episode 2
Adrenalin Rush
Shot In A Million
The Storm of War
Pictures of War
Pictures of War 2
Down Olga Bridge
Contributing Director and Editor of “Faith, Hope, and Charity”

Co-producer and screenwriter for “Faith, Hope, and Charity”
Co-producer and screenwriter for “Brothers in Arms”
Assistant FSM Manager and Oleg Award Administrator
1C Company Cliffs of Dover “Movie-Making and Videos” sub-forum Moderator
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