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Old 15th July 2012, 17:38
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24 Eskadra Rozpoznawcza 1939 - excelent book

24 eskadra Rozpoznawcza 1939 (24 Reconnaissance Squadron in 1939)
Author (s): Tomasz J. Kopański
Illustrator: Piotr Mrozowski
ISBN: 978-83-61421-73-3
Format: A4, hardback
Pages: 144 (8 color)
Price: 69 PLN
Text: only Polish

June 18, 2012 was published in Poland a fundamental book devoted to the history of 24 Squadron. This unit flew in combat in September 1939 in PZL 23 Karas, and also had used one reconnaissance aircraft LWS-3 Mewa, whose prototype was sent to her on September 15, 1939.

In the past few years there were few monographs Polish air units fighting in September 1939, their authors were Andrew Olejko (31 and 56 Squadron), or Łukasz Łydźba (Wileński/Vilnius and Lwoski/Lvov Dywizjony Myśliwskie/Fighter Squadron). Each of these works is in its own way a lot of interesting and brings to the knowledge of the history of the Polish Air Force. Cost of their authors lot of work involved.
History of 24 Squadron, however, all of it clearly raises.
Both involved a very high quality substantive: story, unique selection of over 170 b & w. images, the development of 7 maps and 25 color profiles of aircraft units.
Also in terms of editorial diligence clearly stands out against their background: hard cover, hand sewn book, printed in color.

The author of this excellent and solid book is Tomasz J. Kopański. This author has done dozens of publications (articles, books) devoted to the history of the Polish Air Force in 1918-1939. These publications were published for 20 years in Polish, or English as monographs include: PZL P.11, PZL.23, P.7, PZL.37, PWS-26. In addition to the various types of aircraft monograph is also the author of the history of air squadrons and 16 Eskadra Wywiadowcza/Squadron Intelligence (1994), 3 Squadron Intelligence (1999), 7 Eskadra Myśliwska/Fighter Squadron (2011) used on the fronts of the War of Independence 1918-1920.

The present book is the culmination of years of research, search for materials in the archives of the Polish (CAW), foreign (IPiMS in London, IJPwA in New York). It contains a wealth of information: reports, accounts and documents. Its very strength is fantastic iconography.

It consists of over 170 b & w photos and adds it to 25 colorful silhouettes of 8 pages (18 figures Polish Breguet 19 aircraft, the PZL 23, LWS-3 and seven liveries Karaś in the service of the Romanian aviation - ARR). The book is also developed an index of names.

The publication contains a unique, sometimes sensational pictures. For example, images are captured by the Germans two Karaś in Kraków (No. 5 and 9). These are photos of plane shot down September 3 by the Germans and the picture of only crew member who survived the shooting down (kpr. pil. A. Rudy).

There are two fantastic images captured by the Germans in September 1939, a prototype airplane, undamaged LWS-3 Mewa of the ITL, which they shot down September 17, 1939 (the crew was: Ranoszek and Sobieralski).

Also for the first time published three pictures of the Karaś, armed with Polish machine gun wz. 37 caliber 7.92 mm "Szczeniak/Puppy", the airplane is on the forced landing.

The book contains many very valuable pictures (photography is also a lot of photos of German soldiers with AA batteries., German planes). They are also published drawings made by a Polish airman in September 1939, and include in this work a few photos taken by the Poles in September 1939 These photographs are real and unique rarities.

An additional advantage of the publication is 7 large maps (including one in color). They show the range of flights performed by the crew of the squadron in September.

In addition to individual actions during the war of 1939 the author devoted the last chapter to briefly describe the use of such aircraft by the Romanians. 10 PZL 23 and one Łoś flew to Romania on September 17 landing in Czerniowce/Chernivtsi. Romania joined new additions to their line units. These aircraft continue fighting on the Eastern Front in 1941-1943, which illustrate the presented pictures.

In summary

In June 2012, published in Poland, describing the fundamental development of the history of Polish aviation squadron. For those interested in this issue will form one of the basic work. For such a work must necessarily reach - a very worthwhile and would recommend.

M. Wawrzyński

a link to see a few scans of this book:
Mirek Wawrzyński
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