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Old 2nd January 2009, 14:36
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Von Stade 10./JG300 and his Bf 109 September 1944


First, Happy and Prosperous New Year for all forum readers!

Introduction from memory (so caveat!):
Early September, 1944 handful of Finnish Air Force pilots were in Germany waiting for Ju W34s which they to transfer to Finland. The Finnish pilots had been in Luftwaffe night fighter training school for whole Summer with their colleagues totalling about 20 trainees. After the courses pilots went home, save these to-be transfer pilots. The armistice between Finland and Soviet Union in September 4th, 1944 put end to the transfer of the Ju W34s but this is another story.

The Finnish transfer pilots were hosted by JG 300, apparently the 10th Staffel. While they stay there there were big party during one day for one of the Staffel pilots had shot down a Mosquito. BTW the Finns were also asked to join Luftwaffe and fly night fighter missions, but the offers were turned down. (These may have been unofficial or humour anyway)

When looking Tony Wood's Luftwaffe claim lists it seems the only good match is the claim made by Ofw Von Stade September 2nd, 1944 at 9.06 AM at grid "15 Ost S/JF at 8.100 m. [Weddin]"

Well, this lead to search for a image for von Stade's Bf 109. At the site there are couple of photos and a profile for 10./JG 300 Messerschmitts. I think that in a pinch I could be well off with just picking the right tactical number as the jg300 -site photos are from the right time period. And yes, this pondering is for a scale model.

And my questions regarding the subject would be:
- Has anyone (data from) von Stade's logbook? The tactical number for the Sep 2nd, 1944 flight is actully all I need.
- Do the JG 300 books published recently (Lorant) have any photos of von Stade's Bf 109 or any info regarding the person (and mount too)?
- As a nice to know fact, is there matching loss for this Mosquito claim? Von Stade seems to claimed only this one for the whole of 1944.
- Any info about the eventual faith for von Stade? Stop of claims may mean he was killed or wounded. On the other hand, he may have been more an instructor than operational pilot. At least his name seems to surface more than once around the FinnAF night fighter training "business" (from memory).

All the best,

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