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Old 25th February 2021, 03:37
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French Pilots/Aircrew in Bomber Command

Aside from the Free French 342, 346 and 347 Squadrons, were there any French pilots/aircrew in the other Bomber Command squadrons in Britain, 1941-45?

I know about J.H.J. "Johnnie" Sauvage, 97 Squadron, Jean Paul Etienne Maze, 76 Squadron, and Georges Roy, who served with several RCAF squadrons.

Thank you if any information out there.

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Old 25th February 2021, 12:35
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Re: French Pilots/Aircrew in Bomber Command

From the book "Aviateurs de la liberté", listing Free French airmen casualties:
Lt de vaisseau (French Navy rank) Antoine Laurent, 138 Sqn, KIFA 28/11/1941
Aspirant Louis Delanchy, 107 Sqn, KIA 06/12/1942
Sergeant Denis Blum, 408 Sqn, KIA 22/06/1943 (was not a member of the FAFL but enlisted directly into the RAF)
Edmong Lignon, 23 Sqn, KIA 13/03/1945

A google search of the site was unsuccessful to bring more names (actually I could not find the 3 names you list, but they may have enlisted directly into RAF/RCAF and so not been listed as "Free French" (on the other hand, Blum, while not officialy a member of the FAFL, is on this website).
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Old 25th February 2021, 19:53
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Re: French Pilots/Aircrew in Bomber Command


C1362 S/L Georges Roy wasn't French.

ROY, S/L Georges Albert (C1362) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.425 Squadron - Award effective 7 May 1943 as per London Gazette dated 13 May 1943 and AFRO 1035/43 dated 4 June 1943. Born in Paris, France, 20 October 1914, son of the Honourable Philippe Roy, Canada's first Minister to France; educated in law; home in Westmount; enlisted in Montreal, 6 November 1939. Commissioned 1939. Trained at No.1 SFTS (graduated 15 July 1940). At No.13 EFTS as of 24 November 1940. To Ferry Command, 1 April 1942. To RAF overseas, 2 April 1942. Attained rank of Squadron Leader, 15 August 1942. Promoted Wing Commander, 19 April 1943. Presented by King George, 23 May 1943. Repatriated 19 October 1943. To “Y” Depot, 8 December 1943; to RAF overseas, 13 December 1943. Shot down by flak, 9 October 1944 on raid to Bochum while commanding No.424 Squadron (Halifax MX892, “Gallopin’ Gerty), wounded, he succeeded in baling out but a leg was subsequently amputated. Repatriated 14 May 1945. To No.1 Composite Training School, 22 May 1945. Retired 18 December 1945. Photo PL-32448 shows W/C George Roy, DFC of Westmount (right) and F/L Dick Howard of Dundas. Rejoined RCAF Auxiliary (152100), 15 February 1952 as Group Captain, No.11 Operations Wing Headquarters. Retired again, 4 May 1953. Awarded Queen's Coronation Medal, 28 October 1953 (Group Captain, RCAF Auxiliary, retired, living in Senneville, Quebec). Practiced law in Montreal for 45 years after the war and was made a QC. Photo PL-32448 (ex UK-14361 dated 26 August 1944) taken as he assumed command of No.424 Squadron, with unit adjutant F/L Dick Howard (Dundas, Ontario). Photo PL-32451 shows S/L J.A. Westland, DFC (flight commander, No.424 Squadron), W/C G.A. Roy, DFC (Commanding Officer, No.424 Squadron) and S/L R.J. Lawlor (flight commander, No.424 Squadron). Died in Montreal, 9 January 1988 as per Airforce Magazine of July-August-September 1988. // Squadron Leader Roy is an outstanding captain of aircraft. He has taken part in many raids on heavily defended targets such as Bremen, Essen and Cologne, and on every occasion has pressed home his attack with good effect. When detailed for special reconnaissance work he has invariably produced accurate and thoroughly reliable reports. Squadron Leader Roy's good work and splendid example are worthy of high praise. // NOTE: Public Record Office Air 2/8950 has recommendation drafted by W/C J.M.W. St.Pierre about 15 March 1943 when he had flown 22 sorties (122 hours 12 minutes). The sortie sheet and more detailed text add to the record and are transcribed here. // * daylight operation // 30 May 1942 - Cologne (2.15) // 1 June 1942 - Essen (3.30) // 8 June 1942 - Essen (4.35) // 22 June 1942 - Essen (4.25) // 5 October 1942 - Aachen (6.30) // 6 October 1942 - Osnbruck (6.10) // 13 October 1942 - Kiel (6.00) // 23 October 1942 - Krefeld (3.00)* // 9 November 1942 - Hamburg (6.52) // 15 November 1942 - GARDENING, Nordeney (4.00) // 20 November 1942 - Turin (7.30) // 25 November 1942 - GARDENING, Brest (8.00) // 6 December 1942 - Mannheim (5.30) // 7 December 1942 - GARDENING, Brest (6.10) // 17 December 1942 - GARDENING, Heligoland. (6.25) // 15 January 1943 - Lorient (4.45) // 15 January 1943 - Essen (4.50)* // 16 February 1943 - Lorient (7.30) // 19 February 1943 - Wilhelmshaven (5.40) // 24 February 1943 - Wilhelmshaven (5.20) // 26 February 1943 - Cologne (6.05) // 3 March 1943 - Hamburg (7.10) // Squadron Leader Roy is an outstanding officer in all respects. On bombing sorties, he has set a very high standard for himself and expects the same from every bomber captain. He has taken part in raids against such heavily defended targets as Essen, Hamburg, Cologne and Bremen, and on every occasion has pressed home his attack with courage and determination. Whenever he has been ordered to carry out a special reconnaissance, his reports have been very accurate and thoroughly reliable. The consistent good work and the splendid example set by Squadron Leader Roy is most deserving of recognition. // On 20 March 1943, G/C J.L. Plant, Officer Commanding, RAF Station Dishforth, wrote: // Squadron Leader Roy proceeds on a bombing sortie with grim determination to see the job well done. His quiet manner and his keenness for operational flying raises the confidence and morale, not only of his own crew, but of all personnel of his Flight. // On 29 March 1943, Air Vice Marshal G.E. Brookes, Air Officer Commanding, No.6 Group, added his remarks: // Squadron Leader Roy has led his flight since the formation of the squadron, and his example has done much to foster a fine offensive spirit in the unit. // ROY, W/C Georges Albert, DFC (C1362) - Croix de Guerre with Silver Star (France) - Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 20 September 1947 and AFRO 485/47 dated 12 September 1947. Pilot. External Affairs file “French Awards to Canadian Armed Forces - Particular Cases” (Library and Archives Canada, RG.25, Box 4140) has the following citation: // Wing Commander Roy served with distinction as Commanding Officer of a Night Bomber Squadron, which operated with outstanding success over France and other European countries. // Note: The website “Lost Bombers” has details of his being made a POW. He was in the crew of Halifax MZ802 (QB-G), No.424 Squadron, 19/20 October 1944, target Bochum. This machine, named “Gallopin Gerty”, had nose-art that depicted a spectacular galloping elephant motif. There is a photograph of this art also depicting 31 mission markers and claiming three enemy aircraft shot down. This art-work was transferred after the loss of MZ802, to Halifax NR206 of No.415 Sqdn (6U-F) and re-named “Fi-Fi”. This time the elephant survived the war to be scrapped in 1945. MZ802 was airborne at 1655 hours, 9 October 1944 from Skipton-on-Swale. Cause of loss and crash-site not stated on website. Crew consisted of P/O R.O. Hunter, RCAF )killed, buried in the Rheinberg War Cemetery), W/C G.A. W/C Roy, DFC, RCAF (POW; he had commanded No.424 Squadron since 15 August 1944), P/O R.O.Hunter, RCAF (killed), F/L G.A.Bumstead, RCAF (POW), F/L W.McIlhagga, RCAF (POW), F/O H.Grulkey, RCAF (POW), P/O A.J.Harvey, RCAF (POW), F/O M.A.B.Harding, DFC , RCAF (POW). Harding (POW number 8231) was held in Camp 3; W/C Roy was confined to hospital due to injuries. // Website (Yorkshire air accidents) details an incident involving himself and Wellington BJ652, 23 January 1943. Tasked with a daylight raid, either on the primary target of Essen or a target near Wilhelmshaven, they took off at 12.20hrs. Aircraft was slightly damaged by flak over Juist outbound; the crew turned round and made for home returning to England and almost certainly landing without further incident at Dishforth at 17.07 hours.
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Old 28th February 2021, 16:13
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Re: French Pilots/Aircrew in Bomber Command

Many thanks Laurent and alleneyes1!

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