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Old 5th January 2005, 14:45
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The Day of Armagedon - 22 VI 41

A few days ago (January 2005) was edited in Poland my second part about “The Day of Armagedon - 22 VI 1941”. Smashing the Stalin’s Air Power.

The story (II part) is edited in Militaria i Fakty 1/2005. All text in Polish, no any English captions (only Polish readers).
There are 16 pages of A-4 size (21 b&w photos + 8 colour drawing: 3xI-16 typ 5and 10, 1xI-15bis, 3xI-153, one map)
This is long article (full has more 130.000 signes). The first part has 10 1/2 A-4 pages + 13 b&w photos, 7 tables.

Now I have written about one day of air war over Russia - the first one (22 VI 1941). In this specific day Germans had smashed Stalins power including crashing the power of Red Air Force (about from 9.970 to 10.700 military planes standing along the whole Soviet Western border). This is one day air war “how did it look from the both side?”.

Germans premptive attack had stoppted and saved Western Europe before Reds invasion on July 1941. Soviets would destroy, rope the whole Continent if Hitler would not stoppted them.
This is the following part of “Red Blizkireg in July 1941” see Militaria i Fakty 2/2004 (17 A-4 size about 30 b&w photos, tables, 2 maps), edited in June 2004.

Contents of the Day of Armagedon.
Enemy air/spy reccon over Soviets territory and Soviet countr-actions before 22 VI 1941
Pruges in VVS RKKA 1937-1941/42
Structure of VVS RKKA [DBA, VVS (frontal, army and co-operation corps units), VVS VMF]
Comparniosn of aviation power of both side
22 VI 1941 The Day of Armagedon
Air War over Northern Front
Air War over Northern-Western front
Air War over Western Front
Air War over South-Western Front
Summary of the first day of war (losses of both side).

All the best

Mirek Wawrzyński
Mirek Wawrzyński
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