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Old 6th October 2014, 10:18
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Useful website for Luftwaffe losses in the East

Hello, some days ago I replied to a thread by pointing on a page of the website

Stig asked me by PM some explanations, and I will give them here rather than by PM so everybody can use them.

This website provides Luftwaffe loss lists on the Eastern Front (but excluding Luftflotte 5 in the far north) for the following time periods:
_ 1 August to 31 October 1941
_ 1 December 1941 to 31 March 1942
_ 1 October to 30 November 1942
_ 1 April to 30 June 1943
_ 1 to 31 October 1943

The available data in these lists are (first russian column, then my translation):
No. = order number in the loss list for a given day
Место = location (as given in German documents, sometimes corrected with other sources)
Часть = unit
Тип = aircraft type
Зав. (борт.) номер = WNr (serial number)
% = damage percentage
Причина = loss cause
Судьба экипажа = fate of crew ( + 1: 1 killed, = 2 : 2 wounded, б/в 3 : 3 missing)
Флот = Luftflotte (1, 2, 4, H = Heer, units attached to the Army (tactical recon), L = Luftwaffe High Command (strategic recon), S = ?)

Crew names are not listed.

Corrections were frequent in the Luftwaffe loss lists: I don't know if they are included there.

Some entries have a number written in bold: at the end of the webpage, extra data will be available for these entries, usually a link to a Soviet claim (mainly by taran) or data coming the KG 27 book.

For the time being, everytime I searched a German loss on the Eastern Front, I could confirm what I found on this website with other sources.

On the same website, starting from the page, you will find:
_ lists of German aircraft hit on the ground between 1 October 1941 and 31 December 1943
_ Bf 110 losses for 1941 (with crew names and fate)
_ Fw 189 losses for 1941 (with crew names and fate)
_ Ju 87 losses for 1941 (with crew names and fate)
_ Ju 86 losses for 1941-1943 (with crew names and fate)
_ "long-range recon" losses for 1941-1943, including Wekusta losses (with crew names, fates, target)
_ Hs 126 losses for 1941 (with crew names and fate)
_ Luftwaffe losses during the battle of Sebastopol 1941-1942 (without crew names)
_ Luftwaffe losses during the battle of Kertch 1942 (without crew names)
_ KG 1 losses for 1941 and 1942 (with crew names and fate)
_ JG 52 losses for July and Angust 1943 (with crew names and fate)
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