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Old 7th April 2014, 20:32
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3/22 1939-40

Has anyone a record of a crew Fw Schmitt, Uffz Seifert, Gefr Held in this unit in the above timescale?
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Old 7th April 2014, 21:23
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Re: 3/22 1939-40

One Uffz Seifert died 1939:
1939-09-24, 3.(F)/22, Do 17, Bei Landsweiler-Reden, Ortsgrenze Stadt Neunkirchen/Saar, Abschuß infolge Beschuß von MS 406 der Groupe de Chasse III/2 (Adjutant Romey). Bruch 100 %.
Uffz Seiffert, Kurt, +
Fw Ragnit, Ernst, +
?. verletzt

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Old 7th April 2014, 21:41
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Re: 3/22 1939-40

Thanks Matti but unlikely. The 2 photos I have show a damaged 4N+FL with these 3 names on the reverse
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Old 8th April 2014, 04:01
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Re: 3/22 1939-40

Do not know if this is a help or not.
11/12-8/40 ....III/KG55
He111P "1G+HT"
Herbert Schmidt Killed
Siegfried Held Missing
ref was Bristol Past at:

all the very best
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Old 8th April 2014, 10:38
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Re: 3/22 1939-40

Thanks Alex. I was hoping that there was a positive link to the 3 names and 3/22 but with the names Schmidt and Held, I was up against it!
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Old 8th April 2014, 13:39
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Re: 3/22 1939-40

Hello Chris,
They may not be the same ones you are looking at ?
However, here is an RAF claim for 22/3/40 from vol 1 of "Victory Claims" by John Foreman.
22 March 40
73 Sqdn Hurr BEF F/L R E Lovett - Bf109 destroyed Bouzonville 14.10.
For 11/12 Aug 40
11 - 238 Sqdn He111 shared Sgt E S Bann & Sgt. H J Marsh 2m E of Weymouth 10.35.
12 - 43 Sqdn - 9 HE111 claimed as damaged 12.30. SSE Seelsey /Worthing.
253 Sqdn - HE111 1 prob 1 damaged Spithead/Portsmouth. 12.45.

WINGS PALETTE has two JU188's coded 4N+FL of 3/22. but they are from the Eastern Front I think.

Then there is this:
HELD, ? . 03.44 Maj., Kdr. schw.Flak-Abt. 905.
HELD, Alfred. 16.12.43 Hptm. in 7./NJG 3, MIA - lost on sortie over North Sea to unknown causes.
HELD, Ernst. 06.11.42 Hptm.(d.L.z.V./Fl.), trf from LKS 5 to Luftzeuggruppe 8 (to 08.02.43). 08.02.43
trf to Feldluftpark 2/VI. 05.05.43 Hptm. d.R.z.V. with Feldluftzeuggruppe z.b.V. Südost, trf to
Stab/Kdr.d.Kfz.Beständelager d.Lw. 16/III.
HELD, Felix. (DOB: 16.05.17). (R). 19.01.43 KIA. 03.04.43 Lt., posthumously awarded Ritterkreuz,
Zugführer 1./Ers.Btl. der Lw.Kdo. Don.
HELD, Heinrich. 25.08.40 Oblt. and Techn.Offz. I./JG 54, KIA in Dover area.
HELD, Josef-Eugen. (W.B.K. Bad Kissingen). 04.05.43 Hptm. d.R. in Flak-Ers.Abt. 3, trf to Stab/Flak-
Rgt. 179. 01.07.43 on recommendation of Luftgaukdo. XII, promo to Maj. (d.R./Flak).
HELD, Kurt. 15.04.40 Hptm., appt Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. E 24/IV. 01.02.43 promo to Maj.(d.R./Fl.). 05.44
appt Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. E 261/III (to 16.08.44). 16.08.44 appt Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. E 258/III.
HELD, Ludwig. (DOB: 02.02.13). 01.07.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O./Fl.).
HELD, Paul. 01.03.42 promo to Hptm.
HELD, Rudolf. 01.06.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O./Flg.).
HELD, Theodor. 15.03.43 Hptm.(d.R.z.V.), with Fl.H.Kdtr. A 208/XII, appt Kp.-Chef Ldssch.Kp.d.Lw.
15/XIII. 10.43 Hptm. and Chef Ldssch.Kp. d.Lw. 14/XIII, appt Kdt. Fl.Pl.Kdo. A 35/XII (Le Havre –

SEIFERT, ? . 05.42 Oblt., appt Staka 4./ZG 2.
SEIFERT, Alfred. 01.03.42 promo to Oblt.(Kr.O.). 01.45 Oblt., Chef Ln.-Kp. z.b.V. 15.
SEIFERT, Arthur. 01.45 Flieger-Oberstabsingenieur and Gruppenleiter in Chef TLR FLE-F 2.
SEIFERT, Friedrich. 29.01.43 Maj.(d.R.), trf from Luftwaffenkontrollinspektion Bourges to Flak-
Ers.Abt. 12 (to 11.05.43). 11.05.43 trf to Luftgaukdo. III for further assignment.
SEIFERT, Fritz. 01.06.42 promo to Hptm.(d.R./Flak).
SEIFERT, Gerhard. 11.42 in 9./JG 26. 02.43 Lt. and Adj. in Stab III./JG 26. 04.02.43 KIA - by a
Spitfire of 331 Sqdn. 2 km W of Bailleul - was the younger brother of Johannes Seifert. Credited with one
known victory.
SEIFERT, Helmut. 01.06.42 promo to Hptm.(d.R./Flak). 07.09.44 appt provisional Kdr. gem.Flak-Abt.
613 (still 04.45).
SEIFERT, Helmut. (DOB: 22.06.14). 01.02.43 Oblt., in 1./Ln.-Rgt. 120. 01.04.44 promo to Hptm.
(Ln.). 1944-45 Hptm. (Ln.), posted to the Fallschirmjäger.
SEIFERT, Horst. (DOB: 04.12.09). 01.04.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O.).
SEIFERT, Hugo. (DOB: 16.12.94). 01.04.39 Hptm.(Erg.O.), appt Wehrmachtfürsorgeu.
Versorgungsoffizier Kiel A. 01.12.42 with Wehrmachtfürsorge- und Versorgungsamt Lübeck, promo to
Obstlt.(Wm.). 01.01.43 trf to Wehrmachtfürsorge- und Versorgungsamt Hamburg-Nord.
SEIFERT, Joachim. (DOB: 05.12.21 in Paderborn). 1942 at JFS 7. 22.02.43 trf to 4./JG 27. 1944:
Techn.Offz. in Stab/JG 27. 14.09.44 Oblt., trf to a Jagd.Div.
SEIFERT, Johann. (DOB: 14.06.89 in Wojtinell/Bezirk Radautz in Bukowina). (DKG). 15.03.38 trf to
the Luftwaffe from the Austrian Army with a rank Obstlt. (RDA 02.03.36) and appt Offizier z.b.V.des RLM
fur ehemalige österreichische Offiziere (orientation and training course for former Austrian officers).
15.11.38 ordered to Stab/Flak-Rgt. 44 , Essen. 30.11.38 ordered to Lehrgang 26 für Abt.-Kommandeure
schwere Flak. 08.12.38 ordered to Lehrgang 27 für Abt.-Kommandeure leichte Flak. 01.04.39 promo to
Oberst (RDA 01.08.38) and appt Kdr. leichte Flak-Abt. 74. 01.12.39 appt provisional Kdr. Flak-Rgt. 44.
29.02.40 appt permanent Kdr. Flak-Rgt. 44. 01.06.40 promo to Gen.Maj. 01.10.40 appt Kdr. Flak-
Brigade III. 12.04.41 appt Kdr. Luftverteidigung-Kdo. 10, Ploesti/Romania. 01.09.41 appt Kdr. 10. Flak-
Div. (mot) (to 25.06.43). 01.06.42 promo to Gen.Lt. 08.02.43 awarded DKG. 26.06.43 assigned to
Führerreserve OKL - z.b.V. des RLM. 31.10.43 retired. 07.11.44 called to service in the Volkssturm.
05.09.45 into U.S. captivity. 08.05.45 released. †11.11.78 in Schärding.
SEIFERT, Johann. 01.45 Flieger-Oberingenieur with Werft-Abt. Fürth.
SEIFERT, Johannes. (DOB: 30.07.93). 01.10.39 Maj.(Erg.O.), trf from Stab/Höh.Fl.Ausb.Kdo. 4 to
Stab/Fliegerdiv. 1. 01.04.42 promo to Obstlt.(Wm.). 15.04.42 Obstlt.(Erg.O.), trf from Stab/Lg.Kdo. II to
Stab/X. Fliegerkorps. 16.06.42 trf to VIII. Fliegerkorps for further assignment. 30.10.42 trf from
Fl.Ers.Btl. XVII (previously with VIII. Fliegerkorps) to RLM pool with temporary duty to Wehrbezirkskdo.
Potsdam II (to 31.01.43). 01.02.43 trf permanently from Ob.d.L. pool to Wehrbezirkskdo. Potsdam II (to
30.06.43). 01.07.43 trf to Führerreserve Ob.d.L. and ordered to Wehrmeldeamt Jüterbog for temporary
duty. 19.08.43 trf permanently to Wehrmeldeamt Jüterbog.
SEIFERT, Johannes (Karl-Johannes, “Hannes”). (DOB: 06.10.15 in Pinneberg/Holstein). (R, DKG).
24.11.37 Lt. at FFS C Celle (later FFS C 7). 01.38 in I./JG 234. 09.39 with a Zerstörergruppe. 01.03.40
Hptm., appt Staka 3./JG 26 (to 10.07.41). 09.06.40 Oblt. and Staka 3./JG 26, WIA - shot down by GC I/8
SE of Rouen. 11.07.41 Maj., appt Kdr. I./JG 26 (to 31.05.43). 01.01.42 Kdr. I./JG 26 (to at least
31.12.42). 25.02.42 Hptm., awarded DKG, I./JG 26. 07.06.42 Hptm., awarded Ritterkreuz, Kdr. I./JG 26.
01.06.43 trf to the Führerreserve Ob.d.L. and placed on temporary duty with the staff of the German
mission to Bulgaria (to 09.43). 09.09.43 Obstlt., appt Kdr. II./JG 26 (to 25.11.43). 25.11.43 KIA –
collided with a P-38 Lightning that he had just shot down near Bethune. Buried at Bourdon. (n.d.)
posthumously promo to Obstlt. Credited with 439 combat missions and 57 air victories.
SEIFERT, Karl. (W.B.K. Kiel). 01.04.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Flak).
SEIFERT, Kurt. 01.08.42 promo to Hptm.(Kr.O./Flak).
SEIFERT, Oskar. (W.B.K. Berlin VIII). 15.05.43 Hptm. d.R. in Luftgaukdo. III area, trf to
Feldeisenbahnkdo. 3. 01.07.43 on recommendation of Luftgaukdo. III, promo to Maj. (d.R./Fl.).
SEIFERT, Richard. (DOB: 04.08.92). 01.06.42 promo to Obstlt. 07.03.43 trf from Ob.d.L. pool to
Stab/19. Lw.-Felddivision as Ib.
SEIFERT, Siegfried. (DOB: 07.09.07). 01.06.42 RDA for Oblt. (Kr.O./Fl.). 25.01.43 Oblt. and
Beobachter, awarded the Ehrenpokal.
SEIFERT, Siegfried. (DOB: 12.10.13). (W.B.K. Karlsruhe). 01.07.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Flak).
SEIFERT, Walter. (W.B.K.) Neustadt O.S.). 01.07.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Fl.).
SEIFERT, Wilhelm. (DOB: 01.10.04 in Hannover). 1943 in Erg.St./St.G. 77, then trf to III./JGr.
Hermann, then appt Techn.Offz. in III./JG 300. 1944 Oblt. and Techn.Offz. in II./JG 301.
SEIFFERT, Hans-Ulrich. (DOB: 30.07.22 in Annaberg/Sa.). 1942 at Zerstörervorschule 1, then to JFS
7. 12.02.43 trf to 8./JG 53. 1944 in 3./Erg.JGr. Süd (later renamed 7./Erg.JG 1). 03.45 Oblt. and Staka
6./Erg.JG 1.
SEIFFERT, Heinz. (DOB: 18.12.20 in Krietern near Breslau /Schlesien). (R, DKG). 11.39 entered the
Luftwaffe as an officer candidate. 04.41 promo to Lt. 1941? trf to 2./KG 3. 14.02.42 Lt., awarded DKG,
2./KG 3. 05.10.42 Lt., awarded the Ehrenpokal. 01.07.43 in KG 3, promo to Oblt. c.07.43? appt Staka
3./KG 3. 31.12.43 Oblt. and Staka 3./KG 3, awarded the Ritterkreuz for destroying 37 tanks, 132 trucks,
77 railway cars, 7 AA positions and 2 railway bridges. 09.44 trf to the Jagdwaffe and later assigned to
12./JG 54. c.11.44 Staka 12./JG 54. 01.45 Oblt., in IV./JG 54 (to 23.01.45). 05.01.45 appt Staka 11./JG
54. 2323.01.45 KIA – Fw 190 D-9 (Yellow 1) was shot down by 3 Spitfires over Rheine - bailed out at
100 m near Klosterhaar/Holland severely injured - died en route to hospital. Credited with destroying 37
tanks and two major bridges in about 350 missions.
SEIFFERT, Karl. (DOB: 04.01.09). 01.04.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O.).
SEIFFERT, Kurt. 04.42 Oblt., appt Staka 2./ZG 1 (to 03.06.42, MIA - crash landed due to AA fire vic

then Schmitt lots of them too.

SCHMITT, ? . 04.02.43 Hptm., appt Kdr. Flak-Abt. 253 (still 07.44).
SCHMITT, ? ("Mephisto"). (from Russelheim). 24.12.44 Lt. anf Staka 6./JG 300, KIA - shot down
vic Asterode.
SCHMITT, Albert. (W.B.K. Bonn). 01.06.43 trf from the Heer to the Luftwaffe in the rank of Oblt.
SCHMITT, Alfred. (DOB: 18.11.13). (W.B.K. Kaiserslautern). 01.07.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Flak).
SCHMITT, Erich. (DOB: 02.02.15). 13.03.43 Oblt., in Erg.Gr. für Fallschirmkampfbeobachter.
SCHMITT, Erich. (DOB: 14.05.20). (R, DKG). 29.12.41 Ofw., awarded the Ehrenpokal. 14.04.42
Ofw. in 2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 11, awarded the DKG. 19.09.42 Ofw., awarded Ritterkreuz, 2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 11.
SCHMITT, Dr. Eugen. (DOB: 13.07.94 in München). (n.d.) conferred with Dr. jur. 01.07.35 trf to
Luftwaffe from Heer with probationary rank of Kriegsgerichtsrat and appt Referant in RLM. 01.11.35
promo to Kriegsgerichtsrat. 01.10.37 promo to Oberkriegsgerichtsrat. 10.01.41 appt Gruppenleiter beim
Feldgericht des Luftgau-Kdo. XI. 01.04.41 appt Reichskriegsgerichtsrat am Reichskriegsgericht.
15.06.43 appt Vertreter (deputy) to the Chef der Amtgruppe Recht in RLM. 01.05.44 reassigned to the
Offizieren des Truppen-Sonderdienst. 08.05.45 became POW. 1947 released. †10.12.73 in an unstated
SCHMITT, Franz. 01.04.43 promo to Maj.(d.R./Fl.). 25.09.43 Maj., appt Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. A 14/VI,
Bonn-Hangelar. 08.03.44 Maj., appt Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. A(o) 3/VI.
SCHMITT, Friedrich. (DOB: 19.03.97). (W.B.K. Koblenz). 25.05.43 Hptm.(d.R.), Nafü/Koflug 6/XII
(to 04.08.43). 04.08.43 trf to Stab Nafü/Luftgaukdo. Westfrankreich. 16.10.43 Hptm. (d.R./Ln.).
01.12.43 promo to Maj.(d.R.). 01.45 Maj. and Nafü 2 in Stab/Luftgaukdo. V.
SCHMITT, Friedrich. (DOB: 22.06.12). 01.04.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O.).
SCHMITT, Friedrich. (DOB: 16.04.20). 01.07.44 promo to Hptm.(DAL/A2).
SCHMITT, Fritz. (DOB: 21.06.05). (W.B.K. Iserlohn). 08.43 Hptm. (Kr.O./Flak).
SCHMITT, Hermann. (DOB: 09.07.11). (DKG). 09.04.42 Oblt., awarded DKG, 1./KG 77. 01.09.42
promo to Hptm. 00.43 Hptm., in II./KG 77 (to 11.08.43 MIA).
SCHMITT, Jakob. 20.04.43 Oblt., appt Staka 3./JG 2 (to 25.07.43 WIA - emergency landing 8 km W of
Lisieux in Normandy).
SCHMITT, Johann (Josmar). (DOB: 14.03.95 in Frankfurt/M.). 1943 in III./JG 51 then moved to 9./JG
51. 22.05.43 trf to 8./JG 51 and then to 9./JG 51. 1945 Maj.d.R. in JG 102.
SCHMITT, Johann. 01.43 Oblt.(Kr.O.), in 2./Flak-Rgt. 334.
SCHMITT, Julius. 17.12.41 Oblt. and pilot in 4.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 23, injured in Fi 156 crash near Pskov.
SCHMITT, Karl. 01.06.43 in Feldluftgaukdo. XXV area in S Russia, promo to Maj. d.R. (Flg.).
SCHMITT, Karl. 01.05.43 in Luftflotte 1 area, promo to Hptm. (d.R./Fl.).
SCHMITT, Karl. (DOB: 10.10.05). (W.B.K. München). 01.07.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Flak).
SCHMITT, Karl. (DOB: 22.11.09). (W.B.K. Pforzheim). 01.08.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Flak).
SCHMITT, Dr. (med.) Karl. (DOB: 29.09.08). (W.B.K. Eisenach). 01.03.45 promo to Stabsarzt
SCHMITT, Karl Heinz. (DOB: 20.09.10). (W.B.K. München II). 01.08.43 promo to Oblt. (Kr.O./Ln.).
SCHMITT, Ludwig. (DOB: 01.02.91). 01.07.42 promo to Maj.(d.R./Ln.). 01.45 Maj. (d.R.) (Ln.),
released from active service.
SCHMITT, Ludwig. 24.02.43 Hptm.(d.R.z.V.), trf from Koflug 4/XII to Koflug 3/XIII and appt Ib.
SCHMITT, Ludwig. (DOB: 12.07.10). 01.04.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O.).
SCHMITT, Dr. Martin. (DOB: 10.11.98). (W.B.K. Würzburg). 16.10.43 Hptm. (d.R./Ln.). 1943-44
Maj., Kdr. Ln.-Abt. 133 and Nafü/13. Flak-Div. (mot.).
SCHMITT, Norbert. (DOB: 11.05.21 in Reutlingen). (R DKG). c.07.42 began operations on
completion of training. (n.d.) with 8./ZG 1. 07.43 in 3./Schl.G. 1. 15.09.43 Lt., Staka? 2./Schl.G. 2
(later 2./SG 10). 17.01.44 Lt., awarded the Ehrenpokal. 01.04.44 Oblt., appt Staka 3./SG 10 (to
26.03.45). 10.05.44 awarded DKG, 3./SG 10. 28.02.45 Oblt., awarded Ritterkreuz, Staka 3./SG 10.
†26.03.45. Credited with a total of c.450 operational sorties and c.30 aerial victories.
SCHMITT, Paul. (DOB: 30.05.97). 01.04.43 promo to Hptm. (Kr.O.).
SCHMITT, Stephan. (DOB: 18.10.17 in Lindenhardt an der Pegnitz). (R, DKG). 01.11.41 promo to Lt.
10.42 began operations on completion of training. 07.43 in Ln.-Kp./Schl.G. 1. 01.11.43 promo to Oblt.,
Staka 5./SG 77. 17.01.44 awarded the Ehrenpokal. 31.05.44 Oblt., awarded DKG, 5./SG 77. 07.10.44
MIA/KIA – in Fw 190 shot down by AA fire while attacking Russian armor with Panzerschreck anti-tank
rockets near the Hungarian-Romanian border. 29.10.44 Oblt., posthumously awarded Ritterkreuz, Staka
5./SG 77.
SCHMITT, Walter. (DOB: 04.04.11 in Berlin). (DKG). 01.04.42 promo to Hptm. 13.09.43 Hptm.,
awarded Ehrenpokal. 01.10.44 Hptm., awarded DKG, KG (unspecified). 19.03.44 Hptm. in 2./KG 66,
MIA - apparently shot up by AA fire during a raid on Hull and crashed in sea off Humber Lighship.
SCHMITT, Walter. (DOB: 20.11.15). 01.10.42 promo to Hptm.(DAL/A2). 15.02.44 appt Basttr.-Chef
in I./Flak-Rgt. 45 (still 02.45).
SCHMITT, Wilhelm. 21.11.42 Maj.(d.R./Fl.), trf from Fl.H.Kdtr. E 13/IV to Fl.H.Kdtr. E 52/XI.
SCHMITT, Wilhelm. (DOB: 11.12.19). (DKG). 01.02.40 promo to Hptm. 20.04.43 Hptm. (Tr.O./Fl.)
in IV./KG 4, trf to Lw.-Kdo. Ost for further assignment.
SCHMITT, Wilhelm. (DOB: 29.03.15). 01.04.42 Beobachter (Aufkl.) RDA for Oblt. (Kr.O./Fl.).
SCHMITT, Dr. (med.) Willibald. 03.45 Stabsarzt in San.Ers.-u.Ausb.Abt. d.Lw.

Names from: "Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries" by Henry L. deZeng IV and Douglas G. Stankey.

All the very best

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Re: 3/22 1939-40

Thanks for your list Alex. The problem is Larry & Doug's lists do not contain NCOs names which my people are
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