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Post-WW2 Military and Naval Aviation Please use this forum to discuss Military and Naval Aviation after the Second World War.

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Old 9th April 2011, 02:18
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Cool Korea June 1953- 77 MiG x 1 F-86

That was the published official score by the USAF for the month of June of 1953, 77 MiG-15 destroyed with only a F-86 loss. Other sources, with more prudence mention the number "14" of F-86 losses and a total of 23 all causes. That's match the Korwald numbers.

The curious thing, for the V-VS , June was also the most frutiful month for the 64th IAK in terms of aerial victories. We see in details the claims and losses:


The 64th IAK claimed for this month:

36 F-86
4 F-84
1 F-80

Losses were high with 24 MiGs lost and 10 pilot KIA. 15 other MiGs were damaged. Of this total , 5 MiGs and 3 pilots KIA were shot down while taking off or landing


PLAAF claims were for 25 destroyed and 5 damaged in June and July 1953.
PLAAF losses were 11 MiGs and 7 pilots KIA.
The worst day for the PLAAF was the June 30th but is not clear how many of the claimed 16 MiGs were really PLAAF or was also KPAFAC this day in mission.


No informations available of the number of sorties, missions or ev. MiG losses this month.

Total of MiGs destroyed :35. We have there a difference of 42 MiGs; 42 KPAFAC MiGs destroyed in June 1953? Ummmm...


The losses(All causes) of the USAF, US Navy, USMC and the RAAF 77th Sqd were:

23 F-86E/F(1x4th FIW, 5x51th FIW,7x 8th FBG,9x 18th FBG, 1x 67th TRW)and one 51th FIW damaged.
6 F-84(1x 474th FBG, 4x 58th FBG, 1x 49th FBG)(Five G and one old E)
1 F-94(319th FIS)
3 F9F Panthers(VF-153, VF-91 and VF-111)
1 F3D-2 Skynight(VMF(N)-513, MAG-12)
2 F4U Corsair(VF-94 and VC-3 Det M)
1 AD-2 Skyraider(VMA-121)
4 Meteors(77th Sqd RAAF)
2 F-51D Mustang(ROKAF)

No losses of F-80s, B-26 or B-29s were reported this month.

17 F-86 Sabre fighter bombers were shot down this month, but also 5 F-86 of the 51th FIW and 1 of the 4th FIW.

Four of this F-86 had high possibilities of be victims of MiGs:

51-2838 (51th FIG, 25th FIS)Separated from flight in bad weather, no radio contact, pilot Fl Lt John E.Y.King(RAF)MIA, Jun 4, 1953.(F-86E-10)(PLAAF)
51-2762 (51th FIG, 16th FIS)Operational, engine exploded, bailed out over mouth of Yalu River, pilot FlLt James A.Ryan rescued, Jun 5, 1953.(F-86E-10)
52-4339 (18th FBG, 12th FBS)Downed by AAA, pilot Capt Robert A.Coury POW, Jun 10, 1953.(F-86F-30)
51-2832 (51th FIG, 25th FIS)Hit by gnd fire while leading 4 F-86s, bailed out successfully approx 6 mi SE of Cholsan, pilot LtCol John C. Giraudo POW, Jun 16, 1953.(F-86E-10)

This one was lucky and only was damaged:

51-2905 (51st FIG, 39th FIS) damaged by MiGs Jun 7, 1953. Later transferred to Taiwan.(F-86F-1)

The 51-2838 was(possible)shot down by one MiG of the PLAAF; the other three by Grigorii N. Berelizde(224 IAP, 32 IAD), Semen A. Fedorets(913 IAP, 32 IAD) and the last, 51-2832 by Aleksandr K. Popov(913 IAP, 32 IAD).
The F-84s, difficult to say, officialy 4 were shot down by AAA , but also we have there a "Flame out" and other a " Faded from ground scope during night armed reconnaissance mission".

Also many times F-80s were taked as F-84s or viceversa(also the same ID problem for the Panthers).

The "77 versus 1" is still a open polemic theme, sometimes critized, a lot discuted in the last 20 years, and, in my opinion, personally, really very few credible.

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