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Old 7th February 2005, 14:40
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Stephane Muret
A-20 losses for september 29 1944

Hi all searchers,

Few weeks before i've post a question about A-20 losses from 416th BG for september 29 1944 over France. Some of you took time to answer and i thank them.
I'm looking about a crash history and first i believed this crash was from a plane from 416th BG. Now i believe the plane could come from another Group, 409 or 410th BG. So if anybody have any information about losses (planes, crewmen KIA or WIA) for the both Groups for september 29 1944, i'll be very gratefull.

Tanks all.

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Old 10th February 2005, 18:33
Horst Weber Horst Weber is offline
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Horst Weber
September 29th, 1944

Hello Stephane !

There is indeed somethig a little mysterious with the loss-reports that day for the 9th AF A-20 units.
In the MACR's for the day you find 5 A-20 MIA or lost. Those are well known (2 on the morning mission to Bitburg and 3 at the afternoon mission to Julich) I suggest, you know the a/c serials, the crews and the fate of those.
But in the 9th AF summary of operations that day, two more A-20 of 410th BG are noted as lost on a mission to Bingen MY. Unfortunately without an MACR.
Furtheron, this summary of operations reports one additional A-20 as battle-damaged cat "E" and one as cat "B"
Microfilm # A5686 gives an additional A-20 s/n 439687 as lost to "enemy operations" on September 30th, 1944, assigned to 409th BG.
This is not possible, since there was no lost of bombers on the 9th AF operation to Arnheim, according to the operation summary. So I am dating this loss to September 29th, 1944 or a date short before.

You see, there are enough possibilities for an A-20 mishap in France that date. For more details, please contact me offboard.

Best regards
Horst Weber
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Old 20th April 2005, 19:56
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Re: A-20 losses for september 29 1944

Hello Stephane

The A-20 you are looking for was most probably the one of the 1st Lt Baublitz Lawrence S. (KIA)O-675309 / Smillie Thomas C. (RTD) and a crewman named Weid ??? this A/C was last seen in the area of Reims 410th BG 646th BS no information on the serial number for this A/C and no information on an eventual MACR

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