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Old 22nd February 2020, 19:46
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Transportgeschwader TG 4 few questions

Hello All
We are creating profile for Ju 52/3m w.n.10138 from 7/TG4 and I have couple of questions.

II/TG 4 was formed from KGr. z.b.v 500 (May 1943) ?
I found this info in internet and Luftwaffe Transport units 43-45; Martin Pegg book (vol 2).

Unit code was G6 ?

Staffel letter for 7 staff... should be R ?

II gruppe; 5 staffel - N, 6 staffel - P, 7 staffel - R, 8 staffel - S
and tactical markings on rudder would be II 7 and below aircraft letter

What kind of markings should be applied in factory?
Code (wings and fuselage), swastika and balkenkreutz.
If you have photo of Ju 52 with factory markings that would be great.

I know that in real life there was many different types of markings, is this how would be in theory.

bonus question?
Is there any picture available of Ju 52 from 2./Erg.TGr. from Berlin-Schonwalde?

as always, thanks in advance
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Old 22nd February 2020, 21:49
Larry deZeng Larry deZeng is offline
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Re: Transportgeschwader TG 4 few questions

II./TG 4
Code: G6
7. Staffel: (G6+_R)
Formation. (May 43)
Formed 1 May 1943 at Weimar-Nohra with a Gruppenstab and 5. – 8. Staffel by renaming KGr.z.b.V. 500. Equipped with Ju 52 transports.
Germany, South Russia and Balkans. (May 43 - Dec 44)
29 Jul 43: main body at Jena-Rödigen with 8. Staffel detached at Belgrade and Niš in Serbia.
1 Jan 44: Gruppenstab and 5. Staffel at Belgrade-Zemun, 6. Staffel at Kraljevo, 7. Staffel at Tanagra and 8. Staffel at Mostar.
22 May 44: based at Fp. Gross Betschkerek in the Yugoslav Banat but deployed on airfields in the Zagreb area with 40 Ju 52s for Operation “Rösselsprung” (the attempt to capture Marshall Tito in Dalmatia using paratroops and glider-borne infantry).
25 May 44: employing 36 Ju 52s, dropped 200 men of SS-Fallschirmjäger-Btl. 500 on Tito’s headquarters at Drvar at dawn this date, followed by a second drop in the afternoon.
Jun – Sep 44: location and activity unknown; possibly inactive or relatively inactive due to the fuel shortage.
24 Sep 44: participated during September and early October in the evacuation of personnel and equipment from the Aegean islands, Crete and Greece as part of the general withdrawal of Heeresgruppe E and attached forces from that theater.
10 Oct 44: at Polykastron/50 km NW of Salonika - handed over all of its remaining aircraft to I./TG 4 and IV./TG 1 this date and then Gruppe personnel departed Greece for an unknown destination.
2 Dec 44: in Germany without aircraft (high probability at Goslar/Harz to the south of Braunschweig) - ordered by OKL this date to turn over all suitable pilots for conversion to fighters.
Dec 44: disbanded.
FpNs: Gruppenstab and 5. – 8. Staffel (L 40419)
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