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Hans Remmer's opponents

Hans Remmer

1st claim
P-40 Tomahawk ("Brewster")
E of Sollum
(Redlich and Steinhausen claimed as well)
250 sqn, losses were: AK412 of F/O Jack Hamlyn, AK399 of Sgt John Alexander Andrews Morton and AK403 of Sgt. C M Sumner

2nd claim
25km N of Sidi Barrani
(Peter Werfft claimed as well)
Appears to be two claims for Z4052 of RNFS. SubLt. Bruce Pudney KIA (initially reported as rescued)

3rd claim
Wellington IC
E of Sidi Omar
(Otto 123 Schulz claimed as well)
109 sqn. One lost immediately: Z8907 of F/S H I Wolf RCAF and crew all KIA (attributed to Italian fighters by the British) another crashlanded with irreparable damage

4th claim
Hurricane II
S of El Adem
Day's only fighter losses were Hurricane I of 260 sqn, P/O J M Wylie and Tomahawk of 2 sqn SAAF, Lt. D A Hinde safe (latter attributed to an MC200)
(Stahlschmidt claimed as well)

5th claim
Blenheim IV
E of Ain el Gazala
V6142 of GrB1 Lorraine. W/O R Jabin and F/S H Bruneau both POW but F/O C Pougin de la Maisonneuve KIA

6th claim
PR Boston III
S of El Adem
Z2181 of 24 sqn SAAF. Lt. W N Hollenbach and 2 others KIA, one man POW (originally attributed to Flak)

7th claim
P-40 Tomahawk IIB
W of Maraua
Probably AN283 (one source says AN372) of 112 sqn. P/O Kenneth Royce Sands RAAF, crashlanded and returned after three days.

8th claim
Maryland II
NE of Agedabia
12 and 21 sqns SAAF. Two losses, both from 12 sqn: 1618/J of Lt C J Morgan and crew all WIA and AH382 of Lt H C Lotz and crew all KIA
(Franzisket inflicted the other loss)

9th claim
Curtiss P-40 ("Hurricane II")
NW of El Adem
AL117 of 450 sqn RAAF. Sgt. William John Halliday KIA

18.7.42/>1846 BT
Hurricane IIc
Bir Mumin Busak
BN348 of 80 sqn. P/O D K Ryder POW

10th claim
Baltimore ("Blenheim")
SE of Abu Dweis
AG737 of 1437 Strategic Reconnaissance Flight. P/O Charles John Dumas RAAF and crew all MIA. Apparently came down near El Maghra, Qattara depression

11th claim
P-40 Kittyhawk I ("P-46")
N of Abu Dweis
112 sqn, two losses: ET1017/GA-V of P/O John E Loree RCAF and AK746 of Sgt. L D Barlow, both POW
(Willy Stephan inflicted the other loss)

12th claim
Curtiss P-40
SE of El Alamein
Tomahawk IIBs of 5 sqn and Kittyhawk Is of 2 sqn, SAAF (with pilots from 57th FG attached). 5 sqn losses include: AK489/B of Lt. B A Kearns damaged, AM390/F of Lt. G B Jack POW. Definite 2 sqn losses at this time were EV366/L of Lt. A Morrison POW and EV351 of Lt. W L O Moon baled out uninjured.
(at was at this time of the day that Marseille claimed his famous 8 in one mission so it’s impossible to sort legitimates from overclaims)

13th claim
Hurricane IIC
N of El Masra
7 sqn SAAF. 4 losses: BP918 of Lt. A W Meikle (returned 5.9.42), Z5312 of Lt. W B Pearce (baled out) and BE678 of Lt. B W Small (baled out, POW). Lt. H E Kirkby crashlanded and returned
(Stahlschmidt and Marseille claimed as well)

14th claim
Spitfire VC
La Valetta
Was this BP873/V-Y of 1435 sqn? Damaged and forcelanded at Ta Kali. Same unit lost EP718, details not known to me

15th claim
"Curtiss P-40" (probably a Hurricane)
SE of Fuka
127 sqn. Overclaiming, only loss was BN160 of F/L R C Lawrence damaged, pilot safe
(Hambeck and Doering also claimed)

16th claim
Ventura I
7km W of Le Crotoy @ 1500m
21 sqn. Overclaiming, 3 losses: AE692/YH-K Sgt. Ronald Herbert Wells and crew, AE743/YH- of F/O Geoffrey Brian Chippendale and crew and also AE913/YH- of F/O Gerald Lambert Hicks and crew. All crews KIA.
(versus 6 claims all up)

17th claim
B-17F-65-BO Flying Fortress
7km SE of Doullens @ 6500m
(Hohagen and von Lieres und Wilkau claimed too)
These three claims all appear to be for 42-29642/OR-L "Vulgar Virgin" of 323rd BS, 91st BG. 1/Lt. Lawrence J Stark and 6 others KIA, remaining three crewmen all POW

18th claim
B-17 Flying Fortress
Leinigersdorf, S of Bonn @ 7500m
1st or 3rd BD, 8th AAF. 25 losses. Includes B-17F-25-VE 42-5821/FO-O "Cindy" of 527th BS, 379th BG (one of their originals). F/O David W Rees and 5 others POW, 4 KIA. B-17F-25-VE 42-5847 "Margie Mae" of 532nd BS, 381st BG. 2/Lt. Theodore L Moon and crew all POW (cause not stated, possibly fighters). 547th BS, 384th BG lost B-17F-25-DL 42-3104/SO-A "Raider", Lt. George B Keck and 5 others KIA and 4 POW. Lost over Rheydt was B-17F-80-BO 42-29950 of 535th BS, 381st BG. 546th BS, 384th BS lost B-17F-85-BO 42-30046/BK-K "Merrie Hell" near G'Kirchen, 1/Lt. Ernest J Sierens and 7 others KIA, 2 POW. 335th BS, 95th BG lost B-17F-90-BO 42-30194/OE-O "We ain't scared" of Capt. Clifford B Hamilton and 4 others KIA, 4 POW and 1 evaded
(aircraft not listed here are attributed to other pilots and different causes)

19th claim
B-24D Liberator
30 - 35km SSW of Wiener Neustadt @ 5000m
Acknowledged I/JG 27 victims near Wiener Neustadt include B-24D-5-CO 41-23811/K "Fascinatin' Witch" of 66th BS, 44th BG, 2/Lt. Richard W Bridges and 6 others POW, 3 KIA plus B-24D-10-CO 41-23918/O "Marcia Ann" of 67th BS, 1/Lt. George Bronstein and 7 others KIA, 2 POW (S of location) B-24D-165-CO 42-72877/A of 66th BS, 1/Lt. Thomas B Hobson Jr and 5 others POW, 4 KIA. All lost S of Wiener Neustadt. B-24D-125-CO 42-41017/L of 67th BS, 44th BG, 1/Lt. Reginald L Carpenter and 4 others POW, 5 KIA. 93rd BG lost B24D-1-CO 41-23711 "Jerk's Natural" of 328th BS, 1/Lt. William F Stein and crew all KIA except 1 POW
Damaged by I/JG 27 but returned was B-24D-13-CO 41-23936 "Queen Anne" of 66th BS, crew of 1/Lt. Warren T Oakley, 2 men bailed out and made POW, but the aircraft returned.

20th claim
B-24 Liberator
NE of Graz/SW of Sankt Poelten (PQ EL-26) @ 5000m
15th AAF. Twenty losses. Includes 450th BG lost B-24H-1-DT 41-28604 and 449th BG lost B-24H-1-FO 42-7700. Further details pending

21st and claim
B-24 Liberator
SW or WSW of Linz @ 6000m
15th AAF. 17 B-24s lost. 376th BG lost B-24J-85-CO 42-100255 of 512th BS, shot down by fighters over St. Valentin and B-24H-10-FO 42-52273 of unspecified BS

22nd claim
P-38 Lightning
WSW of Linz
15th AAF. Details pending

23rd and 24th claims
25.2.44/1201 and 1210
B-17 Flying Fortress HSS and B-17 Flying Fortress (full victory)
St. Veit (PQ JJ-4 - JH-6) @ 6500m and PQ HH
15th AAF. B-17G-15-VE 42-97526 of 353rd BS, 301st BG near Fuerth whilst 327th BS, 92nd BG lost 42-29717 over Memmingen city centre; Other losses include B-17G-15-BO 42-31416 of 20th BS, 2nd BG (7 KIA and 3 POW near Weichsee)

25th claim
P-38H-5-LO Lightning
Likely 71st FS, 1st FG. Two losses: 42-66728 of William G Parsons KIA and 42-67043 of Emmet B Gresham (son in law of LtGen Carl Spaatz) MIA-returned

26th claim
B-24 Liberator
E of Marburg (PQ KN-LN) @ 6500m
15th AAF. 450th BG lost B-24H-15-FO 42-52613
454th BG lost B-24H-1-DT 41-28659, B-24H-10-CF 41-29310, B-24H-10-FOs 42-52125, 42-52225 and 42-52229, B-24H-10-CF 42-64459
455th BG lost B-24H-10-CF 41-29296 of 742nd BS
456th BG lost B-24H-15-FO 42-52330 of 745th BS
(crew details pending)

27th claim
B-24 Liberator
W of Graz/Juedenburg (PQ HK) @ 7000m
15th AAF. 455th BG lost B-24H-10-CF 41-29282 and B-24H-10-FO 42-52271, lost over Austria plus B-24H-15-CF 41-29407, lost over Yugoslavia
456th BG lost B-24H-10-FO 42-52276.
459th BG lost 41-28716
461st BG lost B-24H-15-CF 41-29336 over Yugoslavia this day plus B-24H-5-CFs 41-29244 and 41-29245
(crew details pending)
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